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I beg all readers to watch each of these links entirely. Ms. Anita Moncrief, the speaker, was a member of ACORN, a liberal who supported Barack Obama. She spoke a few weeks ago here in my town and will do so again in September. She exposed voter fraud that we know existed, and will again this election cycle. However, media will not cover it as Ms. Moncrief exposes their refusal to do so, even preventing their reporters from covering, in 2008. I hope all honest and patriotic Liberals and anyone on the left will watch the entirety, although without doubt, some will refuse to do so. If you want truth, watch both of these links.

Part I II


This post is a response I made to a friend who sent the link at the end of the post. I will write a more complete treatise on the debt issue, but perhaps the information here will be helpful. As always, I invite comment and critique.Please go to the link.
Information in the link below has been around a while and is chilling each time I see it. Unfortunately, he is correct. There are a few points, facts and fallacies that aren't reported. One fallacy is the way government reports total debt and debt-to-GDP (a critical factor in paying it). You may have seen my reports that the real debt-to-GDP is 107% and rising while gov't reports say about 70%. BIG Difference! $5 Trillion of the $15+ Trillion national debt is to the Social Security Trust Fund (owed to ourselves as the gov't sees it). There is no intention to pay this. I've speculated on this for 2-3 years and finally an Obamashill said exactly those words in a debate. So, I consider this proof.... although it…


AMERICA'S FUTURE: Michael Gerson's column today in The WP "Obama's Strategy Hurts too" is especially poignant to me. He addresses the extreme polarization of America today and concludes that "America is on its way to a disturbing destination, a nation with responsibilities of a super power and politics of a BANANA REPUBLIC. 20 years ago this coming October, as I was leaving VA for a great job in ...NC, I spoke to the Chamber of Commerce about our national condition. I raised many eyebrows when I said, "If we don't correct the trend in our country, in 20-30 years we could be 3rd world-like, BANANA REPUBLIC." In this case, I am sorry to have been prescient. Obama didn't create the condition or start the trend, but he is now the patron saint for the radicals who have been on this course since the '60s. Many say "partisan politics" is the cause... They have it backwards. Partisan divide and political dysfuntion are the results -…


 Leonard Pitts is a syndicated columnist working out of the Miami Herald. An overwhelming majority of his columns are related to racism and incite more than they inform. Of course, he's an Obama acolyte who has a large megaphone to promote Obama. He's a talented writer with a prejudiced message but, as with too many of the Obama spokespeople, often stretches credibility and truth. The problem, as I see it, is that too many people who do not think for themselves simply buy into the rhetoric and pass it on as gospel. Since going on Facebook, I find this to be prevalent in those of political left persuasion. I no longer refer to them as liberals, an honest and respectable descriptor co-opted by the parasitic Progressives. I'm tired of the claims of "racism" against anyone who rejects Obama and I'm tired of the dishonesty and the mindless reflexive support shown by his acolytes and sycophants. Hence, I am speaking out against such people as Pitts. Below is a piec…

ECONOMY OF THE '90S -- to counter some dishonest claims of the 2012 campaign

This article published in full in the Virginia Gazette, a Tribune Company, on 01/Nov/2004 It is being posted here as promised to a Facebook conversant, Bobbie Bebber,  on 07/10/2012 It is intended now, as it was in 2004, to put some truth into the dialogue about the economy and what drives it. Next I will post a piece on the 2008 meltdown to try to counter the nonsensical assertions of the so-called "failed policies of the past." Bush policies, of course. Not at all true. To: Editor, The Virginia Gazette From: Joe Mann
October 30, 2004

Economic factors of the ‘90s: Part 2
In the presidential campaigns much has been said and written to compare the economy and job creation in the Clinton administration versus that of Bush. Much is misleading and much is just plain wrong. A study of the economy back to the FDR administration is revealing. While space doesn’t permit a complete treatise here, a summary of conditions during the Clinton and Bush years can be informative.
Of the many f…


It is utterly ridiculous for Obama, the media and other Obama sycophants and acolytes to assert that Romney has more campaign funds than Obama!!! Not only does Obama have all of the normal sources such as the 40% who support him reflexively ... without a thought as to what he is actually doing, unions, the trough-feeders such as dependent class, trial lawyers and more, BUT HE HAS THE WHOLE US TREASURY AT HIS DISPOSAL AND HAS USED IT CONTINUOUSLY FOR THE DURATION. AFL-CIO'S TRUMKA IS SHILLING FOR HIM AS I WRITE THIS, WHILE THE NEWS IS REPORTING ABOUT THE UNION OWNING LUXURY RESORTS. Those of us who have been in that arena know how unions operate and what they are now -- Democrat political machines, not protectors of their people. When will people understand the facts? Most never will! Even more insane is the claim that Obama is better at creating jobs and Romney is the jobs exporter. It is insanely false, but30- 40% will not question it!! We're on the road to perdition and that…


Your form letter response is not surprising and is reminiscent of the current DOJ's approach to issues, even scandals. Your referencing PolitiFacts is a copout in that, 1. it puppet's the DOJ's position and, 2. it doesn't address my major issue -- "why remove the national "colors" to be replaced by stark black and why remake the website at all? This is but one more case that is emblematic of current government and their supporters attempting to remove all symbolism of "traditional America." This is unacceptable.


Here is the form letter response I got in response to my rather detailed commentary to the DOJ webmaster. I know of one other person who got the same response and I'm sure all questioners will get the same. Why should we expect more from a DOJ that works only for Holder and "his people" (his words) and President Obama? As for me, I'm totally disgusted with these guys, but more disgusted with the voters. At this moment, Obama is giving a speech that is a good one for "organizing" but absolutely not for governing. 
SUDDEN ANNOUNCEMENT: Fox News has cut Obama's speech. They announced that they expected reports on China and some other issue and they were not in the business of "giving free campaign to Obama." It is all this president knows!!! And, 40% of mindless people will support him reflexively...... mostly trough-feeders!!
WEBMASTER RESPONSE Thank you for your interest in the Department of Justice website. The department debuted the site’s new…


As we close out the 236th year of America's declared independence, I am compelled to think about the nation's leadership – and how it has changed. America has devolved from a beginning, where the best among the people, those who had done the most for the nation, were sought out to lead them, and rose to do so, to a nation where the best among us do not seek to lead and the least among us, who have done little to nothing for the nation, do – and are elected.
When sought out to be the first president of the United States of America, George Washington asked,“.... have I not done enough for my country.” He met the call and became the father of America, the greatest nation known. Compare President Washington to the current president who declared that if we'd elect him he would “change America” [transform her into a nation in his image and of his prejudices]. And, he is doing it.


DOJ WEBSITE CHANGE Earlier I posted concerns expressed by many about the changes in the DOJ website. I do not post many items from the web, rather I try to do my own analysis of issues and write my own thoughts. Occasionally, I do post other pieces when I find them credible. Accordingly, I posted a piece regarding the new DOJ website changes. A bit of furor has arisen over the changes. I have studied the issue, and hereby stand by my posting and thank the friend for sending it. From my analysis, I conclude that, while the focus of most has been on the quotation from a questionable philosopher, the real operative issues are why remove the "colors" and why change the site at all. PolitiFacts focused on the wrong issues, as did many of those on the web. Hence, what is legitimately a question of continued destruction of American symbolism is buried in subterfuge of a lesser issue, perhaps not an issue at all.While this may not seem to be a big issue with all of the major ones we …