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BY MICHAEL WILSON Nov 15, 2016 The election of 2016 is now a week in the rear view mirror of our nation. It is over but for the wailing and gnashing of teeth, rending of garments, blame sharing and recriminations. Following the example offered by the current incumbent, Hillary Clinton is blaming everyone but herself for her unpredicted loss. So let's let some daylight into the swamp, shall we? Mrs. Clinton, it is not the fault of Comey, Limbaugh or Fox News that your attempt to gain the presidency failed. As is generally the case with us humans, your worst enemy looks back at you from your mirror every time you look into it . BTW, I am calling you Mrs. Clinton and not using any of your honorifics since if you were not Mrs William Jefferson Clinton, you would not have attained any of these, nor had even the chance of a one legged man in an ass kicking contest of seeking the highest office in the land.) So let's examine your failure, eh? The first problem is you person…


It's absolutely maddening to see the media doing all possible to discredit any possible Trump appointee with smears, charges of racism, and other demeaning terms now the major part of their vocabularies!! CNN even called Sheriff David Clarke, a Conservative Democrat, a "terrorist." A black Conservative, almost as revolting to "Progressives" as a conservative woman. All of this hatred and scurrilous behavior after being totally in the tank for arguably the most corrupt candidate in modern times. OK, I know what some are thinking. "Not convicted of anything." Four most used words in her investigations, "there is no evidence." Intellectual integrity = zero. What the hell have we come to?


The media completely discredited themselves in the Nov. 8 election with leftist bias and promotion of Hillary Clinton while smearing Donald Trump. And they continue. Pundits were/are not only biased, but many are just plain unintelligent and uninformed. Start with the NY Times and Washington Post.....and continue across the nation.

THE MEDIA WERE THE OTHER BIG LOSERS ALONG WITH HILLARY CLINTON IN THE NOV. 8 ELECTION. It is time for media to cease endorsing candidates, especially for President, but probably for Senate and House of Representatives as well. Their blatant leftist bias and dishonesty in promoting Clinton and smearing Trump (it continues) instead of reporting objectively disqualify them from claiming any credibility. It is beyond hypocrisy to now claim they will correct their actions! Time toturn out the lights at many, if not most, newspapers and turn off the broadcast from the TV networks. Shutter the studios! CNN should close forever and MSNBC as well. Even Fox has gotte…


It is now necessary to claw back all of the enormous extraordinary campaign expenses paid by taxpayers for Obama's and all others' paid government funds for their disregarding their jobs and spending millions from the people's Treasury on Clinton's election. Disgusting and will only get worse. Some Americans deserve what they get, but millions of innocents DO NOT DESERVE TO BE TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF. And, we're incurring debt every day to pay for these excesses. STOP!!

ALERT: When the election is over, I want to demand an accounting of all taxpayer funded campaigning done for Hillary Clinton, starting with the enormous expenditures of Obama using the citizens' Air Force One to crisscross the country at nearly $200K per hour operating expenses just for the airplane. Then there are the millions for aides, transportation and more. And, that's just a start. How about Obama and others giving back to the people's treasury all money paid to them for campaigning. Th…


2016 ELECTION IS EPOCH: If Hillary Clinton is elected president, 7 decades of American decline into societal decadence and, now, loss of supremacy in world affairs will continue as Americans march onward to perdition. Harsh, unrealistic? Read and comprehend this analysis and the next one to come to supplement this one. Clinton is notqualified by proven success (in spite of opportunities for success by experience), integrity, service-before-self, character as evidenced by her vulgar language and to and treatment of her Secret Service protectors and her staff, avoidance of self-enrichment as Harry Truman advocated to avoid corruption....and more. Positives aren't measurable.  
The 2016 presidential election is illustrative of how far we have strayed from our founders' vision that the most accomplished people would lead the nation. They would lend themselves to the masses, give of their knowledge, their skills and talents, their wisdom, then pass the job to another of like attribu…