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As I watch and listen to the Congressional Oversight Committee's testimony by Michael Cohen I am experiencing, alternately, extreme sadness and an equal or greater measure of anger. It is so sad that our America has arrived at the state, the condition, in which we find ourselves. And, I am angered that we Americans have, over decades, elected people to lead us who have neither the intellect nor the intellectual integrity to represent us well, and with the proper intent. The Congressional Oversight Committee is populated with some of the most inept, and seemingly as equally dishonest, people we could imagine, but not expect. I thought the confirmation hearings were the worst imaginable, Cohen and the Democrats have sunk even to a new low.
Cohen is a convicted liar, going to jail for lying to congress, yet he is now the star witness to congress in thei…


On the TRUMP-KIM SUMMIT: Each time I see and hear the sub-80 IQ TV pundits and anchors giving their, often ridiculous, opinions about the Hanoi summit, advice to Trump as to how to negotiate, and expectations of what he must achieve, I am reminded of the Reagan-Gorbachev summit in Reykjavik in 1986. The same less-than intelligent palaver before and during the conference was raised to a frenzied crescendo when Reagan walked without a formal agreement. The intellectually insufficient talking heads of that time labeled Reagan at least as ineffective as they do Trump today. Less than a year later, they hardly peeped when it was clear that the Reykjavik meeting was a watershed moment when the true condition of the Soviet Union was ferreted out. I was fortunate later, when it was appropriate, to learn some of the details from then Chief of Staff, Donald Regan, a personal friend. I don't expect such a dramatic result Trump-Kim, but the media are absolutely unacceptably biased and less th…


Abortion on demand has long been done and an abortion industry has been growing for decades. In fact the 8-decades long cultural war that I've written about for a few years is led by Roe v Wade of 1973. The culture war is now playing out in Virginia where Governor Ralph Northam supported a House bill to permit at birth abortions. I have written in another post that his refusal to resign and the refusal of others to force him out, instead focusing on racism, is tantamount to continuing support for the horrendous infanticide. More below.

Excesses of abortion, abortion-on-demand and the abortion industry have long been leading factors in the 8 decades long "Progressive" cultural revolution, the sub-culture in fact. Now the push for codifying at-birth abortions, infanticide or murder if a human being, is cementing abortion as a major component of the transformation of America to a lesser nation. What NY has done to effect and codify this horrific procedure, and Cuomo's an…


"Progressive" Democrats are defining themselves and exposing their cultural war that is now 8 decades old, but denied until recently.  In the past few years, I've written quite a bit about the cultural war to transform America to a lesser nation. I also predicted it could be more evident when the 2016 election forced them to fight to avoid loss of the transformation effort. The election interrupted their efforts. That is underway, obvious to any analytical thinker. And, then we have the ridiculous, inexplicable case of "Progressives" using racism to cover for Virginia Governor Ralph Northam's support for the radical efforts to pass a bill allowing abortion at birth, aka infanticide. "Progressivism" cuts a wide swath, and not a good one all too often.…/democrat-subcommittee-cha…/ New "Progressive" Democrats are defining their party daily. Apparently they haven't been advised to "play it cool" a…


The Virginia Governor Ralph Northam debacle and Progressive's definition of themselves.

Progressives, aka Democrats, assure that racism lives while babies die! That's their strategy in dealing with the controversy of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam's supporting infanticide. They revive blackface racism of 35 years ago while they ignore his endorsement of late term, even at-birth abortion. WHY? Voter bloc protection! They focus on racism to cement the black voter bloc and ignore at-birth-abortion, infanticide or taking of human life, to satisfy the radical women's voter bloc. They define themselves by doing so as continuing the 8-decade cultural revolution, begun in the '50s, that really rose to prominence with Roe v Wade in 1973.
A bit of explanation for those who may not be totally informed on this issue. The Virginia General Assembly's House of Delegates put up a bill, HB-2491, the essence of which would have permitted extinguishing the life of a baby even at…


                                                  DR. JOE A. MANN, PhD                                                       148 THE GREEN                                      WILLIAMSBURG, VIRGINIA, 23185
To: Dr. Ralph E. Northam, Governor Commonwealth of Virginia From: Dr. J. A. Mann, PhD Subject: Your Resignation as VA Governor Requested
Dear Governor Northam:
Please consider this a formal request for you to resign immediately your position as Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Your support for House of Delegates bill HB-2491, so-called 3rd trimester “abortion,” is unacceptable. The proposed procedure is, in fact, the taking of human life. It's murder, which is codified and adjudicated as a capital crime. Anyone capable of analytical thought, with intellectual integrity, respect for human life, decency, and morals should consider the proposed procedure taking of life. Your own words give credence to that reality. Your assertion that a baby who survived the efforts to tak…