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Friday, November 18, 2016


Nov 15, 2016
The election of 2016 is now a week in the rear view mirror of our nation. It is over but for the wailing and gnashing of teeth, rending of garments, blame sharing and recriminations. Following the example offered by the current incumbent, Hillary Clinton is blaming everyone but herself for her unpredicted loss. So let's let some daylight into the swamp, shall we?
Mrs. Clinton, it is not the fault of Comey, Limbaugh or Fox News that your attempt to gain the presidency failed. As is generally the case with us humans, your worst enemy looks back at you from your mirror every time you look into it . BTW, I am calling you Mrs. Clinton and not using any of your honorifics since if you were not Mrs William Jefferson Clinton, you would not have attained any of these, nor had even the chance of a one legged man in an ass kicking contest of seeking the highest office in the land.) So let's examine your failure, eh?
The first problem is you personally. You have shown yourself to be a rude, unpleasant person whose record when objectively analyzed is one of serial failures. Your arrogance is abrasive and annoying. Your dishonesty is a matter of record, as is your disdain for ethics. This record reaches back more than four decades, to your termination from the Watergate investigating committee for dishonesty and unethical conduct. Your dishonesty is of the most stupid variety, as you habitually lie when the truth would serve you better. Default dishonesty is not a recommendation for the person who sits behind the desk in the Oval Office. Incidentally, your alleged brilliance was not manifested when you failed the DC bar exam. Your failures of judgment and policy stretch from your failed health plan during your husband's tenure, which resulted in the DP debacle in the midterms elections of 1994 which restored the House to RP control. They run through the recommendations of some the worst candidates to appointed office in recent history. Probably the most egregious of these appointments was that of Janet Reno to AG, in which office she directed the killings of the Weaver family on Ruby Ridge, the wholesale incineration of 86 live men, women and innocent children in the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, TX, and the Gestapo tactics used to thuggishly remove the seven year old Elian Gonzalez from his family's home. It culminated in the worst performance in American history as Secretary of State, overseeing the abject weakening of relations with Russia and China, enabling ISIS, destabilizing the entire Middle East and Muslim Africa, and laying the groundwork for the woeful agreement with Iran.
The second major problem is the Democratic Party which you typify so clearly. The DP abandoned any pretense of representing working class America decades ago. The contempt in which you hold working class Americans is best exemplified by the acceptance with which the party and its media hacks and water carriers greeted your candidate's deeming us "deplorables." I would suggest that the DP power structure, composed of elitists and white collar criminals, comprises the true "deplorables." How long did you think that you would be able to con the majority of Americans that you were on their side, or that you had any intention of even making a minimal effort to represent our interests? You represent an ever diminishing minority of career politicians, lobbyists, corrupt leadership of the unions that have progressively lost power due to their failure to represent anyone of than their own interests, professional race baiters, illegal aliens, and irrational or venal environmental extremists.
The third problem is the recent track record of Barack Obama and his minions in the Congress. Did Democrats really believe that the recent increases in health care insurance, after the promises that costs would go down, with a concomitant reduction in promised services and benefits, would go unremarked by the American people? Did they really believe that the citizens would not see through the criminal behavior of their candidate, abetted and covered by the corrupt AG Loretta Lynch? Did they truly believe that the voters would not realize that corruption and cronyism were rampant among the DP leadership? That the voters would not figure out that the Clintons could never have gone from zero to +/- $300 million honestly and ethically in just twenty years, or that the increase in Speaker Pelosi's net worth from $8 million to $35 million during her short tenure was suspicious? Were they so utterly arrogant that they thought that the smug, dismissive hubris of John Koskinen would not be noted, or that the stonewalling of Lois Lerner did not indicate criminal abuse by the IRS and other executive branch functionaries would not be construed as the criminal behavior it was? Did the DP power structure really think the American people so stupid or compliant as to permit such behavior forever?
My lifelong activist Democrat father, who was honest enough that he would be appalled at what the party he loved and for which he worked for decades has become, frequently quoted the great Democratic President, Harry S. Truman's guidance to "Trust the people." It garnered Truman a victory in 1948 which was almost a model for Donald Trump's recent victory; against the odds and in the face of all "learned" prognostication. The Democratic Party, and its woefully flawed candidate, not only ignored this advice from one of its great representatives, but treated the people with total disdain. These factors, not the machinations of the forces arrayed against her, resulted in the defeat of Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton.

