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Robert Mueller, James Comey, others in the "Deep State" intelligence agencies and Democrats are hell-bent to bring President Trump and his administration down. They will do anything to bring him down in spite of the impact on the nation. Trump's election gave us a chance to do what I wrote about, that is elect a president who can lead us to stop the 8 decades long cultural revolution, sub-culture for the most part, and stop the march to perdition -- rampant corruption, destruction of traditional America, abrogate the Rule of Law and more -- transforming America as Obama promised to do and is still trying to do with his OFA,  leading America into 3rd world status as a final result. First world status requires, above all, a functioning Rule of Law!

Yesterday, I wrote that it was a watershed day regarding the efforts by Democrats to take down President Trump. Early this morning, I learned that Al Franken's fellow Democrats are pushing him to resign. First they defend…


National Debt-to- GDP is often misreported, even by the CBO, but normally not as simple-minded as an opinion writer offered a few days ago. On November 8, 2017, a misguided person who has shown himself to be a sycophant for the left-wing propaganda network, and the simplest, often  banal, teachings of the network, published an op-ed saying little except a fallacy that Reagan increased national debt 500% and that Obama prevented a depression. No proof via data and surely not with the 500% nonsense.

Here is my rebuttal. BTW, debt-to-GDP numbers are total debt, even that owed to Social Security, which of course, will never be repaid, and the so-called debt to ourselves at The Fed.

The letter, “Tax and Spend” vs “Borrow and Spend,” in the November 8 Virginia Gazette was not informative. Reagan did not have a 500% debt increase. Moreover, debt as percent of GDP is more definitive. Under Reagan, debt in 1980 of $0.9T, 32% of GDP rose to $2.6T, 49% of GDP, an increase of $1.7T. Fast-forward t…


Virginia voters, please get out to vote REPUBLICAN today to do Virginia's part, even take the lead, in stopping the destruction of traditional America, the America that became the best nation ever. In the 2016 election, I hoped and prayed for results that would stop the profound decline wrought by unbridled “Progressive” Democrat policies that did not manifest as progress at all. Rather, we've been on an 8-decades long march to perdition with policies that have resulted in societal decadence, a condition that is, unfortunately, a normal for too many people who do not understand the essence of devolution, the loss of core values, over eight decades. Much, if not most, of traditional American values have been abrogated.
In the 2016 election, a “Progressive” friend wrote, “lets' not go back 50 years.” I say, “let's go back to wherever necessary …


1. Reform tax-free FOUNDATIONS. Too many foundations are simply tax dodging facilities with little benefit for what they claim to be their charter. Start with Warren Buffett and the Clintons. Of course, Buffett can't be reviewed without looking into the Gates Foundation that received $2 Billion from Buffett's late wife's stock in Berkshire Hathaway. Then examine Bill Gates' comments to the WSJ a couple of years ago that his foundation was ineffective at improving education as chartered. However, there is more.
2. Clintons. Money laundering and more with a reported 6% going to charity.
3. Review all "charities" to assess how much money is given for charitable work and how much for "expenses." Many, if not a majority are employment and benefit opportunities for people who run them. Set…


As we await Special Counsel, Robert Mueller's first charges (indictments?), it is now clear that more corruption and probable collusion with Russia and Fusion GPS are assignable to the Democrats. It is not surprising. Democrats are masters at "Projection," the act of accusing, assigning to others ones own actions, especially negative information. I posted a piece on this some time ago.


So, CNN announces that Special Counsel, Robert Mueller has "filed charges" and indictments may come as early as October 30. Who can be surprised that these charges come as the focus on Russian Collusion shifts to Democrats and Clinton's campaign. No surprise here as I've written of my expectations. What's next?

First, look at a few facts among a profusion of lies and assertions of non-complicit actions from Democrat operatives and many members of the media who want to discount any guilt of Hillary Clinton for anything.

The Fusion GPS bogus, aka fraudulent, dossier charging Donald Trump has been the roadmap for Robert Mueller's "investigations." While it's reported that this was first ordered by a conservative internet organization, apparently to find "dirt" on a Republican candidate during the Republican primary, undoubtedly Trump, it was picked up by Democrats when Trump was elected. A search for "dirt," not unusual in today…


Several weeks ago I wrote to friends on Facebook asking, somewhat rhetorically, what would happen when the “Russian-Trump Collusion Investigation” forced focus on Democrats, Clinton(s), the Obama DOJ and others of the “Deep State,” including Comey and Mueller. What would happen? Would it be reported or covered up? Who would report it? Well, it's happened and those expected to be questioned as perpetrators and accomplices are already parsing words, denying what would appear to be obvious, lying and looking for cover. The four most common words, written about here in the past, “there is no evidence,” are falling from the tongue of Clinton, DNC operatives and others. Those words have been prominently used since the sub-cultural revolution abrogated the absolutes of ethics and morals and of what's right and what's wrong to focus on what can be deemed legal. What can we expect now?
The Wall Street Journal's Kimberly Strassel wrote an op-ed t…


