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As I watch NBC's "Run-Up To The Superbowl" and Matt Lauer's interview of "President" Obama, I'm reminded that at $3.5 million/30 seconds NBC just gave Obama $30-35 million of advertising FREE.  I am also thoughtful about those who forcefully claim to me that "there is no bias in the media."  One such person, who claims to be Independent but who, in fact, leans far left, says he gets his news from NBC, which includes MSNBC, of course. It's not bias when the bias comports with one's own, and with the news media, especially NBC and MSNBC, bias is always far left.

But, I suppose I must remember what the great, "unbiased" Bill Maher asserted. The "Progressives have moved to the center and conservatives have gone  __________ ." Fill in the blank with whatever disparaging, denegrating, negative term that could be uttered by Maher. Frankly, for Maher to be a spokesman for the Democrats, the party of most of my family as I g…


I have asked my military friends, whose wisdom in affairs military I trust more than my own, "What can be the rationale for the Defense Secretary making such a declaration as "Israel will attack Iran in a few months?" They agree with my opinion that it is unwise and worse.

Then comes the pronouncement that "Iran is likely to attack the USA [ in some way]." This is equally unwise, foolish and more. Inexplicable? Maybe, maybe not!

It was speculated some time ago that President Obama might attack Iran as a political October surprise. Of course, this didn't make the news and I do not remember the source. Could find it but don't think it's necessary because I believe sincerely that it would be within his capability if it was deemed to show strength and win a portion of voters he can't reach now --- knowing his left base, likely ones to object the most, will not abandon him. He could also see it as icing down the Jewish vote, some of which he is repo…


Most often it is pointless, and even arrogant as some will be compelled to characterize this statement,  to say "I told you so. But, the violence in Egypt andtheir elections make it pertinent....even necessary to draw focus on truth.

While the US State Departmentand Obama were touting the great opportunity for "Democracy" inEgypt and Gen. Klapper, DIA Head, was ignorantly (that word again!! because that's what it is) declaring the Muslim Brotherhood to be "SECULAR,"I speculated, even in this blog, that the MB would end up controlling Egypt and the government would become a theocracy, a la Iran. It will happen.

Click here: Judith Miller: 'Very Grim' Future Faces Middle East Christians
Please access the link above to understand what is already happening to Christians in Egypt. How misguided can this administration be??

All of the mid-East will become theocracies...a la Iran.

Iraq is next, most likely under Moqtada Al Sadr. My Muslim friends will be angr…