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Saturday, September 16, 2017


  1. Hillary Clinton was foolish (nay stupid) when she stated that S. Korea was "only a few miles from N. Korea's border." This person was Secretary of State and thinks she has an entitlement to the presidency. 
Our founding fathers could never believe who, and what, thinks she has a right to what they created. Hillary Clinton, you, in your entire life, have never met the founders' vision that the most accomplished among us would lead the nation they worked and fought for!! You are arguably the most arrogant, most delusional, most dishonest (intellectually and pathologically) candidate for the presidency in history. Yet you believe you are entitled to it. Your record is one of no sig...nificant accomplishments. Your ineptitude, such as in Libya and Egypt for example, demonstrate gross incompetence. Yes, you were beaten by a flawed man, but he does meet some basic requirements that you do not. Please give it up, Ms. Clinton, and go into hiding for the rest of your life. Maybe you could learn to bake cookies. You will never be a Margaret Thatcher, a Golda Meir, a Gandhi or even a Merkel. Please take all the wealth you acquired for doing nothing of importance and hideaway

Sunday, September 10, 2017




It was a beautiful September morning in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, as it was in New York. I had enjoyed my favorite Mexican breakfast, machaca nortena (eggs & dried beef, jalapenos, more) and papaya. I bade adios to the smiling breakfast cook and waiter, both of whom always made me feel it was very important to serve me. I checked out of the hotel, chatted with the friendly manager, who asked me if I'd return in one week as usual. No, maybe two to three weeks. After going home, I had to go to Scotland to negotiate a contract with SGL Carbon to convert Mann Industries-Grupo Cydsa carbon fiber precursor into carbon fiber for aircraft brakes. Our recent work had been very successful, the outlook positive. The day was good! Until I entered the waiting car and my driver/engineer said a “small plane had hit a New York Trade Center tower”. Soon, as we drove the 25 minutes to our office and factory, another plane hit the building. I said to Victor, “this is no accident, it's an attack. Please hurry!”

In the office we soon watched the towers fall. It's difficult to describe my feelings. I was stunned, angry and numb. My friendly associates were incredulous. There were expressions of sorrow, many typical Mexican embraces and one not too surprising negative voice from the company Director General, who often had different opinions. He said, “This is inside Gringo job, no one outside could do it.” “This is what happens when you are biggest and most powerful.” Obviously, these two comments didn't comport. I said very forcefully, “I am in no frame of mind to accept such nonsense. You will not say it again, please!” He didn't. Later, in private, he apologized and assured me I was among friends and they would do all possible to help. He did. They did! And, so did others. I spent the rest of the day in the offices trying to get a flight and was assured no planes would fly, even for days.

Carol called immediately to assure me she was safe. But, my concern was what the follow-up would be. Carol and our niece and nephew were in Williamsburg, Virginia, surrounded by military facilities and even a CIA center. Daughter Susan and family, as well as Carol's sister, were in Northern Virginia, her mother in Maryland, within minutes of the center of government. Daughter Leigh was in Greensboro, NC near one of the largest fuel storage depots in the East. My mother was seemingly safe in West Virginia, but only minutes from The Greenbrier Resort, which had been the “secret hiding place” for government officials in time of emergency since the 60s. Was it still? Soon, I had a different challenge -- convincing Carol I could not get 1000 miles to the border and she and “the kids” must not even consider driving 1000 miles south. An assistant, Maricruz, helped me with an excuse when I asked her about a bus to the border. She vetoed it forcefully saying it was very dangerous. “You could die.” “We will not 'approve' it,” she said in excited-Latina Espanol. That worked as I pondered other alternatives.
In the third day, friends in Monterrey learned, they thought, that Continental would start flights from McAllen, Texas. There were reported problems crossing the border, but they would hire a person who knew how to get across without problems. They engaged the driver, I booked the flight out of McAllen only to be told within hours that no planes would fly. When I rescheduled McAllen, Continental canceled my priority. I was now in worse position, but for the best of intentions.

There is a story, or more than one, here. Please indulge me. Thanks.

The airport hotel filled quickly with people coming from many areas trying to get to the USA. I met many interesting people. A most interesting person was a lovely Latina, an American citizen, with her physician husband from Tampa, FL. She came from Veracruz and had been visiting her family there. We became friendly, exchanged credentials and agreed to try to stay in touch. At one point she became a bit emotional, as a Latina can be, often charmingly so. But, she was serious and so intense. She took my jacket lapels in her hands and with her face no more than inches from mine, she said, “Dr. Mann, you must believe me when I tell you something.” Of course I would. She said,“Americans do not know the 'bad things' happening.” She told me that Middle Easterners were paying large amounts of money to groups in Mexico to "make them look like Mexicans,” teach them Spanish, help them get Visas and to get across the border into the United States. I asked if she knew any of the groups. She tensed noticeably. I asked if her family was involved. Her expression said they were and her husbands slight nod confirmed it. She implored me to “tell our government.” I asked if she would do the same knowing, she wouldn't and couldn't. She said her family would be in danger. For sure! I understood and promised I would not reveal her identity but would tell our government. When I finally got home, I engaged a friend with DOD credentials and credibility I didn't have. We issued a report to agency heads whom he knew. We were told that we might never hear how they dealt with it. We didn't.

