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But, all Obama DOJ holdovers must be fired.

President Trump made a long delayed and correct decision in removing Donald Brennan's security clearance! I have long characterized Brennan as the most dishonest person in government, as well as one of the most inept. More recently, since the misguided support of the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, I have characterized James Clapper as the dumbest one in government competing with Brennan for both dumbest and most dishonest. Trump made both a strategic and an operational mistake in not firing all top officials in the Obama DOJ when he took office. They are corrupt, not a supporter of Trump and not professional enough to work for a president who is not of their political persuasion. Yes, that is to say they are political and have become totally so in the Obama years. I don' know who the hell Trump thought his "swamp" creatures were/are. Why must we bear the pain and national trauma ridding ourselves of these creatures one…


We are in a disgusting and disturbing time with respect to our national condition. "Progressive" Democrats, including top leaders, are proving that many of them are the worst among us as they are utterly despicable and without integrity or honor, especially in Senate confirmations.Judge Cavanaugh is the latest.Also, Robert Mueller is seeking the lowest ethical depth, even for rogue prosecutors, in searching for some reason, any reason, even if contrived, to bring President Trump down, clearly to cash in on the Peter Strzok "insurance policy against Trump being president." This is more than disturbing, it's subversive!! What's next as the "Progressives" try to counter the interruption of their 8-decades long "countercultural revolution" to reform the nation and undo the founder's vision of what America was to be and has been, a model for the world.


I've long opined that the first amendment is the most abused amendment. Nothing confirms this more than the harassing, often violent, behavior and activity of those who resent Donald Trump and will not accept his being elected president of the USA. Accomplishments for America and Americans mean nothing to them as hatred rules and drives them. Dr. Robert Warren gives a learned comparison of illegitimate harassment vs peaceable protest, the right given by the first amendment.

By Dr. Robert Warren PhD, engineer, scientist, forensic expert.

The first amendment to the Constitution guarantees, among other things, “the right (of the people) to peaceably assemble. Congress is specifically prevented from making any law abridging it. It appears, however, that “peaceably” has been removed from the first amendment, and assembly without peace seems to be increasingly acceptable in society. Peace has given way to harassment, and harassment has turned a privat…


After nearly two years and efforts expanded far beyond the original charge, the Mueller affair would appear to be more conspiracy than an honest investigagion.Those who know me well know that I am slow and cautious in yielding to conspiracy theories. However, we are now in an American Condition that compels one to consider conspiracies from the clearly corrupt "Progressives" since their grand strategy to take complete control of our nation has been interrupted. We are now marching on with 2nd year investigating anything and everything to derail a duly elected president. My wife and I discussed this morning that this whole debacle actually began with malfeasance, crimes in fact, by Democrats to do dirt on Trump with the infamous dossier and was quickly shifted to investigation of Trump/Russia collusion, then on to obstruction and then on to whomever Mueller and 16 rabid Democrats could indict with help from anyone they could get to defame and criminalize Trump. It is beyond s…


This post is based on a Facebook conversation and is in response to comparison of Trump and Obama. Obama always gets a pass for his many mistakes and Trump gets only condemnation from media and others who control the narratives. Trump was, for sure,  clumsy and unimpressive in the Helsinki press conference. We simply do not know what the agenda was in the private meeting. So, the biased, malignant media will delight in assuming the worst and report it as fact. These media are as fervent in casting negatively on Trump as they were, and still are, in fawning over Obama while ignoring all of his many failures. He can speak well while saying nothing, a talent that Trump doesn't have. Sadly, it is now an American Condition that we value a person's presence more that his or her substance. Frankly, Obama did more damage in foreign relations than most know. Huge mistakes in Egypt, Libya, Iran, N. Korea, Russia, Syria and more define him, but media and other sycophants and acolytes w…


Are we stuck forever with presidential candidates who are unaccomplished, against the founders' vision that high achievers would be president? Will all in the future candidates be Obama-like? Will the new young socialist congressional candidate in NY, Ocasio-Cortez, who seems to be devoid of knowledge, be the template for future presidential candidates? Oh, how far we are straying from the founders' vision, and we're worse off for it after Obama. Given the Democrats' condemnation of Trump and the search for something in his business background to disqualify him, will an accomplished person ever run for president again? So many inane babbling talking heads today are speculating, nay asserting, that Putin "has something on Trump," yet like charges of collusion they have only prejudicial thoughts from dishonest cluttered minds and hope that it's true. If not, the assertions will affect other like-minded fools and the herd increases in numbers. Never have w…


