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PRESIDENT TRUMP: I SUPPORT YOU BECAUSE OF THE NEED TO STOP 8 DECADES OF "PROGRESSIVE" CULTURAL REVOLUTION. You are doing that. I do not support your every action reflexively as do the "progressive" acolytes support their leaders. NOW, your abandoning the KURDS in N. Syria is of great concern. The Kurds are the most reliable people in that miserable part of the world. They helped destroy the ISIS caliphate. They are opponents of Erdogan, arguably the worst leader Turkey has had in decades and he's trying to undo all that Kemel Mustafa Ataturk did to modernize, secularize, Turkey in 1923! BTW, there are at least 12 million Kurds in Turkey majority of whom oppose Erdogan's efforts. Reconsider now, sir.


The chaos we're new experiencing in the form of atempts to remove President Trump from office has far more significant root cause than just angst at Trump personally. As I've discussed in the past, the "Progressive" cultural revolution of 7-8 decades is being disrupted -- and must be, the reason I supported Trump. "Progressive" initiatives have destroyed many traditional American institutions, the crowning one being regard for life with abortion-on-demand, now infanticide, next will be even worse. DEVOLUTION!!! This post will surely cost some "friendships" and perhaps elicit a threat or two. However, since college days I have studied the cultural revolution now 7-8 decades long and the effects, some ravaging, on every American institution as "Progressives" have sought transformation of the nation, unfortunately to a lesser one than the nation that has been a model for the world. Our nation is all but "broken" now. President Tru…