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This article was published in the Virginia Gazette, a Tribune paper, on April 28, 2018. It focuses on root cause of mass shootings. It was presented to draw attention to true cause, mainstreamed mentally ill on psychotropic drugs, as opposed to an earlier op-ed that focused on demonstrations, especially by young people with focus on the NRA as the cause of the problem. So wrongheaded and biased! Determination of root cause is absolutely vital in any problem-solving action. Demonstrations, as presented  often with only guns focused upon, do not solve any problems! Principle problem cause is mainstreaming mentally ill on psychotropic drugs. Let's take a look. This posting is adopted from one on school shootings. It pertains to another mass shooting in Jacksonville, Fl, another shooting by a mentally ill person who is mainstreamed on psychotropic drugs, a formula for disaster that continues to go unaddressed.
The person committing the murders in Jacksonville was a mentally ill person o…


But, all Obama DOJ holdovers must be fired.

President Trump made a long delayed and correct decision in removing Donald Brennan's security clearance! I have long characterized Brennan as the most dishonest person in government, as well as one of the most inept. More recently, since the misguided support of the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, I have characterized James Clapper as the dumbest one in government competing with Brennan for both dumbest and most dishonest. Trump made both a strategic and an operational mistake in not firing all top officials in the Obama DOJ when he took office. They are corrupt, not a supporter of Trump and not professional enough to work for a president who is not of their political persuasion. Yes, that is to say they are political and have become totally so in the Obama years. I don' know who the hell Trump thought his "swamp" creatures were/are. Why must we bear the pain and national trauma ridding ourselves of these creatures one…