A report of FOX News reporter, Shannon Brean, having to leave a demonstration of opposition to President Trump's fearing the violence prompted this post. More will follow as the radical left politicians continue to show their disdain for the American constitution. And, their lack of intellectual integrity.

It's a sign that we're approaching the depths of devolution into supreme decadence when elected representatives of the American people show such disdain for, and refuse to govern by, the constitution that defines our American representative republic!! I've hope and  prayed that there are some old-time honorable classical liberal Democrats like the ones I grew up with six decades ago, but where are they?? When the right of choice to destroy 60 million human creations is the defining criterion for a Supreme Court Judge, we have devolved far from the vision of those who developed and defined the nation that was long a model for the world. The "Progressives" wi…


The congressional review of FBI's IG report on investigation of Clinton's e-mail scam has brought more than just Clinton's e-mail abuse of policy into focus. It is all but clear that the Mueller's so-called Russian collusion investigation was preconceived to undo the 2016 election that promised (still promises) to stop the 8-decades long revolution to transform America.  

So IG Horowitz is reviewing FBI's Peter Strzok's text messages to and from lawyer Lisa Page, reported as his paramour. WHY? Are the messages not clear? Strzok asserted that Trump should lose by millions of votes margin. In responding to Page's frantic hopes that Trump will not be elected Strzok assured her no, no, no that they must stop him. Then to me the clincher. He asserted they had an "Insurance policy against that happening!!" There has been much tossing and turning by biased media as to what that meant. STRZOK BECAME THE PROMOTER OF THE MUELLER SEARCH FOR RUSSIAN COLLUSION…


The DOJ is utterly corrupt. I've been studying their actions since, in 2016, there was a concerted effort to brainwash people with frequent, even continuous, reports by media declaring James Comey, Robert Mueller and even Barack Obama as paragons of virtue, free of scandals and generally quite angelic people. I sorted Comey out for what he was truly up to in May of 2016 and posted on this blog, May 24, 2016, "Hillary Clinton -- No Indictment." It is rather clear that Mr. Mueller is not the paragon of virtue either as he goes far and wide trying to find some evidence to bring President Trump down. I also find the IG's report unconvincing that there was no bias in dealing with Hillary Clinton. Bias screamed out in too many places. I will analyze this more completely when the House reviews are completed. It is clear, however, that the Democrats who have been a part of the questioning, both House and Senate, of the IG are obfuscating to the max. I'm watching the te…


Democrats are now trying to sell negative for Trump saying that Kim has "won" the summit because Trump has elevated him to a top world leader. This is nothing but an attempt to protect Barack Obama from criticism for the failure of his "strategic patience" strategy, that wasn't a strategy at all, in the event that the summit is successful, even in slight degree. How dishonest can they be?It is absolutely infuriating to listen to the ridiculous characterizations of the Trump/Kim summit by the utterly dishonest shills for the worst of the "Progressive" Democrats, especially in covering for arguably the worst president of our time, Barack Obama, who was/is not pro-America at all. Shill Mary Ann Marsh is now asserting that Kim is already the winner of the summit because he gets credibility by Trump elevating him to top leader status by meeting with him. For God's sake!!! How low can they go? This is a not-even-slightly-veiled defense of Obama by attem…


PROTECTING STUDENTS FROM SHOOTINGS                                                    First Three Steps                     By Alexandra (Alex) Woloszyn, student

In the past year, the issue of gun control and gun violence has plagued the nation, most commonly, in the form of school shootings. On February 14th, 2018, a 19-year-old shooter killed 17 people and wounded 17 more. Most recently, May 18th, Santa Fe High School experienced the same tragic event. Since the 2017-18 school year has started, 23 shootings have taken place. One would think after three instances that federal action would take action. The shooting at Parkland should have been the deciding factor. It seems that the government is taking time that we do not have on the issue of gun violence in America. Perhaps it is because they do not know where to start. However, not knowing where to start is not a reason to continue to not do anything. Here are three logical steps to start protecting students.
Step one: Fix the simplest…


By Michael Wilson
Mr. Wilson offers some very interesting, even intriguing, analytically-derived thoughts about  what Kim Jong Un's sister may have witnessed in South Korea and how she may have influenced Kim as she reported her observations upon her return to N. Korea after the Winter Olympics. Mr. Wilson is a person who has exceptional analytical thinking ability as well as compelling capability to express results of his analyses. He is a veteran, one who sustained life-threatening injuries, of the Vietnam War. His knowledge base is broad and his understanding of national and world affairs is profound. He permits me to post some of his work and this one is, in my opinion, not only interesting but compelling to ponder.  Michael Wilson's thoughts:
Has anyone else considered the possibility that when Kim Jong-un's sister, Kim Jo-long, came back from her visit to South Korea during the recent Winter Olympics, the conversation went something like this?

"Bro Beloved Leader,…