Monday, September 26, 2011


As Solyndra's executives take the 5th and essentially transform a congressional hearing into a trial-like event, what immunizes Obama, as the chief promoter of stimulus funds to such projects, from being questioned? Surely, his advisers, VP Biden,  and DOE staff who made the decisions to grant $0.5 Billion to a failing company should be questioned.
Clearly, the Obama people did not make a decision based on sound financials. Political? Sure! Deny it if you like, but it is foolish to do so.
Also, it is ludicrous to make the argument that it all started under Bush. Is there no integrity in this administration or its acolytes? Available information says Bush administration officials recommended against granting the funds. What's new? Dishonesty abounds. It's also nothing less than repulsive to blame China, an obvious play on the weak-minded people who don't think for themselves or those who won't get real information from which to make decisions. Oh, but this is a major voter bloc for Obama.
What this crowd, and the precursor progressives from the '60s, has done for the once proud and honest Democrats of yesteryear is disgraceful. But, what is even more disgraceful is that so many people who could be expected to think and do better simply buy in because of loyalty to the "D."
Sure you can play tit-for-tat with "R,s" but it won't be productive toward solving any problem.

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  1. The "Bully Pulpit" is a powerful force for evil these days. Most Presidents are fully aware of their power to influence national and international affairs. Some would use it for good. Others would use it for evil. Some have even used it for personal benefit. Nearly all have tried to use it for the good of the country. Until the present time, no President has used it for subversion and sedition. There are many, many citizens in this Great Country of ours who are watching with dismay as this tawdry affair unfolds. Even with the bias and with-holding of information that goes on wholesale in the MSM/LSM (lame stream media), there are still voices like ours, and those like us, who are keeping this front and center in the public eye.

    We will not let this be buried and forgotten.