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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


While being awake much of the night, I couldn't relieve my mind of the image of President Obama's speech to the Congressional Black Caucus. Then it was replayed 1st thing this morning. It even eclipsed others such as his speech to students and his "If you love me...... plea. We, as mature and fair adults, can disagree with the philosophies and policies of Presidents and other government officials, but it is the American way to respect leaders. Key word is "leaders." But, we expect STATESMANSHIP even in disagreement. I asked a friend of the liberal persuasion a few days ago, "where have all the statesmen gone?" "Leaders?" We agreed there are few, perhaps none today.
I've traveled the globe and can assure you that people in foreign lands do not understand, nor do they respect, such a spectacle as the "Leader of the Free World" conducting himself as the president did with the CBC. Believe me, they see it immediately. If you doubt me, go into Latin America or Europe and see for yourselves. I won't even say here how friends in Latin America view our president.
Can you imagine how they characterize him when they expect statesman-like performance and they see such behavior as railing to a voter bloc. How would you (we) feel if we saw a foreign head of state doing the same? Of course, we do see them. But, who are they? You can name them same as I can.
Can anyone believe that FDR, Truman, IKE, Reagan or, as I think of it, any other president speaking so? Sadly, it is likely that some voters will like it.


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