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That traditional American values are being assaulted in many ways today cannot be legitimately doubted or debated. As readers know, protection of these traditional values is a focus of mine in much of what I write. I am pleased to post this piece by Mr. Michael Wilson who knows about traditional America and her values. He nearly lost his life in combat protecting the rights of all Americans as well as others. He is a man of many talents, many accomplishments, a "thinking person" as I often speak of since many are not so, erudite and more. I am pleased to post this piece with Mr. Wilson's approval. Assault On Traditional American Values By Michael WilsonI have observed American society and politics for more than sixty years. During that time I have seen almost every group, of almost all philosophical and political persuasion, allowed to express itself freely. Some, such as Neo-Nazis, communists, militant anti-war types, militant pro-war types, pro-civil rights or white or…

OBAMA -- A President In Denial

This post gives perspective on President Obama's actions and decisions from a person who served in government under eight (8) presidents. I am in agreement with Mr. Nervitt on all issues on which he focuses and there are more. We have identified at least 18 egregious actions of this president, some of which are impeachable offenses, although, up to now, I have discouraged promoting impeachment simply because it would fail given the current US Senate. The chaos that this Obama-led administration has created, whether by design or incompetence, is destroying traditional America. The ACA is but one example. More in another post. JAM, owner/ed 

A President in Denial By Ronald A. Nervitt
The country needs to be concerned about the health of our president. Observing his rhetoric and actions over the past five years, there is something "pathic" going on. It is left to medical professionals to determine what that might be and the extent of any malady that may be afflicting him.
To t…


I have often spoken the same thoughts as Michael Wilson writes here to many people in several venues. However, Michael speaks more eloquently than I and with credibility of being a veteran who nearly sacrificed his life in service to our country. I salute Michael and others like him not just on this special Day For Veterans but everyday.... jam

Michael Wilson As a disabled vet myself, who has seen many of his friends die in combat, I am offering these thoughts on Veterans Day.

We are getting into too many unnecessary wars and other lesser combat actions. It is past time to stop trying to be the world's police force, and to stop trying to impose our form of western democracy on people who don't want it. If, for instance, the people of Afghanistan really want freedom from religious oppression, they must first fight for it themselves, and then ask us for limited help implementing it.

It is time to bring our combat troops home from such places as Korea, Iraq, and Afghanistan.…


Unemployment -- true data vs. BLS reports

While the reported data for unemployment remains about 7.3%, this is a totally fictitious number. Although the reported rate is higher than historical percent unemployed, it is quite lower than the real data. The number remains as it is only because more and more people leave the workforce, do not seek employment, and are not counted as unemployed. The number of people participating in the labor force dropped, and continues to do so, to 62.8%, the lowest since 1978. True unemployment is closer to twice the 7.3% reported. What must be revealed and reported is, "how many of those dropping out are now on government assistance that discourages them from seeking employment?" Anecdotes of such cases continue to increase. I have written and spoken often about the Obama administration's policies being so antithetical to job creation. It's undeniable. We need to have true numbers now to inform us of how much dependency on government as…


I will write more later to explain this, but in the meantime, please visit my blog post on October 3rd to learn the origin of this presentation to the JCC VA board on Oct. 8, 2013.  Thank you.  
To: JAMES CITY COUNTY, VA Board of Supervisors October 8, 2013
Chairman McGlennon, board members, staff, ladies and gentlemen in attendance. I am Joe Mann, 148 The Green. Robert's B District.
I rise to express concerns about some decisions of this board and the incivility toward citizens who earnestly present their concerns to you in open session. I will add a few points to the op-ed The VA Gazette published for me a week ago. I assert with sincerity that it's not at all pleasing for me to come before you with such criticisms. We are still a rather small community.....we're not like strangers talking behind shields of anonymity.
Your changing law in session on September 27 to deny the rights of a group to build a church in Grove was just wrong.
Your purchasing control of rural land fo…


Editor's Note -- JAM President Obama is CEO of the USA and is Commander-in Chief of our vaunted military. As CEO, he's responsible for everything that goes on under his management and his command. So, the families of 4 of our fallen heroes in Afghanistan were told they could not get benefits for their deceased loved ones and their bodies might not be flown home. No money. At the same time, he approves $400 million+ for left-leaning NPR who gives him softball interviews and endorses him.....but he "knows nothing" about funds being denied families of fallen soldiers. So, what's worse, a president so irresponsibe as he or 50% of voters who ignore his faults and support him? Clue: Had he not been elected and reelected, we wouldn't have the problem...... and many more.
The American Shame: By Dr. Robert Warren, PhD October 8, 2013
It has been over a year since I last visited the WW-II Memorial on the DC Mall. To me, it is a reminder of the great sacrifices Americans h…