Colin Kaepernick gets a $1 million book deal. Payoffs for "sexual harassment" are huge, $32 million to one Fox News "analyst" and $20 million to an "anchor." One doesn't have to be racist, a sexist, misogynist, or whatever today's favorite words are, and I am none of these descriptors, to see the excesses of these awards and the political aspect of them. Societal decadence displayed! 

How low can we go? Kaepernick gets a good payoff for disrespecting America, that gave him an opportunity in life that only a few get. Causes me to think of a reported $32 million payoff to a lawyer-analyst at Fox News after having a "socialized relationship" with the lead financial draw at Fox. And, there's a $20 million payoff to an anchor who was, arguably, the worst performer. And, there's more. Now, before an antagonist accuses me of condoning harassment, sexual or otherwise, I absolutely do not and I have a long history and myriads of relations…


By Michael Wilson

Mr. Wilson has written on this blog in the past. He is thoughtful, analytical in thought, articulate, a true wordsmith but most importantly he is a patriot. His criticism of Congresswoman Frederica Wilson in detail and of Colin Kaepernick as mentioned reflects his patriotism, but his life's story, in part here, demonstrates it unquestionably. 
In February of 1968, with an honorable discharge making me safe from the draft but on a less than productive life path, I enlisted in the US Army.

I volunteered for airborne (paratroop) service, I volunteered for Special Forces. I volunteered for RVN service. I volunteered for MACVSOG. I volunteered for recon. After being fairly severely wounded, and having the helicopter which had pulled me and the other wounded team members on "strings" shot... down with us hanging from ropes underneath, I was medevacced to Japan for reconstruction of my right shoulder and then back to the States. As soon as I was discharged…


Hillary Clinton was foolish (nay stupid) when she stated that S. Korea was "only a few miles from N. Korea's border." This person was Secretary of State and thinks she has an entitlement to the presidency. Our founding fathers could never believe who, and what, thinks she has a right to what they created. Hillary Clinton, you, in your entire life, have never met the founders' vision that the most accomplished among us would lead the nation they worked and fought for!! You are arguably the most arrogant, most delusional, most dishonest (intellectually and pathologically) candidate for the presidency in history. Yet you believe you are entitled to it. Your record is one of no sig...nificant accomplishments. Your ineptitude, such as in Libya and Egypt for example, demonstrate gross incompetence. Yes, you were beaten by a flawed man, but he does meet some basic requirements that you do not. Please give it up, Ms. Clinton, and go into hiding for the rest of your life. May…

It was a beautiful September morning in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, as it was in New York. I had enjoyed my favorite Mexican breakfast, machaca nortena (eggs & dried beef, jalapenos, more) and papaya. I bade adios to the smiling breakfast cook and waiter, both of whom always made me feel it was very important to serve me. I checked out of the hotel, chatted with the friendly manager, who asked me if I'd return in one week as usual. No, maybe two to three weeks. After going home, I had to go to Scotland to negotiate a contract with SGL Carbon to convert Mann Industries-Grupo Cydsa carbon fiber precursor into carbon fiber for aircraft brakes. Our recent work had been very successful, the outlook positive. The day was good! Until I entered the waiting car and my driver/engineer said a “small plane had hit a New York Trade Center tower”. Soon, as we drove…


UN Ambassador, Nikki Haley, has told the UN that Iran is likely to be the next N. Korea. I think she is insightful and prescient in her view of this situation. I wrote this piece some time ago and post it here for comments if anyone wishes to do so. 

A couple of days ago I wrote to a friend that Iran was going to be the next N. Korea, but worse. The nuclear agreement Obama foolishly made with Iran has the potential to be ruinous, not only for the USA, but for all of the Americas. Why? How? Hezbollah, agents for Iran, are now present in all of the Americas. I learned, while stranded in Mexico on 9/11/2001, of Hezbollah's base being built in the "Triple Frontier" of S. America. With the help of a friend from DOE, I reported my findings to the government. Finally, in May 2007 it was reported by NBC and Telemundo. My blog readers now report that "they are all over the Americas from Puerta del Fuego to the tip of Canada." Only a fool would doubt that Hezbollah is pr…


Hillary Clinton is selling tickets for $2375 Canadian, $2,000 US  for attending her book signing tour. That people will pay such a price, or any price, for the event is reflective of the American Condition that has devolved over at least 8 decades -- since the "Progressives" started takeover of the once quite honorable Democrats. Hillary Clinton epitomizes the corruption that Harry Truman spoke of when he said, "the only way to become wealthy in politics is to be corrupt."

