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I find it absolutely incredible that the serious, even critical, immigration reform issue takes on DACA as a major focus. There are 700K, 800K, 1.8 million, how many??. But, Congress holds up critical budgeting by making DACA a controlling issue, with Nancy Pelosi in the House and Chuck Schumer "leading" the idiocy. DACA even controls budget process now.

We don't know how many DACA members there are, or for that matter, how many total aliens are in the country. In 2007, when I developed a sensible Immigration reform proposal, "Immigration and Terrorism -- Beyond Walls," and gave to Pres. Bush, most accepted data noted 11 million total aliens, but some suggested up to 20 million. Today, the number here is still reported as 11 million!! Anyone believe that? The most reliable number was 6 million here on expired visas, many of those gotten in Mexico where Arabs pay huge sums to money to Mexican groups to "Mexicanize" them, teach them Spanish and get them …