The problem of out of control governance in this article is being played out in all of America. My observation is that the cause for this in my own Virginia County of James City ranges from ineptitude to deliberate initiatives tocreate a "new order" according to UN Agenda 21. The disrespect shown to citizens by James City County Board of Supervisorsis unacceptable. Local governments across America are aligned with ICLEI (explained below). Every citizen should learn about Agenda 21, all information, not just the seemingly innocuous information most easily obtained. There's virtually nothing from the media. Anything that's written masquerades as "sustainable development."
My article below published in The Virginia Gazette September 30, 2013, is receiving much attention. Not all actions are apart of Agenda 21.  But, any small part is too much.
The Virginia Gazette is a unit of the Daily Press Media Group of The Chicago Tribune.
September 30, 2013

James City Coun…


Whatever one thinks of the ACA (aka Obamacare), the fact is it is the most extreme example of the incorrect way to solve problems that one skilled in correct analytical problem-solving methodology knows. But, it's the way congress and the president operate. Ineptitude reigns supreme!

As I listened to President Obama's speech on the "shutdown" and his commentary about the ACA, with his shills behind him and a few examples of the greatness of the ACA, I had to post this note that came to me from a very reliable friend yesterday.I normally give specifics and references but cannot here because of a wish for anonymity. It is reliable. Accept it if you want some reliable counter toObama's hype and deception or reject it if you prefer to be a sycophant for him. Obama is a master at using the technique used in all situations like today's. He can't be matched in playing to his base, including those who don't seek information and just accept his words. His conde…


On the ACA Misnamed "Obamacare," when he was only the salesman for it...and a very bad one at that. A friend in our "policy network' asked us to call our senators and Harry Reid. Well our senators happen to be Timmy Kaine, who was a community organizer in Nicarauga while Obama was same in Chicago -- joined at the heart. The other is Mark Warner who masquerades as a centrist but has been a sure vote for Harry Reid, which I told him he'd be when he came to Carol and Me for an endorsement -- refused, of course. My response to the current ACA debacle"

We can call Senators and others, but my reasoning is that nothing will help bring sense to this issue. The D's will force a shutdown if only for hours just to blame Republicans......all for 2014. I remember a discussion over breakfast with my publisher friend when we agreed the ACA would be a "forever mistake" as I was writing about at the time. Already it was shaping up to be a huge boondoggle, and …


Look to the Syrian debacle for an answer.

Who among us remembers the scandals that dominated much of the news and was the major subject for discussion by pundits for many weeks? Murders in Benghazi, an act of war, the IRS's abuse of office/power, the monitoring of AP reporters internal correspondence, the targeting of James Rosen, Fox News reporter, the improper taking of the 5th amendment by Lois Lerner, IRS senior officer....and oh yes, fast and furious gun running and more are of no interest.

I almost forgot, President Obama declared these to be "phony scandals,"  so they must be so..

Or, has the president's focus on Syria coincidentally taken the heat off the scandals? Perhaps coincidentally and serendipitously are synonymous. Or, even deliberate may be the same. Just thinking on paper.

More on Syria later today. The most mismanaged affair I've ever witnessed from a CEO, aka president.


OBAMA -- AN INCOMPETENT MANAGERThis week I've seen the most egregious example of management incompetence that I've witnessed in a lifetime of managing and consulting others to do the same. President Obama declared he'd attack Syria without consent of congress.  He then sent Sec. of State, Kerry, out Friday last to tell America and the world that he (Obama) had taken the decision to strike on Syria....going it alone. He went to play a round of golf. Then Obama "took a 45-minute walk around the WH grounds with his chief of staff" and decided he'd reverse course and consult congress after all.Obama consulted no others, not even his security council, and didn't even tell Kerry whom he had put on the post for all to hear and see.... to mislead Americans and the world. Crisis management??? The worst!I first published the article below on May 27, 2013. It fits so perfectly with the issues at hand today that I am presenting it again. 