I also learned that Hezbollah had a presence in the “Tri-Border region of S. America, known as the “Triple Frontier.” They were building a “base” of some kind. Not much was known. However, a few credible people confirmed that it was discussed among certain people, but not widely reported. Not until 2007 was either of these issues reported by Pablo Gato of Telemundo and Richard Windrem of NBC News. The stated intent of Hezbollah was to “get to the USA if anything happened to Iran.” Today, there are over 12,000 Google references. In 2008, I published an article along with a proposal to deal with immigration and terrorism, “IMMIGRATION BEYOND WALLS.” I gave well-received speeches as well.
Again, in 2011, I updated the “Immigration” article and included the reference to Hezbollah. It was well-received except for one ignorant person who accused me of stretching the truth. Hezbollah couldn't possible be where I said and where reported He'd been cavorting in Argentina and didn't see anything. He didn't look at the 12,000 references. Why do I write this?
I'm writing simply to indicate how foolish people can be, especially on immigration and terrorism issues But, they influence others. And, I'm reminded of the colleague who thought the towers came down under “gringo actions.” But he relented. Now I think of one of arguably the most undesirable, and in my opinion, one of the the dumbest, women in America, Rosie O'Donnell. She chooses to be ignorant and also claims the towers succumbed to an inside conspiracy. Her justification? “Never has fire melted steel!” Obviously, she is abjectly ignorant but that doesn't silence her voice. The sad fact is, foolish people like this one do influence others....and they get paid well by media to be what they are. There are many more. Can you say Bill Maher of HBO and Alan Colmes of FOX News? But, I'm digressing to make a point.

Oh yes, I also met a couple from Berkeley, CA. Both were professors, he of philosophy. He educated me in Jungian philosophy and the interest continues. He has also sent me a book. Little things can mean a lot. Something positive!

At the airport hotel I met an American Airlines flight crew. I had dinner twice with the captain and a couple of flight attendants. I told them of my plight with Continental Airlines. The captain said they'd find a seat for me and instructed me to go to an American agent, who'd have my name, and tell the agent he had sent me. I'd “have to fly coach,” though. Big deal! If I were on Continental, I'd be in seat 11-A on an ERJ 145, the best seat in the "tin can" for leg room. I bought a ticket for a flight scheduled the next day, the 6th day of being stranded. I had breakfast with the captain and two attendants the morning of the flight and introduced them to my favorite breakfast. The restaurant was full of people, mostly ready to travel. It came time to fly.

As I entered the plane, one attendant was standing in front of the galley and the captain and co-pilot were standing in the doorway to the cockpit. The three of us spoke briefly as passengers filed into the cabin. I settled into my AISLE seat. The 2nd flight attendant came by, welcomed me and told me “we are happy to have you aboard.” They were very nice people! Soon after we were airborne, the man behind me began to talk rather loudly revealing that his IQ probably wasn't in triple digits. He was talking to the person in the middle and another across the aisle. They seemed tolerant, but didn't respond. He may have been Rosie's mentor since he spouted the nonsense that the towers came down by “explosives planted in the building by insiders.” I was in no frame of mind to listen very long. I stood up, faced him, and simply looked at him for a while. He said nothing to me and stopped talking. But, only for a few minutes. He started again by trying to explain why there had to be explosives and that burning fuel could not have “melted steel and concrete.” I suppose I was more arrogant than the others around him, but I was in no mood to hear him any longer.
I stood up, leaned over the back of my seat and said, “Sir, I've had enough of your loud nonsensical bantering. I suspect no one wants to be subjected to more of it. Folks are rather somber and relieved to be heading home. Now, be quiet!” A few in earshot applauded lightly. He shut up. I sat down to read. A flight attendant came by, ostensibly to bring me something. She knelt over and with a chuckle, said, “some passengers think you're a marshal. You're the only one on the plane wearing a coat and tie. You look official. Thank you.” I said let him think so. Maybe I'll be one for this flight. The man remained quiet for the entire flight. As we deplaned and walked up the concourse, a gentleman got my attention and said, “They told me you're posing as me.” You did a good job. I looked at him and said, “but you aren't wearing a coat and tie.” You're not official. OK, it's not an inspirational story, but it is an amusing memory from a time that was far from amusing in other ways. The attack was such an assault on all of America and a huge price was paid by so many good people. Yet, so many do not recognize the full impact of it, even today. I suppose we could start with Michael Bloomberg. It is not too difficult to make the case tha t America is being destroyed from within, once insidiously and now blatantly. Can the decline be halted


UN Ambassador, Nikki Haley, has told the UN that Iran is likely to be the next N. Korea. I think she is insightful and prescient in her view of this situation. I wrote this piece some time ago and post it here for comments if anyone wishes to do so. 

A couple of days ago I wrote to a friend that Iran was going to be the next N. Korea, but worse. The nuclear agreement Obama foolishly made with Iran has the potential to be ruinous, not only for the USA, but for all of the Americas. Why? How? Hezbollah, agents for Iran, are now present in all of the Americas. I learned, while stranded in Mexico on 9/11/2001, of Hezbollah's base being built in the "Triple Frontier" of S. America. With the help of a friend from DOE, I reported my findings to the government. Finally, in May 2007 it was reported by NBC and Telemundo. My blog readers now report that "they are all over the Americas from Puerta del Fuego to the tip of Canada." Only a fool would doubt that Hezbollah is present in the USA. Such a fool called me a liar for reporting on their presence in S. Am. To him I was a conservative fear-monger. He soon regretted his stupidity and I've seen nothing written by him since. Finally, they come, along with others, into Mexico, pay large amounts of money to be transformed to  "Mexican," gotten visas and come through our borders unmolested. For more on this, Google "Hezbollah "Triple Frontier") or "Triborder").  Search May 2007 to find the first report that will tell you that Hezbollah is here to "take care of America" if anything happens to Iran. Obama, Kerry and their minions set us up!!! Another of Obama's legacies.

Also, find more on this blog by searching "September 11, 2001."

Sunday, September 3, 2017


Hillary Clinton is selling tickets for $2375 Canadian, $2,000 US  for attending her book signing tour. That people will pay such a price, or any price, for the event is reflective of the American Condition that has devolved over at least 8 decades -- since the "Progressives" started takeover of the once quite honorable Democrats. Hillary Clinton epitomizes the corruption that Harry Truman spoke of when he said, "the only way to become wealthy in politics is to be corrupt."

As a person, Hillary Clinton is of no importance to most Americans. However, what she does, virtually entirely for herself, is of import. Her search for power and enormous wealth for doing nothing is of import to all Americans. That she is celebrated by millions is reflective of The American Condition that has devolved over many decades. I believe President Harry Truman, who eschewed the use of one's government position to accumulate wealth, would condemn her actions. The Honorable president Truman would, in all likelihood, view Clinton as dishonorable, hence unworthy of the presidency. Yet she wants it and millions agree and vote for her.

