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As I watch the sham impeachment and observe the Democrats twist innocent expressions and massage meanings of words to fit their claims of high crimes and misdemeanors, I am incited to anger, then disgust but finally wonderment. What would honorable, intelligent, pro-American constitutionalist-practicing Democrats such as Harry Truman, Jack Kennedy, Richard Russel, Walter George, Scoop Jackson, Daniel P. Moynihan, Tip O'Neil and other statesmen think has happened to their party with the likes of Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Jerrold Nadler and a cadre of even less intelligent, group-thinking herd-running people, seemingly totally absent honor and decorum, leading the House of Representatives in shamming the Senate with bogus palaver trying to protect their own corruption and their march of America to perdition. They only prove that Democrats have elected a slew of the worst people among us. As undesirable as President Trump can be at times, their behavior …


Democrats deserve no respect, haven't for decades and now impeachment demands condemnation.I've had little respect for the Democrats since John F. Kennedy's tragic untimely death put the scoundrel, Lyndon Baines Johnson, in charge of the party and the presidency. Respect has diminished gradually since LBJ's days to profound devolution into decadence today with the sham impeachment of President Trump. Their patron saint, Obama, actually had multiple high crimes and misdemeanors but was not impeached. BTW, I recommended no impeachment although I blog-listed 11 impeachable acts. The nation has many problems to  solve and Democrats are doing all they can to remove Trump, an impediment to their march to perdition, aka destruction of traditional America. The frightening aspect of the sham impeachment is the abject dishonesty of the Democrats and their sycophantic media, who, it would seem, report whatever they are told to report. The House of Representatives shows both profo…


Nancy Pelosi's folly of impeaching the president now goes to the Senate with a group of managers from the worst of the herd. by Michael Wilson Nancy Pelosi will load her Gang of Seven "managers'' into a Yugo clown car, and they will convey the articles of impeachment to the Senate. After three years of concerted but ineffective search, and the squandering of unknown tens of millions of our tax dollars in their futile effort, they have produced two nebulous charges that do not even name real crimes. Their is nothing, even in the "penumbra" of their allegations, that even suggests the "high crimes and misdemeanors" required by the Constitution to remove a POTUS from office. Proven and eventually confessed perjury was not sufficient to remove Bill Clinton from office, as those who lived through his impeachment will recall. The House Democrats cannot even come up with spitting on the street or impure thoughts on a steamboat landing. Congressman Al …


In a society devolving more and more to non-thinking, anti-American people who operate strictly from their biased political beliefs and hate with no sense of propriety, or intellectual integrity I am fortunate to know many people who are of a better character and mindset. Janet McNeel, teacher, author, business owner, analytical thinker and more, is one such person. Janet wrote this thoughtful piece and has permitted me to post it here for many to enjoy. May it elicit thoughts in you to help deal with our current decadent national condition. JAM
by Janet McNeel
I've been doing a lot of soul searching lately as to why my political views have become passionate, when previously I could take it or leave it, respond or not respond. Soul searching and lack of sleep has led me to this conclusion.
* I believe it started when Maxine Waters stood before a group and shouted for her supporters to accost people at the gas pump, in the grocery store, anywhere they could be found in public. Vitri…


In a Facebook discussion this morning I referred to Nancy Pelosi in negative terms as she introduced her "impeachment management team" to send to the Senate for the sham impeachment. My comments were rebutted by a person who proclaimed that Pelosi only spoke truth and followed the constitution. He suggested I might read it. I have and I have watched far too much of Pelosi to believe she has any integrity or that she is a constitutionalist. 

After listening to Nancy Pelosi introduce her "impeachment management team" this morning, I thought it necessary to come back to this and simply ask you what part(s) of the constitution do you refer to. Or, what constitution, what country.? In my most reckless thinking, my worst dreams, did I ever expect to see our representatives as reprehensible, ignorant and just plain intellectually insufficient as Pelosi and her crowd are. Also, as one who grew up among honorable Liberal Democrats, but left them after '73, I…