I've experienced many seemingly insurmountable situations in my life -- disappointment, frustration, personal fear, fear for my loved ones, some level of despair and more as all people have. But, this morning I have the most hopeless feeling of utter despair that I have ever had. I've always been able to see a probable solution to the problems. Not now! On Syria! As I've watched another bit of utterly empty commentary from president Obama, a dismal performance from Congresswoman Pelosi, Congressman John Boehner's fecklessness in capitulating to Obama, and remembering that I've never heard meaningful or inspirational commentary from Sen. Harry Reid -- THE HARSH REALITY STRUCK ME. THESE PEOPLE ARE "LEADING" OUR NATION. THE EPITOME OF INEPTITUDE. And, Americans continue to lean toward the most ineffective leader of my lifetime. It's a huge problem. Can there be a solution when people …

SYRIA -- Whatever we do will be wrong -- editor's note on Hizbollah's S. Am. base

NightWatch For the night of 27 August 2013
Mann to Man editor's note:
Whatever we do in Syria is likely to be wrong with long term adverse consequences. Hizbollah has a base in the "Triple Frontier of South America. Their stated intent is to "get to America if something happens to Iran." I learned this on 9/11/2001 while stranded in Latin America. It had not been reported at that time. A DOD friend and I submitted a report to pertinent agencies. Got no response. The presence of the base was not reported publicly until May 2007. Since then there are thousands of references and Hizbollah has been reported in Mexico. I am sure by this time they are in the USA. I also learned from Latin American associates that Middle Easterners come into Mexico where groups groom them, teach them Spanish, get them Visas and assist them to cross the border unchecked. For some inexplicable reason, some Liberal-leaning people objected to my reporting this in an article I published and even…


On July 3, 2013, I wrote on this blog my opinions as to how Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton and Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, James Clapper either misjudged the “Arab Spring” or had an agenda to support a Muslim Brotherhood controlled Islamic theocracy akin to what Jimmy Carter aided and abetted in Iran with Ayatollah Khomeni in 1979. James Clapper went so far as to claim that the Muslim Brotherhood is secular. This, alone, indicates either an attempt to mislead Americans (those who care!) or his abject ignorance. Given his other actions and statements, I'll assume it was out of ignorance. I'll further assume willful ignorance. Totally unacceptable!
Does anyone know, with clarity, what the Obama administration's policy is toward Egypt ….. in fact, the whole Mid-East? Do they have one? Where's Obama? Vacationing? Speaking to acolytes somewhere?
According to The Wall Street Journal today…


Across America there are efforts by local governments to control rural lands and the people who live there. As is too often the case, those responsible for the initiatives have no clue as to what rural life is all about. Of course, that's typical of too many of those elected or appointed to "lead" today. Start by looking at the presidency. But, back to rural control. The initiative is cloaked in innocence and I am sure that some working on the initiative are not totally aware of the ultimate goal. I would also assume that initiatives in some regions are more innocent than others. But, ultimately this is all a part of United Nations Agenda 21, the goal of which is fundamentally to "urbanize" rural. Before you discount this, study Agenda 21 and ICLEI a bit. The post below was published in The Virginia Gazette, a unit of The Daily Press Media Group, a Tribune company. More will follow.
JAMES CITY COUNTY'S “Understanding Rural” is a euphemism for “Co…


Every week in Saturday's edition of The Daily Press, a Tribune paper, the editor presents a question to which a group of people are asked to respond. I'm honored to be a part of the group. Below is last Saturday's question and my response. A majority of respondents indicated a preference for a single-payer government controlled healthcare system. I surely do not, especially after traveling the world and knowing how people in government-controlled systems are treated vs our system. Simple routine care seems to be done okay, but patients needing serious and intense care face hurdles in waiting time, availability of doctors, shortages of equipment and more. At certain ages, some with life-threatening illnesses get no treatment. I would be one of these latter people in such "universal healthcare" systems. I am a lung transplant recipient and over 55, the cutoff age in such systems.
In any event, the "ACA," as it is inappropriately called is not the answer…



Literally, as I wrote the post, "EGYPT IS NO DEMOCRACY," the military was taking over the government of Egypt. Morsi is refusing to submit to his ouster. Questions are: 1. How long will he hold out? 2. Will there be blood spilled after the "bloodless coup?" 3. When Morsi is fnanlly out, who will be at head of government? 4. Will the theocracy prevail even in Morsi's absence? 5. What will be the effect on rest of the world?


03 July 2013
EGYPT' IS NO DEMOCRACY– The Arab Spring fallacies
The following is a response to a question about the current demonstrations in Egypt and how the “democracy” will be affected. There is no democracy in Egypt.
Democracy as we define it hardly fits the situation in that part of the world (I'll go ahead and say it and be criticized....the world of Islam). The time to have dealt with what would predictably be chaos and theocratic control was during the improperly characterized "Arab Spring." Hillary Clinton and others, such as the hapless James Clapper praised the Muslim Brotherhood as being "Democratic." Clapper even called the Muslim Brotherhood "secular."
At that time I wrote in the blog a rebuttal predicting that the MB would prevail and Egypt would fall under theocratic control. The question is, "Were Clinton, Clapper and others so ignorant as to believe what they preached or did they and President Obama have a different agenda unde…