Don't try to tell me there is no "cultural revolution" in America as a once-friendly reporter averred and dissolved a longtime friendship. I'm trying to envisage Truman's reaction if he could be told that Clinton, who has made 10s, even 100s, of millions of dollars, now seeks $2375 per ticket for a book tour. Perhaps her 100s of millions from the Clinton Foundation and her reported sale of their Hamptons vacation property for $29 million will not be sufficient to sustain her. She epitomizes an article I wrote some years ago -- "Breeding Mediocrity In America." It has been bred and is being nurtured with "leaders" like Clinton. And greed!

Sunday, August 6, 2017


I'm watching NBC's Meet The Press. The program gest worse every week. Chuck Todd, who identified as a Democrat when he referred to Democrats and the DNC as "ours." No surprise here, but just hadn't heard it said so. He is interviewing California Governor Jerry Brown, known to some as "moonbeam." I would never refer to him as that because moonbeams can be bright, beautiful, romantic, inspirational and more. Not Gov. Brown!

Gov. Brown attempts to explain the condition of the Democrat Party. A central premise is that Republicans have successfully changed the culture of America with heavy funding by such as the Koch brothers "and others." How deluded, or how intellectually dishonest. or how stupid can a governor be? Jerry Brown epitomizes a quote of mine from some years back.

"The best among us no longer present themselves for elective office and Americans willfully elect many of the worst who do."

Thursday, August 3, 2017


Trump's election has threatened, hopefully stopped, the cultural revolution and march to perdition that is now 8 decades long and has been greatly accelerated in the past 8 years. The antagonistic "Deep State" is real and threatens the nation like no enemy we've ever had. Enemies from within are always the worst. The election of anyone not being advantaged by the revolution and the destruction of America would have met the same resistance as Trump. Personally, I hoped and prayed that the 2016 election would do just this -- stop the destruction of traditional America.

Obama's reign put the cultural revolution and march to perdition on steroids.

Trump should have fired every one of the Obama holdovers. Arguably the most pernicious of these are in the intelligence agencies and all who have been a part of the DOJ for 8 years.


Before addressing Robert Mueller and his position as "special council" I want to address James Comey first. On May 24, 2016, I posted on this blog my opinion that there would be no indictment of Hillary Clinton. All media reports portraying Comey as a paragon of virtue suggested we were being set up for exoneration of Clinton of any wrong doing. And so it was, and done in exactly the same way as I suggested.

Since Robert Mueller's appointment as Special Counsel, I have had similar thoughts as I have heard praise of Mueller's unimpeachable integrity, virtually echoing the build-up on Comey. I don't buy the hype. Mueller has hired, I believe, sixteen attorneys, most, if not all, of whom are Democrats and some have very questionable backgrounds for this assignment. Some are publically pro-Clinton and others clearly anti-Trump. My belief is that Muller will go to any length to bring indictments of President Trump, his family and/or anyone associated with him.

Now, Mueller has empowered a grand jury. This investigation will go on and on without end until someone is indicted. Anyone wonder what it's costing us?

While the effort is all about trying to find a gun behind all the smoke being created by anti-Trump, pro-Clinton people and all of those in favor of continuing the eight-decades long cultural revolution that has all but destroyed traditional America, corruption with Clintons, the DNC and Democrat operatives goes unattended. Goal? Try to find someone on the political right to indict and ignore all obvious reasons to indict some on the left. Sad and disgusting, but true. Keep the cultural revolution and the march to 3rd world alive.


The "Deep State" threatens Trump as he threatens their existence and their cultural revolution.

In the 2016 election, I hoped for the election of someone who could stop the cultural revolution and the "Progressive" march to perdition we've been on for 8 decades. Donald Trump is threatening to do just that and even though he is at times clumsy and communicates poorly, hence at times his own worst enemy, the forces that have driven the revolution and march to perdition are doing all possible to bring him down. Many want to destroy traditional America. Following is a note to friends

Trump's election has threatened, hopefully stopped, the cultural revolution and march to perdition that is now 8 decades long, and has been greatly accelerated in the past 8 years. The antagonistic "Deep State" is real, subversive and threatens the nation like no enemy we've ever had. Enemies from within are always the worst. The election of anyone not being advantaged by the revolution and it's destruction of America would have met the same resistance as Trump is meeting.

Personally, I hoped and prayed that the 2016 election would do just this -- stop the revolution, stop destruction of traditional America. Obama's reign put the revolution on steroids. Trump should have fired every one of the Obama holdovers. Arguably the most pernicious of these are in the intelligence agencies and all who have been a part of the DOJ for 8 years. Obama and Clintons are leaders of the resistance to Trump's presidency.

Saturday, July 15, 2017


Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan and a long time Democrat, as are most heads of money center banks and Wall Street firms, has just been quoted as bemoaning what is happening to our nation. Is he waking up to the reality of what he has supported for so long? Is he understanding the societal decadence and loss of supremacy that "Progressive" Democrat policies and management of government by totally unqualified people such as Barack Obama have wrought upon us? If he is waking up, can others be far behind. Will the Trump administration be able to do what they were elected to do -- stop 8 decades of destruction of traditional America? Dimon is a key person. influential, intelligent and more. Who will follow his lead?

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


"Progressive Democrats have mastered the art of projecting themselves, their ineptitude, their shortcomings, and even their corruption, on others. Their attacks on "everything Trump" prove it. And, this may backfire on them. There are indications of that happening.

I so wish that honorable Democrats, like those I grew up with, would take control of the malignant process of the "Progressive" Democrats who are attempting to bring the Trump administration down -- and our country with them. Please prove you have the intellectual integrity that permits you to see all of President Trump's and his appointees initiatives and their whole agenda. Report on the positives of which there are several in spite of unbelievable opposition. Criticize Trump for his presentation of himself, even his ineloquent language but stop the nonsensical, dishonest, and perhaps even self-defeating assault, on "everything Trump." It shows a mind-set devoid of intellectual honesty, or lack of analytical reasoning if you claim to be honest.