Having allowed a couple of days to pass since Trump's blunder at Helsinki, and I believe that it was a blunder of considerable magnitude, let us breathe in through our noses and out through our mouths. Let us end the ridiculous, and sadly predictable howls from President Trump's enemies and detractors in the Democrat Party, the "progressive" left, and their allies in the media, academia, and the vast array of braying asses that come out to exploit any perceived chink in his armor. This wholesale, blathering outrage at a populist president serves neither the nation, nor world peace, well. Hyperbolic and ridiculous accusations, and proposed courses of action that defy the tenets of the Constitution serve no useful purpose. Did Russia attempt to meddle in our election, as it has meddled in every aspect of American life it could since 1917? Of course it did! Should POTUS get in a pissing contest in front of the world with Putin? Another matter alt…


The dishonorable JOHN BRENNAN, whom I've long called the most dishonest person in government, the worst, just accused president of treason in meeting with Putin. Brennan and James Clapper now compete for dumbest in government, Clapper for insisting that the Muslim Brotherhood was/is secular during the Obama/Clinton disastrous debacle in Egypt. And he proves it every time he speaks. Now as dishonest as Brennan. Our government has too damn many of these types.


A report of FOX News reporter, Shannon Brean, having to leave a demonstration of opposition to President Trump's fearing the violence prompted this post. More will follow as the radical left politicians continue to show their disdain for the American constitution. And, their lack of intellectual integrity.

It's a sign that we're approaching the depths of devolution into supreme decadence when elected representatives of the American people show such disdain for, and refuse to govern by, the constitution that defines our American representative republic!! I've hope and  prayed that there are some old-time honorable classical liberal Democrats like the ones I grew up with six decades ago, but where are they?? When the right of choice to destroy 60 million human creations is the defining criterion for a Supreme Court Judge, we have devolved far from the vision of those who developed and defined the nation that was long a model for the world. The "Progressives" wi…


The congressional review of FBI's IG report on investigation of Clinton's e-mail scam has brought more than just Clinton's e-mail abuse of policy into focus. It is all but clear that the Mueller's so-called Russian collusion investigation was preconceived to undo the 2016 election that promised (still promises) to stop the 8-decades long revolution to transform America.  

So IG Horowitz is reviewing FBI's Peter Strzok's text messages to and from lawyer Lisa Page, reported as his paramour. WHY? Are the messages not clear? Strzok asserted that Trump should lose by millions of votes margin. In responding to Page's frantic hopes that Trump will not be elected Strzok assured her no, no, no that they must stop him. Then to me the clincher. He asserted they had an "Insurance policy against that happening!!" There has been much tossing and turning by biased media as to what that meant. STRZOK BECAME THE PROMOTER OF THE MUELLER SEARCH FOR RUSSIAN COLLUSION…


The DOJ is utterly corrupt. I've been studying their actions since, in 2016, there was a concerted effort to brainwash people with frequent, even continuous, reports by media declaring James Comey, Robert Mueller and even Barack Obama as paragons of virtue, free of scandals and generally quite angelic people. I sorted Comey out for what he was truly up to in May of 2016 and posted on this blog, May 24, 2016, "Hillary Clinton -- No Indictment." It is rather clear that Mr. Mueller is not the paragon of virtue either as he goes far and wide trying to find some evidence to bring President Trump down. I also find the IG's report unconvincing that there was no bias in dealing with Hillary Clinton. Bias screamed out in too many places. I will analyze this more completely when the House reviews are completed. It is clear, however, that the Democrats who have been a part of the questioning, both House and Senate, of the IG are obfuscating to the max. I'm watching the te…


