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Sunday, September 18, 2011


We are being bombarded (brainwashed?) by the claim that Obama cannot get opponents to "COMPROMISE."
Think about this. With some issues compromise may be appropriate. But, with most issues, absolutes of right and wrong, good and bad should prevail. Curtailing the massive spending beyond the capability of the national economy to provide jobs and commensurate tax revenue, with life-threatening indebtedness the result, is not an issue amenable to compromise. Think of it as two people in an automobile speeding toward a cliff, the driver going ever faster and the passenger urging to STOP! Driver says, "no deal, I'm going 100." Passenger has two options. Take control of the automobile or "compromise." So, they compromise to 50 mph ----- and die but more slowly. Such is the US budget and debt situation. Compromise is a false choice at best. When will Obama and his compliant congress, voters, pundits and others learn? There's no evidence they will.


Blogger Randy McC said...

Compromise? What an ugly word. Compromise is having morals and a commitment to do the right thing and in an instant throw it all away just to get along. To appease the left.

I don't want my representatives in Washington to compromise on even the smallest detail. It would be far better to do nothing than to compromise your values and ideals.

Compromise would have seen the United States destroying half of Japan in the Second World War like we did to many cities in Germany. As it happened, Truman made the decision to destroy two cities to save hundreds more from certain destruction. I want my Conservative Representatives in Washington to repeat that wisdom and stop this socialist bent in its tracks.

19 September, 2011  

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