However, it is impossible to ascribe honesty to those who will ignore all of the violations of the Democrats, assaults on of Rule of Law, the refusal of Obama and his minions to expose the Russian intrusion they learned of well before the election, the corrupt DOJ, and more. Instead of correcting their misdeeds, they now practice projection, the worst ever.
 "Progressives" have long been expert at projection , but now they can claim to be "grand masters" of the technique -- that is projecting their misdeeds, hostility and more as mentioned above. Stop it and realize it's also your country you're destroying, not just ours, i.e. those of us who can analyze the situation and understand the disastrous results of your efforts.

With eight decades of cultural revolution and societal decadence how can we expect an awakening of those in the revolution. Now I feel like Don Quixote and think of "Progressives" as windmills. Tilting!

Saturday, June 10, 2017


James Comey, former FBI Director, has been billed since the initiation of the Clinton e-mail scandal as a "straight-up" person, a paragon of virtue. HE PROVES HE IS NOT SUCH. However, he does give quite a bit of proof of the "Deep State" involvement in destroying the presidency of Donald Trump

After the Comey spectacle June 8, it is apparent that our own elected representatives will exact more damage politically upon our nation than the Russians are presumed to have done, or are likely to do! The intensity, disingenuousness and hostile nature of the Democrats' efforts to indict President Trump, in total absence of evidence, does, in fact, indict the Democrats for attempting to bring down a president with disregard for the damage it does to our America! When we elect some of the worst among us, what else can we expect. While Trump is often clumsy, even unwise at times, is not an eloquent speaker, he has jeopardized the "Progressive's" cultural revolution far more than he has inflicted damage on our nation. It's that revolution that is the subject of the Democrats' efforts.

Too many Democrats continue to define themselves by dishonesty and corruption. Their 8- decades long cultural revolution has created societal decadence, loss of primacy in too many aspects of American life, and loss of supremacy in world affairs. It is fair to define their efforts as a "march to perdition." I hoped and prayed for the 2016 election to halt that march by defeating Clinton, who has been a part of the march. Trump's election did that! But, can he govern? He has his own faults, but his ideas for improving the American Condition are sound. If the hostile, disingenuous Democrats continue attacking him, indicting him for no obvious reasons, it will be impossible for him to govern for the benefit of all Americans.

Barack Obama was the patron saint of those who wanted, and still want, to transform America. He did much to do so and destroy traditional America, the goal of the "Progressive" revolutionaries. Oh, and he will continue with his ORGANIZING FOR ACTION and his army of 10s of thousands of activists. And, the "RESISTANCE MOVEMENT" that Hillary Clinton is aligned with, will do the same. Bring down Trump and continue the transformation, aka destruction, of traditional America to a lesser nation.

 James Comey is now their patron saint. He's slick. He has the backing of those attacking Trump. It was clear that Americans were being set up in early 2016 as he was praised over and over as a paragon of virtue. On May 24, 2016, I wrote a blogpost here, "Hillary Clinton--No Indictment." It was obvious! Comey's testimony in exonerating Clinton was ludicrous, with ample evidence of wrong-doing. And, Comey broke protocol, if not law, by exonerating Clinton, thereby taking the obligation of the AG away from her. Allegedly, that is. Now we know, however, that AG Lynch had complicity in the Clinton's exoneration by ordering Comey to soften his "investigation" to a "matter." None other than Comey told us. He threw her under the bus. He proved that the DOJ is corrupt and is on the edge, if not fully immersed, in abrogation the Rule of Law. I wrote about that also. Now there is evidence. Yes, ample evidence not to indict Trump, but to indict those attacking Trump -- The Democrats, the"DEEP STATE," sadly with the Intelligence agencies involved. Then there's Clinton's "Resistance Movement."

The American Condition is critical, all but "broken" if the current efforts of Democrats to overturn the election of Donald Trump succeed. He must be allowed to stop their march to perdition and restore the tenets of traditional America, the "Great America" she has been.

America was once led by statesmen/women. Where have they gone?

Monday, June 5, 2017


SCOTUS justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is obligated to recuse herself in the case of SCOTUS vs Potus' temporary ban on immigrants from 6 nations. If she does not recuse or retire, she may be a party to the abrogation of the Rule of Law as others have.

If Justice Ginsberg has any honor, she will recuse herself from the case of "Circuit Courts vs. Trump's "temporary travel ban" (improperly named but is what it is). If she does not recuse herself, or retire, she will put herself in the same pod, bubble, clan or whatever, as those who threatened to leave the USA if Trump were to be elected -- so-called celebrities and other "entitled miscreants." This puts Justice Ginsberg in the company of Rosey O'Donnell, Al Sharpton, and more radical leftist radical people. 

America is already in a state, a condition, when it can be argued legitimately that lower courts are excessively partisan left and are, in fact, enemies to those of more conservative persuasion, aka traditional Americans.

For many decades, America has been led by so-called "Progressive" policies that can legitimately
be said to often violate the US Constitution. The Obama DOJs under both AG Holder and AG Lynch, were guilty, not only of such violations but of abrogating the very Rule of Law, as the Lynch/Comey/Bill Clinton/ Hillary Clinton fiasco exemplifies. Comey's stepping beyond his roll as FBI investigator and exonerating Hillary Clinton of many violations is such an example. His acting as a prosecutor and his taking the decision for a Clinton indictment out of the purview of the AG abrogates the Rule of Law.

The Rule of Law is the fundamental underpinning of a 1st World state. Abrogation of it leads us to 3rd World.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017


By Lt. Col. Charles Misak, USAF Retired

If we can sit aside, for a moment, all the Trump bashing by the progressive democrats and our own dislike of some of his comments and tweets—and evaluate his performance from the job he was assigned to do.

