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I'm reposting this blogpost for those who may be inclined to believe the nonsense coming from the likes of one Congressional Representative of the hard left, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, now becoming a spokesperson for the "Progresssives." Continued devolution. Sad.


March 05, 2017 
97% “consensus” on global warming is derived from prejudice, not from data and not by the "Scientific Method." This article was run March 4, 2016 in The Daily Press, a Tribune Paper. I'm posting here to reach readers beyond our local, Virginia Peninsula, area, especially for worldwide readers. On Monday morning, February 27, 2017, The Daily Press published a letter by a citizen, in which he used the fallacious 97% “consensus” on global warming to deride the newly approved EPA Director, Scott Pruitt. He also took a swipe at new Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos for speaking quite a bit of truth about misinformation now instilled in students in our colleges …


The Commonwealth of Virginia, with huge sums of money from the likes of George Soros and Michael Bloomberg invested in left-wing Democrats, went Democrat in both chambers of the General Assembly. The top three officials are hard leftists, from Ralph Northam, who supported infanticide and gun control, to Lt. Gov. Fairfax to AG Mark Herring, both rabid leftists and the promise a legislative agenda that will mimic California. Governor Northam, not one who shows much intelligence or integrity, promises to make gun control a major issue. At least 70 counties and cities across Virginia have declared opposition to what is anticipated as extreme gun control and have, consequently, adopted resolutions opposing the initiatives. Commonly called "Gun Sanctuaries" it has become a major issue. This post is by the erudite Michael Wilson and I am pleased to post it. Gun Sanctuaries, a Virginia Initiative to Counter Democrat Extremists By Michael Wilson After exposure to more political jeremia…


Trump's impeachment is the "Progressive" Democrats' attempt to defeat him in 2020 to avoid permanent loss of their cultural revolution to transform America from 1st to 3rd world. This was Obama's charter and he did much to effect it. Election of Trump president in 2016 gives Americans one chance to stop the "Progressives" march to perdition, destruction of traditional America. Out of 1st world status into lesser status, 3rd world -- Obama's stated goal, "change America then change the world." He remains active in trying to do just that. IMPEACHMENT: After declaring Donald Trump a criminal and beginning to look for the crime, even before the election of 2016, and spending 10s of millions of dollars and the majority of congress' time for nearly three years, the rabid "Progressive" Democrat American transformation advocates have contrived to form two (2) articles of impeachment: 1) Obstruction of Congress and 2) Abuse of power, …


I proudly publish this thoughtful inspirational consideration of impeachment of President Trump for a thinking individual and one I'm honored to call a friend. He's a hero as well as one who has dedicated his life to service to our country and to an exemplary family. I'd hope all who read this will, in whatever way you can, evenly silently, salute Chris Emanus, US Army, for his service, his wisdom and character as demonstrated by his thoughts here.

By Chris Emanus, CW5 US Army
History is filled with the tales of those that have taken stand against tyranny and corruption. They hold a place of honor within our collective consciousness serving as inspirations during times of strife. We celebrate their names, some we elevate to Sainthood. They endure persecution, vilification and, in many instances, death at the hands of their accusers. As ashes smolder, the wicked rejoice in victory ….. only to be judged or forgotten. The impeachment of Donald J. Trump may well result in the un…