As a person, Hillary Clinton is of no importance to most Americans. However, what she does, virtually entirely for herself, is of import. Her search for power and enormous wealth for doing nothing is of import to all Americans. That she is celebrated by millions is reflective of The American Condition that has devolved over many decades. I believe President Harry Truman, who eschewed the use of one's government position to accumulate wealth, would condemn her actions. The Honorable president …


I'm watching NBC's Meet The Press. The program gest worse every week. Chuck Todd, who identified as a Democrat when he referred to Democrats and the DNC as "ours." No surprise here, but just hadn't heard it said so. He is interviewing California Governor Jerry Brown, known to some as "moonbeam." I would never refer to him as that because moonbeams can be bright, beautiful, romantic, inspirational and more. Not Gov. Brown!

Gov. Brown attempts to explain the condition of the Democrat Party. A central premise is that Republicans have successfully changed the culture of America with heavy funding by such as the Koch brothers "and others." How deluded, or how intellectually dishonest. or how stupid can a governor be? Jerry Brown epitomizes a quote of mine from some years back.
"The best among us no longer present themselves for elective office and Americans willfully elect many of the worst who do."


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Trump's election has threatened, hopefully stopped, the cultural revolution and march to perdition that is now 8 decades long and has been greatly accelerated in the past 8 years. The antagonistic "Deep State" is real and threatens the nation like no enemy we've ever had. Enemies from within are always the worst. The election of anyone not being advantaged by the revolution and the destruction of America would have met the same resistance as Trump. Personally, I hoped and prayed that the 2016 election would do just this -- stop the destruction of traditional America.
Obama's reign put the cultural revolution and march to perdition on steroids.
Trump should have fired every one of the Obama holdovers. Arguably the most pernicious of these are in the intelligence agencies and all who have been a part of the DOJ for 8 years.


Before addressing Robert Mueller and his position as "special council" I want to address James Comey first. On May 24, 2016, I posted on this blog my opinion that there would be no indictment of Hillary Clinton. All media reports portraying Comey as a paragon of virtue suggested we were being set up for exoneration of Clinton of any wrong doing. And so it was, and done in exactly the same way as I suggested.

Since Robert Mueller's appointment as Special Counsel, I have had similar thoughts as I have heard praise of Mueller's unimpeachable integrity, virtually echoing the build-up on Comey. I don't buy the hype. Mueller has hired, I believe, sixteen attorneys, most, if not all, of whom are Democrats and some have very questionable backgrounds for this assignment. Some are publically pro-Clinton and others clearly anti-Trump. My belief is that Muller will go to any length to bring indictments of President Trump, his family and/or anyone associated with him.

Now, M…


The "Deep State" threatens Trump as he threatens their existence and their cultural revolution.

In the 2016 election, I hoped for the election of someone who could stop the cultural revolution and the "Progressive" march to perdition we've been on for 8 decades. Donald Trump is threatening to do just that and even though he is at times clumsy and communicates poorly, hence at times his own worst enemy, the forces that have driven the revolution and march to perdition are doing all possible to bring him down. Many want to destroy traditional America. Following is a note to friends

Trump's election has threatened, hopefully stopped, the cultural revolution and march to perdition that is now 8 decades long, and has been greatly accelerated in the past 8 years. The antagonistic "Deep State" is real, subversive and threatens the nation like no enemy we've ever had. Enemies from within are always the worst. The election of anyone not being advantaged…


Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan and a long time Democrat, as are most heads of money center banks and Wall Street firms, has just been quoted as bemoaning what is happening to our nation. Is he waking up to the reality of what he has supported for so long? Is he understanding the societal decadence and loss of supremacy that "Progressive" Democrat policies and management of government by totally unqualified people such as Barack Obama have wrought upon us? If he is waking up, can others be far behind. Will the Trump administration be able to do what they were elected to do -- stop 8 decades of destruction of traditional America? Dimon is a key person. influential, intelligent and more. Who will follow his lead?