That job, to a large degree, is Article II. of the U.S. Constitution. Some of the salient points, as follows: “…. that I will faithfully execute the Office of the President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.”
In every issue that has arisen, I see he has done performed as expected, aka ordered.

Next, the Constitution states “…. he shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed.” He has fought valiantly to uphold the laws Congress has made. For example, the practices in sanctuary cities are illegal. He has attacked those. And he has and is attacking illegal immigration-clearly against the laws of the United States. (see 8 USC 1324).

Lastly, he has issued orders to stay visas from countries where two federal agencies have stated vetting is not possible. This authority—and responsibility—is clearly laid out in 8 USC 1182(f). Several federal judges have seemed to have found a “super clause” in the Constitution which enables them to overlook federal law if enforcing that law runs counter to their sense of “social justice.” Section VI. Of the Constitution states that “This Constitution and the Laws of the United States…..” “shall be the supreme law of the Land; and the Judges in every state shall be bound thereby, anything in the Constitution or Laws of a State to the Contrary notwithstanding.” I don’t know where this leave us.

Nation-states are formed to protect us from threats—both external and internal. And for the US, at least, to secure, and protect,our liberty and freedom. To do this requires a vibrant economic system. President Trump has done much to jump start this economy, lifting the Obama restrictions on offshore drilling and the Keystone pipeline as well as onerous business regulations.

Overall, I give him high marks and hope his administration will avoid even replying to the ridiculous attacks from the left, especially the media, press and electronic, with their leftist agenda and so much control of the narratives. It is good to forget the media completely, as I have. It’s not “fake news” anymore; it’s lies.

Monday, May 29, 2017


Hillary Clinton should be ashamed to present herself as presidential. She certainly is not and she should be embarrassed by her commencement speech to Wellesley graduates. Whining and political.

I will post a few  rather singular purposed thoughts for a while, especially during this period when our government is so dysfunctional, Trump derangement syndrome is so prevalent and media bias and dishonesty so seriously influences too many people. The American Condition is clearly more critical day by day as Hillary Clinton won't accept defeat and "Progressive" Democrats are so vindictive as they try to undo the election of Pres. Trump. I will try, in my posts, to focus on defining people and issues accurately vs. media's doing the opposite 

I've heard many commencement speeches in my long life, but when Hillary Clinton and Mark Zuckerberg competed for the worst ever, I must give the #1 worst to Clinton's at Wellesley for several reasons, but surely for alluding to, if not endorsing, impeachment of President Trump. Ignorance and dishonesty competing for 1st place. No class. Totally a whining political address to graduates. She should apologize, not seek adulation. But, too many Americans are so non-discerning and even ignorant of facts. They just want their biases confirmed to not be challenged by facts not of their liking.


The only meaningful evidence, with some stretch of reality, of a Russian involvement in the presidential election was with the Hillary Clinton campaign. Now, the abjectly dishonest Democrat leaders, their acolytes and minions push a connection of Trump, his staff and cabinet, with Russia. And, foolish, non-thinking Americans buy it.

Those who are pushing the sham Russian investigation are the worst among us!! And, they know that if they present the issue to enough people enough times, as with any ruse or untruth, it will become truth to their weak-minded, unthinking acolytes. Then a non-issue becomes a "case!" Again, the "Deep State" and Obama are undoubtedly complicit. The "Deep State" is undoubtedly centered in the "Intelligence Agencies." And, "leaks" are likely coming from them. Or, they are made up by media. Every single one of those in the "Deep State" and every Obama holdover should be should be replaced! Now!

Saturday, May 27, 2017


The anti-Trump, anti-traditional America counter-cultural "Progressives" will push any untruth, about Russia, about Trump, anything that will bring the Trump administration down, when untruths are spoken loud and long enough that they become "truth."

Those who are pushing the sham Russian investigation are the worst among us!! And, they know that if they present the issue to enough people enough times, as with any ruse or untruth, it will become truth to their weak-minded, unthinking acolytes and minions. Then a non-issue becomes a "case!" Media are pushing the Russian ruse and the "Deep State," centered in the "Intelligence Agencies," which are populated with anti-Trump pro-transformed America informants, are likely their sources.Many are loyal to Obama. Every single one of these people should be removed! Every thinking American should be wondering, "what is the goal of these anti-American people?" "Who benefits, who loses?"

Friday, May 26, 2017


  1. HEADS UP FOLKS: Take a minute or two for an explanation of the solid evidence that there has been collusion with Russia! Solid proof.  

Sunday, May 21, 2017


The James Comey-FBI-Trump story makes no sense. It seems the political left, "Progressives," are willing to manufacture any case to try to bring Trump down. It is difficult to divorce from the notion that this is simply more of the effort of the cultural revolutionaries to maintain control of their goal to "change America and then change the world" as Obama spoke about. Donald Trump's election was totally surprising to them and it potentially stops their "march to perdition" that we've written about in this blog. Is Comey a pawn in this movement? I wrote the piece below with this in mind.

HELP me get the James Comey story straight and correct. Comey was billed as utterly credible when investigating Hillary Clinton's violations of law and protocol in her email communications. Clinton was treated as if she did nothing wrong, even though Comey enumerated many violations. Now, her aide's husband,  Anthony Wiener, aka "Carlos Danger" when sexting, is now facing other criminal charges,  is going to jail, and he got Clinton's emails from his wife, the aide.

FBI Director (at the time) Comey identified, and reported, many unlawful actions by Clinton. Then he exonerated her thereby violating both law and protocol by making the decision that should have been made by AG Lynch who, coincidentally, had a private meeting with Bill Clinton prior to the Comey exoneration. No problem. Right? Wrong, I believe. Now it's said that Mr. Comey has memos of his meetings with people, notably President Trump, that may indict the president for malfeasance when speaking with Comey. Maybe. But nobody has seen the memos. A NYT reporter heard one read over the telephone. Memos were to "SELF." Hm! What were the dates of these memos to SELF?? Who can verify the dates and the authenticity of these memos? Oh, Comey. Is that acceptable because his credibility is unimpeachable. Did I get it right. I would like to think so, but no! I doubt truth will prevail. We can hope.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017



The left-wing media, both print and electronic, will continue to attack President Trump so long as they think they can bring down his presidency, even if they destroy America by doing so. In fact, the goal of many is that destruction. Herewith is a note I sent to a friend who wrote, in response to a full-page scurrilous fallacious advertisement in the VA Gazette about the Russia connection,  that the frenzy of the anti-Trumpers would "fizzle out." It will not!!

