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EDITORS NOTE: In this piece, Michael Wilson captures the McCarthy-like nature of the relentless attacks on President Trump. The two-year long investigation started with nothing less than an attempt to effect a coup de etat. Memos within the FBI attest to such -- those between Peter Strzok and Lisa  Page are but two. The most scurrilous of Democrats, and that includes most, if not all, of the leadership, are hellbent to bring Trump and his administration down. AND THE REASON IS CLEAR! For eight decades, since Wilsonian "Progressives" took over the honorable classical Liberal Democrats in the '50's, so-called "Progressives" have been marching as a herd to perdition, aka destruction of traditional America. They call it transformation! Barack Obama was their patron Saint and did much for the herd, much damage to America. Hillary Clinton was to follow and continue the relentless transformation to a lesser nation, ultimately to one not of 1st world status seems ap…


Finally, after two years and $25 to $40 million, depending on whose numbers you believe, there may be some focus on the real perpetrators of crime, all known since early 2016 but protected by the relentless charges against Trump and associates. But, none have been found with which to charge Trump. Recent testimony by FBI operatives may be identifying truth. Who's guilty?

Months ago I questioned "what will happen when the Mueller investigation learns that the real crimes were perpetrated by the DOJ, Clintons and other Democrats, not Trump. How will truth be focused on? Who will reveal truth? How will the true crimes be dealt with? Will the true perpetrators be indicted and who will indict and prosecute? In May 2016 I posted on my blog the observations that Clinton, while clearly guilty of wrongdoing would not be held accountable. The rather incessant assertions in the media that Obama had no scandals, DOJ was pure even as they proclaimed that top guys, Mueller, Comey et al were…


This is a response to a Facebook discussion of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's contribution to Democrats. Many try to compare her to traditional Democrats. She is not such. "Progressives" are using her to attract those like her to populate their party so as to recover their momentum and their march to perdition -- transformation of America to a lesser nation with parity to others, even 3rd world.

Folks, I'll suggest that we put aside the metrics by which we've analyzed and equated politicians to for our lifetimes. Gone are the times when political debate was about how honorable people had different philosophies as to how to do best for the largest number of people. The 8-decades long "Progressive" revolution has been all about dictating lifestyle, aka societal change, controlling administrative bureaucracies, and abrogation of all mores that defined America and Americans. Their model of anti-Americanism is established by a few and sold to the masses by the pr…


Commentary: One Hundred Years of Teaching Children Lies About America
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This article speaks volumes about what I call "8 decades of cultural revolution" with focus on our education system. Efforts include revision of history, teaching anti-American bias, and generally radical "Progressive" indoctrination far removed from traditional Liberal Democrat beliefs that I, and a majority, were taught at home and in schools. Anyone who doubts this is delusional, or a member of the herd marching us to perdition. Also, anyone who believes that the thrust now underway to destroy the Trump administration are not a frantic effort to avoid the halting of their radical march to transform the nation are either a part of the effort or don't care or just ignorant of what is happening.


NEWS ALERT : WALL STREET JOURNAL: House Panel Requests Documents From Associates of Trump. The House Judiciary Committee requested documents from more than 80 associates of President Trump, including former White House staff, Trump Organization executives and inaugural-committee officials, as it opens wide-ranging investigations into alleged obstruction of justice, corruption and abuse of power. GOVERNING IS NOT PRIORITY FOR THESE CORRUPT "PROGRESSIVE" DEMOCRATS DOING ALL POSSIBLE TO DESTROY THE AMERICA THAT THEIR PREDECESSORS, HONORABLE CLASSICAL LIBERAL DEMOCRATS, HELPED TO BUILD, A MODEL FOR THE WORLD NOW BEING TRANSFORMED AS SOCIALIST SANDERS IS ARTICULATING. THE WORST CONTROLLING THE BEST.


Even after $25-40 million spent by Special Counsel Mueller to find a crime for which to charge the chosen criminal, President Trump, the worst in Congress will continue "investigating" and composing charges against the president. Why? Trump's election, as many of us hoped and prayed for in 2016, interrupted the "Progressive's" 8-decade long cultural revolution to transform America to a lesser state. To doubt this is to be delusional. Nadler of NY and Warner of Virginia are most recently in the news assuring that "there is an enormous amount of evidence" against Trump. Undoubtedly, the current congress is most corrupt and misguided ever.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report is not yet in but the worst in congress appear to expect it won't bring President Trump down. So, the most scurrilous of them will continue "investigating" until they "compose," aka manufacture, a case for impeachment of for pushing Trump to resign.…