Democrats are now trying to sell negative for Trump saying that Kim has "won" the summit because Trump has elevated him to a top world leader. This is nothing but an attempt to protect Barack Obama from criticism for the failure of his "strategic patience" strategy, that wasn't a strategy at all, in the event that the summit is successful, even in slight degree. How dishonest can they be?It is absolutely infuriating to listen to the ridiculous characterizations of the Trump/Kim summit by the utterly dishonest shills for the worst of the "Progressive" Democrats, especially in covering for arguably the worst president of our time, Barack Obama, who was/is not pro-America at all. Shill Mary Ann Marsh is now asserting that Kim is already the winner of the summit because he gets credibility by Trump elevating him to top leader status by meeting with him. For God's sake!!! How low can they go? This is a not-even-slightly-veiled defense of Obama by attem…


PROTECTING STUDENTS FROM SHOOTINGS                                                    First Three Steps                     By Alexandra (Alex) Woloszyn, student

In the past year, the issue of gun control and gun violence has plagued the nation, most commonly, in the form of school shootings. On February 14th, 2018, a 19-year-old shooter killed 17 people and wounded 17 more. Most recently, May 18th, Santa Fe High School experienced the same tragic event. Since the 2017-18 school year has started, 23 shootings have taken place. One would think after three instances that federal action would take action. The shooting at Parkland should have been the deciding factor. It seems that the government is taking time that we do not have on the issue of gun violence in America. Perhaps it is because they do not know where to start. However, not knowing where to start is not a reason to continue to not do anything. Here are three logical steps to start protecting students.
Step one: Fix the simplest…


By Michael Wilson
Mr. Wilson offers some very interesting, even intriguing, analytically-derived thoughts about  what Kim Jong Un's sister may have witnessed in South Korea and how she may have influenced Kim as she reported her observations upon her return to N. Korea after the Winter Olympics. Mr. Wilson is a person who has exceptional analytical thinking ability as well as compelling capability to express results of his analyses. He is a veteran, one who sustained life-threatening injuries, of the Vietnam War. His knowledge base is broad and his understanding of national and world affairs is profound. He permits me to post some of his work and this one is, in my opinion, not only interesting but compelling to ponder.  Michael Wilson's thoughts:
Has anyone else considered the possibility that when Kim Jong-un's sister, Kim Jo-long, came back from her visit to South Korea during the recent Winter Olympics, the conversation went something like this?

"Bro Beloved Leader,…


This article was published in the Virginia Gazette, a Tribune paper, on April 28, 2018. It focuses on root cause of school shootings. It was presented to draw attention to true cause, as opposed to an earlier op-ed that focused on demonstrations, especially by young people with focus on the NRA as the cause of the problem. So wrongheaded and biased! Determination of root cause is absolutely vital in any problem-solving action. Demonstrations, as presented by the opinion writer do not solve any problems! The writer did present an emotional, well-composed essay, but offered no solutions. Principle problem cause is mainstreaming mentally ill on psychotropic drugs. Let's take a look.
Seldom do we read an opinion piece in our papers as well composed as the April 21 article, “Out of the Pain, Hope Arises in Our Young People.” I read it once to understand the writer's introspection, her emotions, and thoughts. Her reaction to school shootings was enlightening, sensitive. A second rea…


After reading some commentary by Professor Alan Dershowitz regarding the legal attacks on those in President Trump's "circles," I wrote this. Why do I lament and opine the abrogation of the Rule of Law. It's nothing new that prosecutors, like Mueller, play people against each other but it's a more recent strategy that the legal system has been "weaponized" against those threatening to take control from the so-called "Progressive" cultural revolutionaries and stop their destruction of traditional America. They are doing all possible to bring down the Trump administration and have a constitutional crisis. I would hope that every thinking American would clear the bias and prejudices from their minds and understand that the American condition is critical. Is that what you want? Destruction of the great nation that most people, until a few decades ago, learned to respect and to love early in life? Why? What nations are you trying to emulate? Do you…


I don't like metaphors like "witch hunt" that Trump says Mueller is on. SIMPLY STATED, Mueller and his band of rabid Democrat lawyers, are on a mission to destroy Trump and his administration so as to permit the cultural war of 8 decades to continue the destruction of traditional America, abrogate the Rule of Law, the underpinning of our 1st world status, and march the USA into 3rd world status, parity with lesser nations.
J. A. Mann


Sadly, the DOJ has become arguably just another corrupt branch of government. Those who are charged with enforcing the Rule of Law are now ignoring, even abrogating it.

