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I have often spoken the same thoughts as Michael Wilson writes here to many people in several venues. However, Michael speaks more eloquently than I and with credibility of being a veteran who nearly sacrificed his life in service to our country. I salute Michael and others like him not just on this special Day For Veterans but everyday.... jam

Michael Wilson As a disabled vet myself, who has seen many of his friends die in combat, I am offering these thoughts on Veterans Day.

We are getting into too many unnecessary wars and other lesser combat actions. It is past time to stop trying to be the world's police force, and to stop trying to impose our form of western democracy on people who don't want it. If, for instance, the people of Afghanistan really want freedom from religious oppression, they must first fight for it themselves, and then ask us for limited help implementing it.

It is time to bring our combat troops home from such places as Korea, Iraq, and Afghanistan.…


Unemployment -- true data vs. BLS reports

While the reported data for unemployment remains about 7.3%, this is a totally fictitious number. Although the reported rate is higher than historical percent unemployed, it is quite lower than the real data. The number remains as it is only because more and more people leave the workforce, do not seek employment, and are not counted as unemployed. The number of people participating in the labor force dropped, and continues to do so, to 62.8%, the lowest since 1978. True unemployment is closer to twice the 7.3% reported. What must be revealed and reported is, "how many of those dropping out are now on government assistance that discourages them from seeking employment?" Anecdotes of such cases continue to increase. I have written and spoken often about the Obama administration's policies being so antithetical to job creation. It's undeniable. We need to have true numbers now to inform us of how much dependency on government as…