"Progressive Democrats have mastered the art of projecting themselves, their ineptitude, their shortcomings, and even their corruption, on others. Their attacks on "everything Trump" prove it. And, this may backfire on them. There are indications of that happening.
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I so wish that honorable Democrats, like those I grew up with, would take control of the malignant process of the "Progressive" Democrats who are attempting to bring the Trump administration down -- and our country with them. Please prove you have the intellectual integrity that permits you to see all of President Trump's and his appointees initiatives and their whole agenda. Report on the positives of which there are several in spite of unbelievable opposition. Criticize Trump for his presentation of himself, even his ineloquent language but stop the nonsensical, dishonest…


James Comey, former FBI Director, has been billed since the initiation of the Clinton e-mail scandal as a "straight-up" person, a paragon of virtue. HE PROVES HE IS NOT SUCH. However, he does give quite a bit of proof of the "Deep State" involvement in destroying the presidency of Donald Trump

After the Comey spectacle June 8, it is apparent that our own elected representatives will exact more damage politically upon our nation than the Russians are presumed to have done, or are likely to do! The intensity, disingenuousness and hostile nature of the Democrats' efforts to indict President Trump, in total absence of evidence, does, in fact, indict the Democrats for attempting to bring down a president with disregard for the damage it does to our America! When we elect some of the worst among us, what else can we expect. While Trump is often clumsy, even unwise at times, is not an eloquent speaker, he has jeopardized the "Progressive's" cultural rev…


SCOTUS justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is obligated to recuse herself in the case of SCOTUS vs Potus' temporary ban on immigrants from 6 nations. If she does not recuse or retire, she may be a party to the abrogation of the Rule of Law as others have.

If Justice Ginsberg has any honor, she will recuse herself from the case of "Circuit Courts vs. Trump's "temporary travel ban" (improperly named but is what it is). If she does not recuse herself, or retire, she will put herself in the same pod, bubble, clan or whatever, as those who threatened to leave the USA if Trump were to be elected -- so-called celebrities and other "entitled miscreants." This puts Justice Ginsberg in the company of Rosey O'Donnell, Al Sharpton, and more radical leftist radical people. 
America is already in a state, a condition, when it can be argued legitimately that lower courts are excessively partisan left and are, in fact, enemies to those of more conservative persuasion, aka …


If we can sit aside, for a moment, all the Trump bashing by the progressive democrats and our own dislike of some of his comments and tweets—and evaluate his performance from the job he was assigned to do.
That job, to a large degree, is Article II. of the U.S. Constitution. Some of the salient points, as follows: “…. that I will faithfully execute the Office of the President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.” In every issue that has arisen, I see he has done performed as expected, aka ordered.
Next, the Constitution states “…. he shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed.” He has fought valiantly to uphold the laws Congress has made. For example, the practices in sanctuary cities are illegal. He has attacked those. And he has and is attacking illegal immigration-clearly against the laws of the United States. (see 8…


Hillary Clinton should be ashamed to present herself as presidential. She certainly is not and she should be embarrassed by her commencement speech to Wellesley graduates. Whining and political.
I will post a few  rather singular purposed thoughts for a while, especially during this period when our government is so dysfunctional, Trump derangement syndrome is so prevalent and media bias and dishonesty so seriously influences too many people. The American Condition is clearly more critical day by day as Hillary Clinton won't accept defeat and "Progressive" Democrats are so vindictive as they try to undo the election of Pres. Trump. I will try, in my posts, to focus on defining people and issues accurately vs. media's doing the opposite 
I've heard many commencement speeches in my long life, but when Hillary Clinton and Mark Zuckerberg competed for the worst ever, I must give the #1 worst to Clinton's at Wellesley for several reasons, but surely for alluding to…


The only meaningful evidence, with some stretch of reality, of a Russian involvement in the presidential election was with the Hillary Clinton campaign. Now, the abjectly dishonest Democrat leaders, their acolytes and minions push a connection of Trump, his staff and cabinet, with Russia. And, foolish, non-thinking Americans buy it.
Those who are pushing the sham Russian investigation are the worst among us!! And, they know that if they present the issue to enough people enough times, as with any ruse or untruth, it will become truth to their weak-minded, unthinking acolytes. Then a non-issue becomes a "case!" Again, the "Deep State" and Obama are undoubtedly complicit. The "Deep State" is undoubtedly centered in the "Intelligence Agencies." And, "leaks" are likely coming from them. Or, they are made up by media. Every single one of those in the "Deep State" and every Obama holdover should be should be replaced! Now!


The anti-Trump, anti-traditional America counter-cultural "Progressives" will push any untruth, about Russia, about Trump, anything that will bring the Trump administration down, when untruths are spoken loud and long enough that they become "truth."

