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Monday, September 26, 2011


Finally, it is being reported that Solyndra had a an auditor's negative "going concern" at least two weeks before Obama made his speech at the company headquarters. Still nobody is focusing on all of those who should be investigated. Why weren't reporters seeking this information day one??
Megan Kelly on Fox News just asked a financial consultant, who blew the whistle on "going concern" if he was and "anti-Obama person." How incredibly stupid and leading can a question be? Misleading! And, she is normally one of the better ones. Dumb today.
It is still likely that this issue will just go away and the "green folly" will go on,


Blogger Randy McC said...

The Administration is reacting Joe. Reactive instead of Proactive. There has already been fallout from the Solyndra affair where another one of these super-green projects has been rejected. It could only happen if the process has been exposed to the light of day. I personally don't think this will go away.

I think the Administration, aka White House, will continue to fumble and dance around the issue until it is obvious to nearly everyone there is something or someone hiding in the woodpile.

I am continually astounded by the blatant bias shown by the MSM. While Megan Kelly may not be actually "dumb" in the classic definition, there is no doubt that the (mis)leading questions the MSM collectively ask is, "in your face", liberal bias.

26 September, 2011  
Blogger Randy McC said...

At least two of my comments are missing from the blog contents as of this time. One was about the 67% of a certain group participating in funding the Obama campaign and the other was about Europe and the troubles in the streets of England.

That's disappointing. I was pleased to participate in the blog Joe. Maybe some other time in a more secure environment.

26 September, 2011  
Blogger Randy McC said...

Oh, there's more. At least five comments are missing. Deleted without a trace. Google's censorious administrators have been busy.

Political dialogue censorship is the most evil thing I can ever imagine. There are most assuredly fingers in this affair that reach to the very highest echelons of our despicable current administration.

So much for doing no harm, eh Google?

27 September, 2011  

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