IMMIGRATION, THE "CARAVAN": Some truth about the purpose, the use and abuse of migrants for political purposes by the Democrats.

Given 30+ years of association with good people in Latin America, especially Mexico, with many lasting and loving friendships, I am saddened to see so many innocent needy people being used by some of the worst among us, big financiers of the Democrats, for their own political benefits. Those who rant and rave about the injustice of the USA know very little, even nothing, about the real conditions of the people and their being "managed," aka used. To use a current buzz word, "weaponizing the innocent people." The kindest thing I can say about the those raving and ranting is that you are ignorant of facts. The worst is that you are only playing to the biases of your political affiliation for voter bloc concerns.


May I suggest that the fundamental driver of every effort and initiative of the "Progressive" is to effect total control of the determinants of the American Condition, what she will be, hence who we will be, how we live. 

It cannot be legitimately debated that a major "Progressive" initiative has long been, 8 decades,  to alter the American population to give them controlling voter blocs. Hence, immigrants are at the tip of the spear of their cultural revolution, fighting for their votes to effect transformation of America. While this is clear to any analytical thinker, the "Progressives" often give their strategy away in their speech and actions. To wit, Nancy Pelosi's accusation that "Republicans want only a white population." Dishonesty and stupidity have driven us for decades -- Democrats blatantly dishonest in garnering voter blocs and Republicans stuck on stupidity for permitting them to accomplish their objective. 

We're at a critic…


Barack Obama's, and his Democrat shills' frequent, loud and boisterous pronouncements of his responsibility for the current vibrant economy, GDP growth and job creation, are absolutely false! Since he knows the claims are not true, his assertions legitimately can be called fraudulent. Yes, fraud! Why? When annual GDP growth stagnated at 2%, and less, during his presidency, he and his utterly incompetent economic council, headed by Larry Summers, announced that 2% GDP growth was a “new normal” and “greater growth would never be had again.” Had their strategies continued, they would have been correct. Every Obama policy was antithetical to economic improvement, capital formation, aka business growth, and job creation. Clearly, either they did no analytical problem-solving to determine root cause of the 2008-9 meltdown (really obvious) or Obama reflexively relied on his bias to direct policy. As is now reflected, both factors contrib…


No longer do I simply disrespect Barack Obama, I find him repulsive as he remains active and does all possible to influence, aka disrupt, governance as well as misrepresent his tenure as successful. Once again I'm listening to, and watching, Barack Obama yelling, in typical Obama-style, that he is responsible for current economic improvements and excellent GDP growth (asking "remember who started it") in spite of his presiding over 8 years of the worst economic recovery in modern history. I no longer simply disrespect him. I find him utterly repulsive. He had the absolute worst economic advisory team, headed by Larry Summers, both of whom declared their average annual GDP growth of 2% a "new normal and would never be  any better!" But, he's still celebrated as he and his OFA of 30,000+ operatives try to stop current government progress. Must write a post on this nonsense when energy permits. Disgusted with us, Americans who support him, especially media.…


Americans have one chance to continue  halting the "Progressives'" 8-decades long revolution to transform America to a lesser state, not of the founders' vision but to one of their own, to destroy the nation that has been a model for the world. Obama was their patron saint and he did much to transform the nation. Hillary Clinton was to complete the transformation to irreversible condition. It seems that Donald Trump, with his obvious faults, was the only person, of all those seeking the presidency, who could, and would, stop the march to perdition, aka destruction. "Progressive" Democrats have spent two years trying to stop his plans. If congress goes Democrat, they will do all possible to take to destroy his administration and continue their transformation 

When Obama came on the scene, shortly after his speech at the 2004 Democrat convention, I started observing him. It was a sure bet that he would be the "darling" of the "Progressive" …


The short answer to why "Progressives," aka Democrats, fight to stop Trump is that his presidency promises to halt their 8-decades long cultural revolution, aka war, to transform America to a lesser nation. More will be written on this in subsequent posts.
While President Trump's policies are succeeding on several fronts, both nationally and internationally,  "Progressives," aka Democrats, fight his every initiative, even ponder  impeachment. The Trump economic team has rapidly overcome the Obama administration's pathetic economic policies, all of which were antithetical to capital formation, job creation and economic growth. Already 4% quarterly growth has been achieved, and 3.5% annual growth, perhaps more, can be projected confidently. This tops the previous eight years of 2% average annual growth, which  Obama, Larry Summers, their sycophantic media and academic economists proclaimed to be a “new normal. "Greater growth would never be achieved again…