My considered opinion is that the "anti-Trump splinter groups" you speak of will not go away ("fizzle out").  There is a nationwide, perhaps further, orchestration of the anti-Trump movement that is more than anti-Trump.  Yes, Trump is their target, and unfortunately, he sometimes makes it easy for them with his actions, poor use of words, and lack of wisdom of what to do and say when.  That is not likely to change. His detractors will stay on the attack. Those who are shooting at him now are, in fact, the "Progressives" who have led the cultural revolution that has wrought upon us the abrogation of many of traditional American principles, aka "values" and tenets that have defined America.  I wrote about this before the election and hoped and prayed someone could defeat Hillary Clinton and stop the deliberately forced decline, societal decadence at home and loss of primacy and supremacy in world affairs.  Literally a "march to perdition over eight decades!"  Stopping Clinton potentially stopped all of these anti-American activities but we are going to have to fight to keep what the election gained.  

The kicker is that Clinton, most likely aided by two other Clintons, is leading much of what is now characterized as "The Resistance" and Barack Obama, with tens of thousands of anti-American "soldiers" is waging the wars of "the Deep State."  They are funded by wealthy Democrats.  They are organized under Obama's "Organizing for Action." Many are anarchists, in fact.

The future of America as a Representative Constitutional Republic is at stake.  The end of Obama's presidency did not, at all, mean the end to his anti-American mind-set and his goal to "change America and then change the world." To transform her into a nation of his preference.  It's fairly clear that they envisage, and will commit any act to achieve it, an America whose exceptionalism will be abrogated and whose stature will be more at parity with lesser nations.  Don't doubt this!!

The scurrilous, untruthful full-page support in The Virginia Gazette for the continued efforts by the worst among us to bring Trump down with a purely manufactured story, on the bogus Russia issue, is an example of how the "Resistance" and the "Deep State" will continue to do whatever it takes to bring down the nation, not just Trump.  The revolution has already abrogated most tenets of traditional America and the Obama DOJ, under both Holder and Lynch, have ignored The Rule of Law, the underpinning of our 1st world status.  With their continued efforts we are headed to 3rd world. PRO-AMERICA  AMERICANS MUST UNITE AND FIGHT THE "PROGRESSIVE REVOLUTION!

Sunday, March 5, 2017


97% “consensus” on global warming is derived from prejudice, not from data and not by the "Scientific Method."
This article was run March 4, 2016 in The Daily Press, a Tribune Paper. I'm posting here to reach readers beyond our local, Virginia Peninsula, area, especially for worldwide readers.

On Monday morning, February 27, 2017, The Daily Press published a letter by a citizen, in which he used the fallacious 97% “consensus” on global warming to deride the newly approved EPA Director, Scott Pruitt. He also took a swipe at new Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos for speaking quite a bit of truth about misinformation now instilled in students in our colleges and universities. The 97% “consensus” is a mantra now presented as inarguable truth, yet it's fallacious, a contrived prejudicial assessment.

First, we scientists know that science does not yield to consensus, rather hypotheses and laws are derived from disciplined analytical problem-solving work consistent with the “Scientific Methodology.” Then on Monday evening, I heard Bill Nye, The “Science Guy” puppet the consensus fallacy in a debate. Americans are being misled! It's time to inform them of truth.

The “consensus” propaganda came from a 2009 American Geophysical Survey by two researchers at the University of Illinois. It is referred to as the Doran Survey or Zimmerman Thesis. The “survey” was a two-minute, two question, online questionnaire sent to 10,257 scientists by two university professors. Only 3146 “earth scientists” responded. The researchers cherry-picked 77 of the 3146 and labeled them experts. Of those 77, 75 (97.4%) agreed “global warming, now climate change, is manmade. The AGU survey was widely criticized by the scientific community, most notably by the respondents to the survey. But, we don't hear it, do we?

Sadly, as I published some years ago, “Too many Colleges and Universities are no longer sanctuaries for learning and research, rather are now havens for political activism.” So it is with the 97% “consensus.”

Dr. Joe Mann, PhD Chemistry
Williamsburg, James City County, Virginia

Friday, March 3, 2017


Charles Krauthammer to GOP on Obamacare Repeal: 'Pick a Damn Plan' and Unite, or You'll Fail.'

If we are to have an improved healthcare plan to replace the failed ACA, aka Obamacare, neither "affordable" nor done by Obama, congress people must get off stupid and dishonesty and take the proper approach to problem solving. NOW!

I often agree with Dr. Krauthammer. However, on this issue I recommend no plan be adopted until the PROPER ANALYTICAL PROBLEM-SOLVING & DECISION MAKING METHODOLOGY is used to develop the most effective healthcare plan to replace the ACA.

Democrats who promulgated the ACA have proven they are not problem solvers and are, in fact, stuck on stupid as well as dishonesty in the way it was developed and presented. Republicans are trying to compete with the Democrats for being stuck on stupid.

Get unstuck from stupid now and use analytical problem-solving methodology. Segment the problems with the current plan, the ACA. That was not done in developing so-called Obamacare.

Prioritize the problems. Determine root cause of each "problem segment," set goals for meeting each need or problem to be solved, assure different targets (goals) are interactive without creating other problems. Exclude all biases, prejudices and preconceptions. Such exclusion is mandatory!! Do it!! Determine who is to be covered and organize into groups with common variables as well as groups with unique issues.

There's more, but this is a start. GET OFF STUPID. NOW.

