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A "Deep State" activity, Obama's "Organizing for Action," is now underway to essentially provide resistance to the Trump administration's every policy and action. A formal "Resistance Movement" is already underway in Town Hall meetings as in Florida this week. None other than Bernie Sanders just announced that there would be 100 such resistance efforts in Town Halls this weekend. It's reported that Obama's group is 32,000 strong now with 250 new offices of operation open.
Some say "we have always had differences" and that is certainly true...and desirable. However, we are not talking about typical philosophical debates today. We're facing what can legitimately be called subversion of the Trump administration, hence the nation. They say history teaches this. NOT this, folks. At minimum we have a "shadow government forming." Totally expected as this writer discussed.
History does not, in entirety, represent today's…


Those responsible for anarchy and violence all appear to be leftists. We must determine who they are and who gives them the wherewithal to be so destructive and to be anarchists.

ON VIOLENCE, PROPERTY DESTRUCTION AND ANARCHY BY "PROTESTORS": I recommend that President Trump, if he can get his DOJ organized with capable and committed people, form a task force to analyze all such inappropriate, even illegal, acts of protest. Categorize them as to cause(s), who are the people and who finances them. Also, chronicle each and report publicly the cost of damage done.

NO, this is not abrogating their right to free speech. Rather, it's an attempt to apply analytical problem-solving methodology to these problems that are more intractable day-by-day. Our government has an obligation to protect people and property and quell anarchy. We must know who is responsible. Peaceful protest is a precious right, it's freedom in action, ANARCHY IS NOT.The anarchy at University of Califor…