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SYRIA -- Whatever we do will be wrong -- editor's note on Hizbollah's S. Am. base

NightWatch For the night of 27 August 2013
Mann to Man editor's note:
Whatever we do in Syria is likely to be wrong with long term adverse consequences. Hizbollah has a base in the "Triple Frontier of South America. Their stated intent is to "get to America if something happens to Iran." I learned this on 9/11/2001 while stranded in Latin America. It had not been reported at that time. A DOD friend and I submitted a report to pertinent agencies. Got no response. The presence of the base was not reported publicly until May 2007. Since then there are thousands of references and Hizbollah has been reported in Mexico. I am sure by this time they are in the USA. I also learned from Latin American associates that Middle Easterners come into Mexico where groups groom them, teach them Spanish, get them Visas and assist them to cross the border unchecked. For some inexplicable reason, some Liberal-leaning people objected to my reporting this in an article I published and even…


On July 3, 2013, I wrote on this blog my opinions as to how Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton and Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, James Clapper either misjudged the “Arab Spring” or had an agenda to support a Muslim Brotherhood controlled Islamic theocracy akin to what Jimmy Carter aided and abetted in Iran with Ayatollah Khomeni in 1979. James Clapper went so far as to claim that the Muslim Brotherhood is secular. This, alone, indicates either an attempt to mislead Americans (those who care!) or his abject ignorance. Given his other actions and statements, I'll assume it was out of ignorance. I'll further assume willful ignorance. Totally unacceptable!
Does anyone know, with clarity, what the Obama administration's policy is toward Egypt ….. in fact, the whole Mid-East? Do they have one? Where's Obama? Vacationing? Speaking to acolytes somewhere?
According to The Wall Street Journal today…