Do this or we'll have another legislative disaster to go with the ACA and others, such as the ridiculous mandate of ethanol In motor fuel. Since you have proven to be less capable than needed, engage those who are capable!!

Friday, February 24, 2017


A "Deep State" activity, Obama's "Organizing for Action," is now underway to essentially provide resistance to the Trump administration's every policy and action. A formal "Resistance Movement" is already underway in Town Hall meetings as in Florida this week. None other than Bernie Sanders just announced that there would be 100 such resistance efforts in Town Halls this weekend. It's reported that Obama's group is 32,000 strong now with 250 new offices of operation open.

Some say "we have always had differences" and that is certainly true...and desirable. However, we are not talking about typical philosophical debates today. We're facing what can legitimately be called subversion of the Trump administration, hence the nation. They say history teaches this. NOT this, folks. At minimum we have a "shadow government forming." Totally expected as this writer discussed.

History does not, in entirety, represent today's political and societal conditions. Yes, there have always been differences and philosophical debates, sometimes more rabid than others, but I don't believe we've experienced the animus, the rancorous divide, hatred and subversion that we're experiencing today. Not since 1860 anyway. We are experiencing the abrupt stoppage of 8 decades of societal change directed at transformation of traditional America, abrogation of our founding values of morals, ethics and sense of right and wrong. Then there is the Rule of Law which is the fundamental stone upon which our 1st World status structure is built. 

I viewed Obama, from the beginning, as the patron saint of the leaders of  "Progressivism," Wilson-like "societal change and controlling administrative bureaucracies." They tried Carter and he was both too fundamentally American plus to damned ineffective, inept and he failed them.... given Reagan's skills and personality. The cultural revolutionaries have come so close to reaching their goal of control of a transformed America, transformed to a lesser nation, that "never deserved to be deemed exceptional." Obama was, and remains, their great hope. Realization of this was essentially the main driver of my getting back involved, even at a difficult time, in trying to stop him to halt the revolution. Unfortunately, we had a dud for a candidate, McCain. whom I am contemplating asking formally to resign from his Senate seat .....  Just as a side note.

As I/we hoped and prayed for, we stopped the revolution by electing Trump. NOW, the vicious efforts to oust him and subvert the government are mounting and will be massive. The Deep State is forming, has formed in fact, and the "Resistance Movement" is mounting in every district across the nation.

Republicans have long been stuck on stupid and unable to fight meaningful wars against the resistance movement and the cultural revolution. We absolutely must get unstuck from stupid!!! And we need leadership with both brains and determination. Who is that???

Wednesday, February 8, 2017


REQUEST: I ask readers to kindly list some positive outcomes of the US Department of Education programs and expenditures since the formation in 1979.

As I observe the confirmation process for President Trump's cabinet appointees, I am appalled by the ineptitude shown by US Senators in questioning the appointees -- ineptitude competing with dishonesty for dominance of the questioning.

As noted in another post herein, Trump's appointees are, by and large, of qualifications superior to vastly most of those of past presidents, especially of Obama's. Perhaps the appointee receiving the most questionable comments is Dept. of Ed. appointee, Betsy DeVoss. While I admit here that I did not hear or see her performance in the hearing, I have heard and read much since. It seems she gave answers to questions that were deemed incomplete, or just didn't satisfy the questioners -- aka Senators, most with no experience in education. I wonder how many of them have committed as much to education as has Mrs. DeVoss.

It seems that the most egregious of acts in Mrs. DeVoss' background relate to not giving allegiance to the failed Department of Education practices. And, of course, THE UNIONS. It seems that she has sought alternate programs for children who need help  -- "choice," perhaps vouchers, ??. Can anyone give evidence of how unions have advanced the cause of education of children, point to improved outcomes and better performance post public education? I think not!

We've had initiatives, one after another named programs such as "No Child Left Behind," "Rush to the Top," now "Common Core" and results get worse not better. Expenditures per student have more than doubled since 1986-90 to over $12,000/yr per student! Where are the positive results? There are none.

WE MUST HAVE IMPROVED OUTCOMES IN OUR SCHOOLS. I cannot judge if Mrs. DeVoss has the attributes to help produce positive outcomes. But, I do know that the Department of Education is all but ineffective, even defunct.

Give Betsy DeVoss a chance to improve the Department of Education or shut it down and get back to the states' control of all education.

Saturday, February 4, 2017


By Dr. Robert Warren, PhD

To many, the jihadist attack on the Louvre was just another in a very long line of Islamic terrorist attacks on the West - and France in particular. An Egyptian named Abdullah Reda Refaei al-Hamamy attacked French soldiers guarding the world famous facility - and was shot and subsequently hospitalized. Police traced his activities and discovered he had flown into Paris in January 2017. He rented a high-end hotel room in Rue de Ponthieu near the Champs-Elysees. Not surprisingly, he had no identification and it is presumed that this was a suicide attack and part of a plot.

What is significant is that Abdullah was carrying a cell phone and paint bombs as well as the machete he used on the French guards. This very unusual combination of items has led French authorities to speculate that his intent was not just to kill people but also to kill the foundation of the Western world. Had he succeeded, even to a small degree, he would have erase from history the iconic and beloved treasures of European culture.  By way of reminder, the Louvre contains the works of Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, Vermeer and others.

His act, if he had been able to accomplish it, was not unlike what ISIS is doing throughout Syria and Iraq. These barbarians have already destroyed temples, artwork, ancient towns, and more in their crazed attempts to cleanse the mid-east and prepare the way for a caliphate. History is of little concern and nothing deemed unworthy is left. This is the scorched earth destruction of cultural memory. Abdullah was a martyr to this cause.

In conclusion, President Trump’s immigration ban might or might not have stopped this type of attack on the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City or the Smithsonian Institution complex in the District of Columbia. However, it is a first step of many aimed at getting control of the chaotic and uncontrolled immigration situation left by Obama. The anarchists, socialists, and other thugs of the left don’t seem to see the terrorist related damage they are encouraging and facilitating. Or maybe, in their drive to undermine America, nothing else matters.

