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Monday, September 19, 2011


As I prepare to write about Solyndra, LightSquared and other fraud, I am reminded of the ever-increasing use of words and phrases to cover true meanings. Coincidentally, as I write, a reporter is talking about the Solyndra scandal, that isn't, of course, a scandal at all. She calls it "crony capitalism." It so happens this would have been my first example. In fact, it is a scandal and fraud of enormous proportions. It's a payoff! Can any of you readers comprehend how a company can "burn" $0.5+ Billion of taxpayer money in about two years.....and get nothing for it except bankruptcy?? "Burn rate" is a term brought to prominence in the dot com boom of the 90s when billions of dollars were "burned" to yield nothing.
A few know what "crony capitalism" means, but do the masses? Call it what it is. Fraud!
Then there is the ever-increasing evidence that Obama, and those surrounding him, have a socialist orientation. I suppose I was the first here locally to refer to Obama, in the press, as being largely undefined. Identifiable traits were only his speaking ability (prompted) and his socialist bent. Now, those who dare to characterize him and his people so, modify the characterization to European Socialism. Not Marxism, not fascism, not tyrannical Parsing? Not at all. Many people look at anything European as being good, even superior. To those of us who have been around the world a bit, we know this is a false impression. This  may not mean to many readers what it means to me, but deception and dissembling have become the norm. It's wrong and a part of America's decline. Sad!


Blogger Randy McC said...

Joe, it's not sad, it's infuriating!! I am downright angry and for me to say that is startling even to me. How can this nothing-burger raise my ire to such a level?

How can the citizens of this great Nation fail to see this rock solid evidence of filth and corruption? How can they not get angry?

This situation has even disrupted my own family! I have basically disowned my own daughter for her absurd commitment to this socialist freak in the White House.

19 September, 2011  

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