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Hillary Clinton for president?? The best among us no longer present for elective office and American voters willfully vote for the worst who do.”
Hillary Clinton is, frankly, a disgusting person. Bill Clinton is little better, if any. Neither fundamental honesty, nor good character nor intellectual integrity define them. And, Hillary Clinton is the odds-on favorite to be elected president. I am totally saturated with their dishonesty, corruption, their feeding at the troughs of government, businesses and academic institutions. The effect of their presence in the American political arena is not positive. Oh how far they have strayed from the personal doctrine of Harry Truman who declared he would not use his fame and his office for personal monetary gain. And, he lived by that declaration. Both Clintons are the antithesis of Truman. They use their government positions, past and present, to siphon 100's of millions of dollars from businesses, academic institutions and from whomever…


Response to a reader who downed the 2-party system while promoting European proportional representation ignoring true cause of our American problems today.

Once again confusion of cause and effect, essentially equating them. Did we become the greatest nation ever by copying the blueprint of others, some of which failed long ago? No. Have we destroyed much of what we created by trying to copy these others, even failed ones? YES. And the march goes on with profound, unjustified bias and with ignoring root cause of problems, many of which are based in the misguided philosophy that the disciples of said philosophy still promote. And, so goes the cultural revolution as we march to perdition apparently wanting it so. Took me a long time to realize that the decadence, loss of primacy and diminished supremacy in the world are the goals of the revolutionaries. I once thought I could help stop the losses, alas it's seemingly impossible. The farther we fall at 980.665 ft per second per second…


This post is a response to a friend who posited that the 2-party system is a failure and that all should simply think and do what is "best for America." Who can argue with the latter part of that?? However, analytical problem-solving methodology will identify what we did right and what we've done wrong since we created the greatest nation on earth and have been destroying it for many decades. This post will be expanded later.

It's inarguable that if we had Utopia, all would be good. I remember the beginning of the cultural revolution that "we'll all get along" and all will be well. That evolved very quickly to mean that if we all join the revolution, driven largely by the sub-culture, and all agree to their demands we will have Utopia. What we've gotten is not Utopia but the death of traditional America, the one with the principles that you and I grew up with. So, again without analyzing what made us the greatest nation and what destroyed that greatn…