Thursday, February 2, 2017


Those responsible for anarchy and violence all appear to be leftists. We must determine who they are and who gives them the wherewithal to be so destructive and to be anarchists.

ON VIOLENCE, PROPERTY DESTRUCTION AND ANARCHY BY "PROTESTORS": I recommend that President Trump, if he can get his DOJ organized with capable and committed people, form a task force to analyze all such inappropriate, even illegal, acts of protest. Categorize them as to cause(s), who are the people and who finances them. Also, chronicle each and report publicly the cost of damage done.

NO, this is not abrogating their right to free speech. Rather, it's an attempt to apply analytical problem-solving methodology to these problems that are more intractable day-by-day. Our government has an obligation to protect people and property and quell anarchy. We must know who is responsible. Peaceful protest is a precious right, it's freedom in action, ANARCHY IS NOT. The anarchy at University of California at Berkeley is a last straw!! Do it now, Trump. Determine who is responsible and stop them with penalties.


President Trump's firing of Acting AG Sally Yates was the correct action.

ON THE DOJ: President Trump made absolutely the correct decision to fire Acting AG, Sally Yates. Trump is the CEO of the nation and as such is responsible for all that goes on in his organization. Insubordination cannot be tolerated!! Yates was insubordinate at least, a firing offense in any organization, and her actions could even be deemed subversive. The DOJ has been corrupt at least for the last 8 years, under both Holder and Lynch, most recently in abrogation of the Rule Of Law in the Clinton corruption and malfeasance cases. Now Democrats are, once again, being totally irresponsible in not approving an honorable, well-qualified person, Sen. Jeff Sessions, to be AG, who must clean up the mess of Obama's DOJ.

Monday, January 23, 2017


Trump's cabinet appointees' hearings show distinctly how the least among us control, or try to, the best among us.

As I watched the confirmation hearing a few days ago, I could not dispel the thought that I was watching validation of my opinion that we are governed by too many of the least among us, surely not the best. To see Senators such as Patty Murray, Patrick Leahy, Ron Wyden, Marco Rubio, Ben Cardin and more interrogating accomplished people, the kind of high achievers our founders envisaged governing America, was telling of who, and what kind of intellects, we have elected to office.

Rubio even had the audacity to try to force Sec. of State nominee, Rex Tillerson, to declare Vladimir Putin a "war criminal." Rubio is now said to be holding up Tillerson's confirmation as he ponders. Rubio is totally ignoring the fact that declaration of "a war criminal" requires charges and adjudication. Naïve or ignorant? Doesn't matter. Wrong! While all questioners were unimpressive, Ben Cardin and Patrick Leahy seemed to be competing for least intellectual, most simple-minded of the lot. I have my own personal disgust with Leahy but will save it for another time. Extreme arrogance.


President Trumps cabinet will be the most accomplished in modern times, as the founders envisaged our leaders to be.

Trump's cabinet appointees are the most accomplished people, as was the founders' vision, that we have seen for several administrations. Compared to Obama's appointees, the least experienced and worst ever,  Trump's nominees are leagues ahead in experience and other attributes, Sen. Schumer's idiotic comments notwithstanding. Wise up Schumer!

Trump is doing exactly what a CEO is expected to do -- hire and appoint qualified people who are as capable as he/she or more so. I supported Trump hoping for just such executive action. A good start, President Trump.

Saturday, January 21, 2017


As I read, and listen to interviewees mobbing the streets of our nation's capital, bemoaning the anticipated "Nazism" of the nascent Trump administration all I see is a bunch of fascist goons and brats doing their utmost to emulate Hitler's Brown Shirts. The Metropolitan PD is not taking adequate steps to put an end to the rock throwing, burning, and riot and mayhem marring what has always been an example to the world of peaceful and lawful transfer of power.

Lock these thugs and goons up. Clear the streets of this dangerous riffraff. If they are not from DC or environs, find out who organized and financed their journeys, and arrest them for inciting to riot. Last night I saw the disgusting spectacle of a young boy, I suppose 11 or 12 years old, bragging to a TV news interviewer about his starting fires in the streets. He should have been taken into custody and his parents arrested for child endangerment. They would run the danger of having their child taken from them if they let him walk to school on his own, or ride his bike without a helmet and knee and elbow pads. Allowing him to engage in arson, while participating in a leftist inspired and organized riot, is apparently alright in our politically correct Alice in Wonderland nation's capital, however!

For my deluded or attempting to delude, friends and kin on the left, I will remind you that there have been no riots or organized thug activity by me or fellow conservative thinkers. We did not fill the streets of DC when we were subjected to a second Obama term, no matter how it distressed us. We subscribe to the proposition that the United States of America has been, and should always be, a nation of laws. We should not and will not be ruled by mobs and goons.

If the Trump administration will not take action to put an end to lawlessness and threats to public safety and freedom, he will not see a second term. It will not be fascism to put and end to this mob behavior, as the fascism is what we are witnessing today in the streets of Washington, and have witnessed throughout this campaign. It will also be time to put an end to the criminal abuse of our law enforcement officers and other public safety officials. It is time to return to the system in which the police enjoy the right of presumption of innocence, just as their fellow citizens and the criminals they apprehend do. It is time to remember that we do have domestic enemies, as well as foreign enemies, who wish ill for us and our way of life. It is time to remember that the system should favor the law abiding and the productive Americans, not the parasitic, seditious and criminals.

So wipe the spittle off your chins, slap yourselves upside the head until you give over your fantasies and wishful thinking, and try to muster enough intellectual honesty to admit that your candidate lost. And why! You and your elitist friends do not represent American thought and belief.  Our America will be run from her capital, and from state capitals, by elected officials. It cannot, in a free nation of laws, be run from the east and west coast urban centers or faculty lounges. Neither will it nor should it, reflect the beliefs of just the inhabitants of these centers.

America's founders were very wise in forming the Electoral College to prevent such dominance by a few.