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That traditional American values are being assaulted in many ways today cannot be legitimately doubted or debated. As readers know, protection of these traditional values is a focus of mine in much of what I write. I am pleased to post this piece by Mr. Michael Wilson who knows about traditional America and her values. He nearly lost his life in combat protecting the rights of all Americans as well as others. He is a man of many talents, many accomplishments, a "thinking person" as I often speak of since many are not so, erudite and more. I am pleased to post this piece with Mr. Wilson's approval. Assault On Traditional American Values By Michael WilsonI have observed American society and politics for more than sixty years. During that time I have seen almost every group, of almost all philosophical and political persuasion, allowed to express itself freely. Some, such as Neo-Nazis, communists, militant anti-war types, militant pro-war types, pro-civil rights or white or…

OBAMA -- A President In Denial

This post gives perspective on President Obama's actions and decisions from a person who served in government under eight (8) presidents. I am in agreement with Mr. Nervitt on all issues on which he focuses and there are more. We have identified at least 18 egregious actions of this president, some of which are impeachable offenses, although, up to now, I have discouraged promoting impeachment simply because it would fail given the current US Senate. The chaos that this Obama-led administration has created, whether by design or incompetence, is destroying traditional America. The ACA is but one example. More in another post. JAM, owner/ed 

A President in Denial By Ronald A. Nervitt
The country needs to be concerned about the health of our president. Observing his rhetoric and actions over the past five years, there is something "pathic" going on. It is left to medical professionals to determine what that might be and the extent of any malady that may be afflicting him.
To t…