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Thursday, September 8, 2011


Who among us can articulate the "jobs plan" step by step, point by point? I can't. I must characterize the event as a stage show, fairly well choreographed. Obama's speech was campaigning in his most blatant form. I would call it another well-delivered speech, a la 3 years ago in the first campaign. Yet, in typical Obama form, it shows no substance and no understanding of how to deal with the problem. Yes, I heard the assertions and heard the condescending demands and I saw the finger pointing and body language. But, it was absolutely not what any competent CEO would do or say without giving a specific outline of actions and projected benefits. Pure politics!
This was supposed to be a plan to "create jobs,"  which government cannot do. They can, however, do a lot of harm, which they have already done.
The focus is, as it has been, on small business. Normally this would be appropriate. BUT, THE OPERATIVE QUESTION FOR EVERYONE IS "HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE FOR EXISTING SMALL BUSINESS TO CREATE 14,000,000 JOBS TO GET TO NORMAL. HOW MANY NEW COMPANIES WILL BE FORMED TO HELP THE EXISTING ONES CREATE THESE JOBS? I have managed large operations in big businesses, with up to 54,000 employees, and I have both owned and managed small ones with employee levels of up to 450. Obama's assertions (not a plan yet) cannot do what he tells us in his dissembling style.
But, hold on. The details will be told next week and the way to "pay for the 'plan' will be told in 2 weeks."

I must conclude the "jobs" speech had little meaning except to transfer responsibility to Republicans and I must characterize it as PATHETIC CAMPAIGNING and in Obama style said NOTHING, BUT SAID IT WELL.


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