The more I see President Obama, the narcissistic showman, the more obvious it is just how far “over his head” and how detached from reality he is – not a leader at all, rather Campaigner-in-Chief. As he campaigns under the auspices of promoting his “jobs bill” spending taxpayer money, it is reminiscent of his empty, but forceful, rhetoric of 2008 – the one trait that got him elected by a non-discerning electorate (trying to be kind here). His comment to an audience of young people recently, “if you love me ….. pass this bill” was the worst of narcissism and immaturity – totally absent presidential character, which has become the norm. Of course, the bad news is that so many non-discerning voters will admire him only for his rhetorical performance with total disregard for the emptiness of the rhetoric. That's what such a large part of our population, such a large voting bloc, has become. It's this part of the population that allows a person with nothing to define him to be elected President of the United States and to prove, by his policies, that the lack of definition was real. All of America suffers the consequences of these non-thinking voters, many of whom still love his rhetoric and many are still looking for what they think is there.They won't find what they want but will rationalize anyway.

Surely, some voters have seen the reality, but how many? Tomorrow, I will post an analysis of what will make it difficult to defeat Obama in 2012. The heart and soul of traditional America are in the balance. Mediocrity has been bred and is being nurtured. National inferiority follows as surely as winter follows autumn. Sad but true!

In the meantime, we will watch Obama “sell” his bill (that is not even filed yet to my knowledge) with the same expectations as the first failed stimulus effort. In that first stimulus, it is all but certain that Obama and most of his economic advisers anticipated an economic recovery that could be played as a success of their stimulus. They didn't understand the economy. So, they justified use of massive taxpayer funds to pay off so many of his voter base, unions of all categories, so-called “green energy” fly-by-night companies, and Obama contributors to name a few, and waited for the recovery that would “justify” their actions. It was wrong-headed and it proved a failure of huge proportions, but they know many voters will not even recognize the failure. The shills and pundits will cover for him.
SO, THEY DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN UNDER A DIFFERENT NAME. Meanwhile the structural problems in the economy remain and no significant recovery can be expected. The nation needs about 14 million jobs to fill the unemployment void, 10 million to get to some historic level of unemployment. It is not likely to happen. Where are the jobs going to come from? Green energy? No way. If any jobs are developed by the proposed expenditures under the so-called “Jobs bill,” they will be temporary. What can be done with the structure of the economy to make the jobs permanent? FDR had WWII, Eisenhower had the after-war economic growth. What does the nation have now? Sorry for the pessimistic view, but in this case, pessimism and reality equate.

I will address Solyndra, LightSquared and more in a day or two. There is much more to these stories than we are being told.

In the meantime, think about American University's political prognosticator, Allan Lichtman, predicting on MSNBC a few days ago that Obama would be elected, in part, because he “had no scandals” to plague him. Think about it. Were we being conditioned for the downplaying that is now underway? Maybe! Even likely!
Joe Mann, September 18, 2011


  1. Joe, like I said in my first reply here, I am eager to hear your thoughts on the Solyndra green energy fraud. I would love for this to grow twenty league boots.

    I can hardly expand on your thoughts here. A good one. I agree.


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