Monday, November 14, 2016


It's absolutely maddening to see the media doing all possible to discredit any possible Trump appointee with smears, charges of racism, and other demeaning terms now the major part of their vocabularies!! CNN even called Sheriff David Clarke, a Conservative Democrat, a "terrorist." A black Conservative, almost as revolting to "Progressives" as a conservative woman. All of this hatred and scurrilous behavior after being totally in the tank for arguably the most corrupt candidate in modern times. OK, I know what some are thinking. "Not convicted of anything." Four most used words in her investigations, "there is no evidence." Intellectual integrity = zero. What the hell have we come to?


The media completely discredited themselves in the Nov. 8 election with leftist bias and promotion of Hillary Clinton while smearing Donald Trump. And they continue. Pundits were/are not only biased, but many are just plain unintelligent and uninformed. Start with the NY Times and Washington Post.....and continue across the nation.

THE MEDIA WERE THE OTHER BIG LOSERS ALONG WITH HILLARY CLINTON IN THE NOV. 8 ELECTION. It is time for media to cease endorsing candidates, especially for President, but probably for Senate and House of Representatives as well. Their blatant leftist bias and dishonesty in promoting Clinton and smearing Trump (it continues) instead of reporting objectively disqualify them from claiming any credibility. It is beyond hypocrisy to now claim they will correct their actions! Time to turn out the lights at many, if not most, newspapers and turn off the broadcast from the TV networks. Shutter the studios! CNN should close forever and MSNBC as well. Even Fox has gotten off the rail, and Megyn Kelly demands $20 million/year for a new contract!!. What the hell have we created in the media world? Punditry?? Hardly a one is credible. Shut down and start over with true journalism and journalistic standards, if you know what standards are. Do you!!

Arthur Sulzburger made an absolute fool of himself by claiming to admit abject dishonesty In reporting while averring that he couldn't run his paper without his readers. Dumb and dumber. So, make his words come true. Cancel the NY Times!

Monday, November 7, 2016


It is now necessary to claw back all of the enormous extraordinary campaign expenses paid by taxpayers for Obama's and all others' paid government funds for their disregarding their jobs and spending millions from the people's Treasury on Clinton's election. Disgusting and will only get worse. Some Americans deserve what they get, but millions of innocents DO NOT DESERVE TO BE TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF. And, we're incurring debt every day to pay for these excesses. STOP!!

ALERT: When the election is over, I want to demand an accounting of all taxpayer funded campaigning done for Hillary Clinton, starting with the enormous expenditures of Obama using the citizens' Air Force One to crisscross the country at nearly $200K per hour operating expenses just for the airplane. Then there are the millions for aides, transportation and more. And, that's just a start. How about Obama and others giving back to the people's treasury all money paid to them for campaigning. The Clintons, as well as Obama, must be made to pay these expenses. After all, they have the Clinton Foundation to fund them. It is a travesty that the Clintons and Obama are given a pass on this and a travesty, as well as a violation of charter, for the Progressive-sycophantic media to nonchalantly ignore it. It has been clear for many years that the media, all forms, are sycophants, acolytes and minions for "Progressive Democrats" but never so blatantly obvious as in this election. They've abridged all semblance of ethics. Investigative journalism, a la Woodward/Bernstein, is dead with 90+% of media now "Progressive." We will be in for corruption not foreseen as Clinton becomes president. 