Those who are pushing the sham Russian investigation are the worst among us!! And, they know that if they present the issue to enough people enough times, as with any ruse or untruth, it will become truth to their weak-minded, unthinking acolytes and minions. Then a non-issue becomes a "case!" Media are pushing the Russian ruse and the "Deep State," centered in the "Intelligence Agencies," which are populated with anti-Trump pro-transformed America informants, are likely their sources.Many are loyal to Obama. Every single one of these people should be removed! Every thinking American should be wondering, "what is the goal of these anti-American people?" "Who benefits, who lo…


HEADS UP FOLKS: Take a minute or two for an explanation of the solid evidence that there has been collusion with Russia! Solid proof.  

.@Liz_Wheeler: We finally have proof of inappropriate financial dealings with Russia Follow Liz on Twitter: @Liz_Wheeler Facebook: Facebook: w…


The James Comey-FBI-Trump story makes no sense. It seems the political left, "Progressives," are willing to manufacture any case to try to bring Trump down. It is difficult to divorce from the notion that this is simply more of the effort of the cultural revolutionaries to maintain control of their goal to "change America and then change the world" as Obama spoke about. Donald Trump's election was totally surprising to them and it potentially stops their "march to perdition" that we've written about in this blog. Is Comey a pawn in this movement? I wrote the piece below with this in mind.

HELP me get the James Comey story straight and correct. Comey was billed as utterly credible when investigating Hillary Clinton's violations of law and protocol in her email communications. Clinton was treated as if she did nothing wrong, even though Comey enumerated many violations. Now, her aide's husband,  Anthony Wiener, aka "Carlos Danger" …


The left-wing media, both print and electronic, will continue to attack President Trump so long as they think they can bring down his presidency, even if they destroy America by doing so. In fact, the goal of many is that destruction. Herewith is a note I sent to a friend who wrote, in response to a full-page scurrilous fallacious advertisement in the VA Gazette about the Russia connection,  that the frenzy of the anti-Trumpers would "fizzle out." It will not!!
My considered opinion is that the "anti-Trump splinter groups" you speak of will not go away ("fizzle out"). There is a nationwide, perhaps further, orchestration of the anti-Trump movement that is more than anti-Trump. Yes, Trump is their target, and unfortunately, he sometimes makes it easy for them with his actions, poor use of words, and lack of wisdom of what to do and say when. That is not likely to change. His detractors will stay on the attack…


97% “consensus” on global warming is derived from prejudice, not from data and not by the "Scientific Method." This article was run March 4, 2016 in The Daily Press, a Tribune Paper. I'm posting here to reach readers beyond our local, Virginia Peninsula, area, especially for worldwide readers.
On Monday morning, February 27, 2017, The Daily Press published a letter by a citizen, in which he used the fallacious 97% “consensus” on global warming to deride the newly approved EPA Director, Scott Pruitt. He also took a swipe at new Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos for speaking quite a bit of truth about misinformation now instilled in students in our colleges and universities. The 97% “consensus” is a mantra now presented as inarguable truth, yet it's fallacious, a contrived prejudicial assessment.
First, we scientists know that science does not yield to consensus, rather hypotheses and laws are derived from disciplined analytical problem-solving work consistent …


Charles Krauthammer to GOP on Obamacare Repeal: 'Pick a Damn Plan' and Unite, or You'll Fail.'

If we are to have an improved healthcare plan to replace the failed ACA, aka Obamacare, neither "affordable" nor done by Obama, congress people must get off stupid and dishonesty and take the proper approach to problem solving. NOW!

I often agree with Dr. Krauthammer. However, on this issue I recommend no plan be adopted until the PROPER ANALYTICAL PROBLEM-SOLVING & DECISION MAKING METHODOLOGY is used to develop the most effective healthcare plan to replace the ACA.

Democrats who promulgated the ACA have proven they are not problem solvers and are, in fact, stuck on stupid as well as dishonesty in the way it was developed and presented. Republicans are trying to compete with the Democrats for being stuck on stupid.

Get unstuck from stupid now and use analytical problem-solving methodology. Segment the problems with the current plan, the ACA. That was not done …


A "Deep State" activity, Obama's "Organizing for Action," is now underway to essentially provide resistance to the Trump administration's every policy and action. A formal "Resistance Movement" is already underway in Town Hall meetings as in Florida this week. None other than Bernie Sanders just announced that there would be 100 such resistance efforts in Town Halls this weekend. It's reported that Obama's group is 32,000 strong now with 250 new offices of operation open.
Some say "we have always had differences" and that is certainly true...and desirable. However, we are not talking about typical philosophical debates today. We're facing what can legitimately be called subversion of the Trump administration, hence the nation. They say history teaches this. NOT this, folks. At minimum we have a "shadow government forming." Totally expected as this writer discussed.
History does not, in entirety, represent today's…