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The media, both broadcast and print, are beginning their predictable efforts to influence, even determine, who runs for president in 2016 -- and who is elected.

It has been clear for some time that the media will do all possible to help Hillary Clinton secure the Democrats' nomination for president in 2016. The CBS "60 Minutes" powder puff interview of President Obama and Ms. Clinton, an interview that was only a promotion of the two in reality, was proof enough of their intentions. They don't even need Dan Rather anymore.

Now, the absolutely ridiculous focus on Senator Marco Rubio's drinking water during his rebuttal to Obama's speech (can't believe this but it's all around!!!) indicates they will do whatever necessary to destroy Rubio. And, they will! Even Van Jones, former Obama aide, has stated publicly that "Rubio is dangerous for Democrats." The media ignored the fact that Rubio's 10-minute rebuttal had more substance that the p…


Every day I look for signs of our times -- America's national condition is critical. Yesterday, February 12, 2013, was a significant day. Indicators of decline ranged from the top of government to the low of societal human behavior. Do I like to note this, to write about it? No, but it's time to speak out and hopefully elicit some recognition in others who may, collectively, be able to reverse the significant decline in our great nation. At the same time, I've come to realize that more people than I've been willing to admit may want what is no doubt a decline in our culture. Some will ridicule this and some won't care. Here are my assessments of yesterday's indicators of devolution of society.
Top of the list is President Obama's “State of The Union” speech that wasn't – had almost nothing to do with the state of the nation. It was simply another campaign speech, which all of his addresses are, irrespecti…


Daily I receive much information including many links similar to the one above. Most I ignore. Some are inaccurate and some are meaningless in the larger sense of our national condition -- now  critical. But, some are meaningful and reflect truth about the declining national condition that many people disregard. At times, I think most do.

As I try to write a larger treatise, even a book, about the national condition and what has happened to our America in my lifetime, I look for any defining information irrespective of its form.

The link above is simple in form but quite profound in its meaning -- to a thinking person. First, to those who remain delusional about the media being fair and unbiased, it will show how wrong that opinion is and what information they get out. However, it's unlikely any opinions will change. Nearly all participants in the survey in the link knew of the negatives about Gov. Palin, but non…


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Click here: Obama Skeet Shooting Photo Released By White House (PHOTO) 

Doesn't look like any skeet range or shooting position that I've been on. I also haven't seen many smoke plumes coming from a 12 gauge in sunlight, and never one 90 degrees to the muzzle. This thing may have been photo shopped. 
If Obama is shooting skeet, the clay would be many feet up in the air. As Obama stands, he'd shoot the trap house or the guy launching the clay (although that is often done remotely today). Comments are welcome and sought. Thanks.

This from a friend who knows how it should be:

Pure hokum.I've only done it a few times as a young whipper-snapper, and I think I got 'em all.I qualified expert in the service.Had a keen eye as a young boy because my dad hunted squirrel and gator as a boy and had the nerve to buy me a bb gun with which I terrorized the neighborhood. The position is wrong. I recall these are clay targets weren't they....cannot shoot back…