Thursday, November 3, 2016


2016 ELECTION IS EPOCH: If Hillary Clinton is elected president, 7 decades of American decline into societal decadence and, now, loss of supremacy in world affairs will continue as Americans march onward to perdition. Harsh, unrealistic? Read and comprehend this analysis and the next one to come to supplement this one. Clinton is not qualified by proven success (in spite of opportunities for success by experience), integrity, service-before-self, character as evidenced by her vulgar language and to and treatment of her Secret Service protectors and her staff, avoidance of self-enrichment as Harry Truman advocated to avoid corruption....and more. Positives aren't measurable.  

The 2016 presidential election is illustrative of how far we have strayed from our founders' vision that the most accomplished people would lead the nation. They would lend themselves to the masses, give of their knowledge, their skills and talents, their wisdom, then pass the job to another of like attributes – the best, most honorable among us. Sadly, no longer is this true. If there are such leaders today, none are in top government positions.

I often think of George Washington who, when approached to be president, is reported to have asked (perhaps paraphrased) “have I not yet done enough for my country?” However, he relented and did much more as the “father of America.” Admirably, he refused to be king. Then there's John F. Kennedy who said, “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”-- antithetical to vote-capturing promises of Hillary Clinton. Americans would never have built the greatest nation with such pandering patronage and leadership void. My 2008 quote is even more true today -- “The best among us no longer present for elective office and American voters willfully elect the worst who do.” Absence of strong, honorable effective leaders is a major problem.

Our national condition is critical. Some say we are at a “crossroads.” No! We arrived at a crossroads long ago. We took the “Progressive” left fork and a destructive cultural revolution began which, with minor interruptions, has continued for about seven decades, producing societal decadence that is now like a metastatic disease affecting every American institution and more recently a loss of supremacy in world affairs. Hillary Clinton has been at the fore of this journey toward perdition.
The revolution has all but destroyed “traditional America,” defined by sense of family, sense of community, faith in God, honor, love of country, absolutes of morals and ethics and of right and wrong. The revolution can be defined, in part at least, as anything that diminishes the tenets of “traditional America.” Abrogation of absolutes of ethics and morals, with reliance on whatever can be deemed legal, is a major result. Hillary Clinton, shrouded in fogs of scandals and corruption her entire public life, epitomizes this character, her e-mail scandal her most recent. Clearly, she was guilty of malfeasance in using her private server, but she has not been held accountable. Four words were most common in the investigation – “there is no evidence,” legal that is. Clinton's exoneration exposed a more serious problem. It's wrong to ignore the complicity of AG Lynch and Bill Clinton in FBI Director Comey's not recommending indictment. It's reasonable to assume higher level involvement, but “there is no evidence!” Our vaunted FBI is but one more Clinton victim.

All Americans are victims in some ways. Our 1st World status is being threatened by the Clintons' actions. A primary requirement of 1st World status is a functioning Rule Of Law subordinate to a governing constitution. Rule of Law is all but absent in 3rd World nations.
Department of Justice's ignoring Clinton's violation of critical national security policy is very 3rd World-like. Another characteristic of 3rd World is that top government officials often amass
immense wealth. The Clintons have enriched themselves by hundreds of millions of dollars with fees of 200K to tens of millions of dollars from a range of institutions from academia, to Wall Street banks, to Mid-East governments and even by capitalizing on the Haiti earthquake of 2010. Hillary and Bill are antithetical to the Honorable Harry Truman, who refused to enrich himself from his national service.

America is broken, irreparably so if the status quo is maintained. We desperately need a qualified leader as president, one with management acumen who will appoint the best people to key positions. Donald Trump did that by appointing Mike Pence as VP. Hillary did not. Societal decay and corruption must be stopped. Hillary is a party to it and won't stop it. We absolutely must have a balanced Supreme Court. Trump has vowed to have such. Hillary has not. We must have a healthcare policy to take care of those in need, not the atrocity we have now. Trump promises one. Hillary? There's immigration reform and national debt that require in depth discussion. And more.

This election is an epoch one. Elect Clinton and Kaine and continue the destructive course. Elect Trump and Pence as the only option to reverse it. With more appointees of the quality of Pence, they can right many wrongs of our current government.