SO, who's lying?? Who's dissembling? Who's corrupt? Who's destroying the Rule Of Law? Answer: Everyone in the Obama era DOJ, the very people who are charged with enforcing the Rule Of Law, hence underpinning and protecting America's 1st World status. But, hold on. Eric Holder may run for president and fix all of this corruption. Perhaps he's learned the errors of his ways since he was the Attorney General who led the DOJ to be such a corrupt ill-directed branch of government. Clearly Jeff Sessions doesn't have the wherewithal to correct the problems. But, who can? Sadly, all of the perpetrators will benefit from the corruption. Comey is already assured to be very wealthy and will teach "Leadership Ethics" at the College of William and Mary, further denigrating the once-honorable, h…


The response to my post on the epoch election of 2016, an explanation of one major reason Hillary Clinton was defeated, that is the decades-long cultural decline of "Progressive" policies has been disappointing. It was published in the newspaper prior to posting here and many read it. I stand by the explanation of societal decline and hope more people will understand it as we approach another election. Thanks in advance for any critique you may choose to give, positives and negatives!

I'd hoped the blog post before this one, "Destroy Trump - Whe He Won," would have gotten more response than it's getting. I try to address the issue of societal decline, aka cultural decadence, that has been gnawing , for decades, at the values of the America I grew up in and was taught to love and respect from the earliest age. Of course, those who have been a part of the herd marching us to perdition, to a nation of their vision, view the condition as favorable. They absolut…


It's now quite evident that the Special Counsel has no limits on the range and depth of the so-called Trump-Russian "collusion." Robert Mueller has a cadre of the most rabid Democrat lawyers working to find the collusion they've preconceived must be there. Yet, after a year this team of hardened investigators have not found what they "know is there." So, they proceed into personal finances, personal actions and are totally out of control. Their goal is to indict Trump and bring down the epoch election that gives Americans an opportunity to stop 8 decades of "cultural revolution" to change the nation to one of their vision, not of the founders. This post offers some details.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller's year-long search for Russian-Trump “collusion” is, undeniably, an effort to bring President Trump down, to undo an election that didn't advance the decades-lon…


I wrote this in response to a FB post that said "kids are demonstrating because they fear being shot." Of course they are fearful, but most are not demonstrating without leadership of others who are using them as pawns. Gun violence has been handled horribly by legislators.

The students have reasons to be fearful, but do not deserve to be used as pawns for "Progressives'" motivations to ban guns. Congress people deserve much criticism for not dealing properly with the issue of gun violence and for  leaving the issue to radicals among us. Just one more issue with which they've ignored proper problem-solving methodology and punted the issue to "Progressives" who will push only their biased agenda. Can't blame them, except for their dishonesty, but the real issue is, when the root cause of the problem is ignored, the result is invariably creation of more problems. Also, "Progressives" epitomize the adage, "give and inch and they tak…


SCHOOL SAFETY DEMONSTRATIONS: As I watch clips of school children demonstrating for school safety, IT IS ABSOLUTELY CLEAR THAT THEY ARE ORGANIZED AND ORCHESTRATED BY THE "PROGRESSIVE" DEMOCRAT ANTI-GUN PEOPLE. It is beyond just sad, it's maddening, that this issue has come to such a state and is being taken over by such single-minded people. There is little doubt that Obama's OFA is in charge, 2800 demonstrations in 50 states and OFA is reported to have 280 offices in 50 states. History suggests that one more such action of these activists will result in one more legislative mistake, even disaster. There are already veiled threats to "organizations" (read NRA) who pay off politicians. Such misguided leadership ensures wrongheaded "solutions!!!" Legislators, get ahead of such issues or get out. Activists, get your heads on straight and look for real problem cause before you try to "solve" the wrong problem. You just create more, as you…


It's beyond just sad, it's maddening, that this issue has come to such a state and is being taken over by such single-minded people. There is little doubt that Obama's OFA is in charge, 2800 demonstrations in 50 states and OFA is reported to have 280 offices in 50 states. History suggests that one more such action of these activists will result in one more legislative mistake, even disaster. There are already veiled threats to "organizations" (read NRA) who pay off politicians. Such misguided leadership ensures wrongheaded "solutions!!!" Legislators, get ahead of such issues or get out. Activists, get your heads on straight and look for real problem cause before you try to "solve" the wrong problem. You just create more, as you&…