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Robert Mueller, James Comey, others in the "Deep State" intelligence agencies and Democrats are hell-bent to bring President Trump and his administration down. They will do anything to bring him down in spite of the impact on the nation. Trump's election gave us a chance to do what I wrote about, that is elect a president who can lead us to stop the 8 decades long cultural revolution, sub-culture for the most part, and stop the march to perdition -- rampant corruption, destruction of traditional America, abrogate the Rule of Law and more -- transforming America as Obama promised to do and is still trying to do with his OFA,  leading America into 3rd world status as a final result. First world status requires, above all, a functioning Rule of Law!

Yesterday, I wrote that it was a watershed day regarding the efforts by Democrats to take down President Trump. Early this morning, I learned that Al Franken's fellow Democrats are pushing him to resign. First they defend…


National Debt-to- GDP is often misreported, even by the CBO, but normally not as simple-minded as an opinion writer offered a few days ago. On November 8, 2017, a misguided person who has shown himself to be a sycophant for the left-wing propaganda network, and the simplest, often  banal, teachings of the network, published an op-ed saying little except a fallacy that Reagan increased national debt 500% and that Obama prevented a depression. No proof via data and surely not with the 500% nonsense.

Here is my rebuttal. BTW, debt-to-GDP numbers are total debt, even that owed to Social Security, which of course, will never be repaid, and the so-called debt to ourselves at The Fed.

The letter, “Tax and Spend” vs “Borrow and Spend,” in the November 8 Virginia Gazette was not informative. Reagan did not have a 500% debt increase. Moreover, debt as percent of GDP is more definitive. Under Reagan, debt in 1980 of $0.9T, 32% of GDP rose to $2.6T, 49% of GDP, an increase of $1.7T. Fast-forward t…