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I have long contended that the United States will have conflicts over water in time. That time may be getting closer than some want to think. Areas of the country that have insufficient surface water to impound have long relied upon ground water aquifers, some of which aren't fully replenishing under the stress of increasing demand. Investors have bought millions of acres of water rights betting on the impending under-supply to increase in value -- and they are undoubtedly right. Canada has water, some northern states here have water but many southwestern regions have grossly inadequate water. Mexico lacks water and looks north as we impound water that would find its way there. The problems of inadequate water need to be addressed analytically, objectively and intelligently, Strategies must be developed to mitigate the problems. 
My area of James City County, Virginia, is totally dependent on ground water, the largest municipality in Virginia to be so. The issue has never been d…