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DEMOCRAT/PROGRESSIVE DEBATE -- FLAWED, UNQUALIFIED, DISHONESTYBy Michael Wilson· I watched the last two hours of the DP debate. A penance for some sin of omission or commission, don'tcha know? I came away depressed (in addition to being bored to tears.) I can accept, and publicly state for the record, that Trump's proposed solutions to our nation's woes and travails are fantasies that have no chance of being implemented in the real world. I also accept that a certain percentage of my colleagues accept that Trump can somehow, on the strength of his really fantastic and incredible personality, persuade the Mexican government to pay for an expensive wall that they cannot in any way afford, to reduce what revenues they have, for instance. What amazes me is that anyone could listen to Bernie Sanders' fatuous solutions and think that they have even as much chance as Trump's fantasies. How does anyone, even the most dedicated supporter of the DP, who has follow…


Our youth may be up to the task of correcting our societal ills: By Michael Wilson
Owner/editor note: Many of us, seemingly most at times, view our youth, so victimized by the cultural changes that the older among us have witnessed for decades, as having "lost" the attitudes and values that we've considered essential to maintaining the America that became the greatest nation of all times. I am one who has become pessimistic that America can recover from decadence, and avoid further decline, brought on by the cultural revolution originating in the '60s. The burden of correcting the condition falls on our youth. What we see on public display gives little to no encouragement that they will meet the requirements. In this post Michael Wilson presents a positive personal experience with youth that suggests there is more justification to be optimistic than some of us believe. Mr. Wilson is a thoughtful person who is one who is more optimistic than some of us and this story s…


San Bernardino terrorism: Questioning Christian Church Liberalism By Dr. Robert Warren
After what just happened in California, and watching the “walking on hot coals dance” of the authorities, I was struck by the need to say something about the oppressive acts against Christians around the nation and the world - and that maybe we need to rethink the liberalism that has infected so many of today’s Christian churches.  Bob Warren Onward, Christian Soldiers:
Within the past few months, we have seen the Umpqua Community College shooting by a gunman who selected Christians for slaughter and now the San Bernardino attack on a “Christmas” Party by an Islamic husband and wife team. In both instances, there is evidence of jihadist radicalization and Muslim terrorism - although the media and the authorities have been more than careful to withhold final judgment.
We have an administration that has, or intends to, let in tens of thousands of refugees from Islamic countries with the most recent be…