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LIBYA'S ULTIMATE GOVERNMENT -- Muslim Brotherhood control

I want to highlight a reference to Libya from the post "Iraq Will Go The Way Of Iran" for a loyal friend and reader who is thoughtful about Libya's ultimate fate. The comment re Libya was buried, almost as an afterthought, but is very important in painting a profile of the governance of the whole region.
Almost rhetorically, I asked "whois foolish enough to think Libya won't go the way of Iran [Iraq, and Egypt]? That is, control by the Muslim Brotherhood. They will! Only hours after I posted that, it was announced that Libya would institute Islamic Sharia Law..... hardly a secular Democracy as insinuated by our government spokespeople and the media Obama administration sycophants.
It is incomprehensible that people in responsible positions in government, media and at large are so uninformed (aka ignorant), yet they hold power and mislead the masses shamefully. Take James Clapper (yes, take him and smack some sense into him!), a retired Air Force Lt. Gen. and Dire…


In an interview last evening Pat Buchanan analyzed the mid-East situation in the same way as my post earlier yesterday. Maybe he is reading this blog! Maybe. :) :)! It's doubtful though. I got crosswise with him in '92 by not supporting him when he ran for president. However, he didn't exact retribution as opponents on the other side some of the worst ways. I may write about that in "the book" if time permits.
Seriously, whether or not one likes or supports Pat, he is a very well-informed person and an analytical thinker among millions who aren't. His conclusions about the real transformation taking place in the area are absolutely correct, including his assessment of Turkey under Erdogan (although he mispronounces Erdogan's name..bad boy). I'm reminded of a couple of incidents in Turkey -- Istanbul and Yalova. On several occasions people would tell me that "only 7% of their people were radical." It was clearly orchestrated -- tour…


Click here: Pothole Pragmatism - Robert Costa - National Review Online I think readers will find the story about our friend and Virginia Governor, Bob McDonnell, inspiring in these difficult times.  We Virginians have been fortunate to have pragmatically conservative governance most of our lifetime from both Republicans and Democrats. Tim Kaine is an exception as a Progressive/Liberal and a close associate of President Obama. However, when the president visited Virginia last week, Kaine was absent, as were other leading Democrats.  One reason Virginia is successful is our "business friendliness" with a Right to Work Law that Obama and other leftists want to abolish.


On September 20, 2011 I posted an analysis of Obama's reelection dynamics, including likely funding to the extent of $1 Billion. This proves now to be underestimated. Big mistake! Obama will spend billions of tax dollars in addition. The US Treasury is his piggy bank. His campaign to "sell his 'jobs bill'" is but one example.
His campaigning is already consuming tax dollars and will continue for the next year. But, that isn't the whole story. If he gets the sought after $35 Billion for public employees, this money will go directly to unions who will funnel much of it into his reelection. 
So, we're raising the debt ceiling in part to help Obama fund his campaign. 
As I watched him today, it is clear that he is much more comfortable campaigning than he is governing. Governing portends (should demand) accountability and dissent, campaigning is  all about persuading. Obama is at his best on the "stump." Talking! Unfortunately, a large percentage of v…


When I first heard the foolish term, "leading from behind." I told my wife, Carol, that it would become an acceptable term. To hear administration acolytes and media sycophants now referring to the term as a successful strategy was predictable but still reprehensible. When will it become the "Obama Doctrine?" Soon! It may seem simplistic or worse, but at some time it is likely to find it's place beside legitimate strategies such as Monroe  Doctrine or Truman Doctrine.....or...?? This is absurd, but that seems to be the order of the times.


The Middle East is changing rapidly and radically, surely not to the benefit of the USA or other western nations. "Democracy" is espoused by our "leaders" either in abject ignorance or to obscure their real sentiments and the goals of the administration. The press, however, will not present the situation as it truly is. They will do the administrations bidding as loyal sycophants and too many Americans will believe them. They are already painting over the reality of pulling all troops out of Iraq as Iraq's fault for not negotiating. Surely, huge mistakes were made in the early stages of the war that prolonged it. Getting out the way we are is only compounding the mistakes. According to military experts, we caved to Moqtada al Sadr who will soon be in control. He will be to Iraq what Khomeini has been to Iran. Radical Sharia Law will control yet another country. The Muslim Brotherhood is rapidly gaining control in much, if not most, of the middle east.
Does anyon…


To: The Editor, Richmond Times Dispatch From: J. A. Mann, PhD Subject: Governor Wilder's op-ed re Obama Reelection, 23 October I have long respected Governor Wilder and credit him with serving the Commonwealth of Virginia well. I am always interested in his opinions. His op-eds are credible where too many political writers' aren't. It was with positive expectation that I read his Times Dispatch op-ed October 23rd critiquing President Obama's chances of winning Virginia in 2012. Sadly, it didn't measure up. His allusion that Virginians were discerning in voting for Obama in 2008 lacks supporting evidence. Virginians voted for Obama in spite of his having less to define him than any candidate in history – no meaningful job experience demanding accountability, sealed academic records, questionable associations and more. Nothing to define him as qualified. Discerning? No. Hopeful? Yes. Governor Wilder's declaration that he “wants this president to be reele…


I haven't written much recently and will catch up on several subjects soon, but want you to see this video sent to me by a friend. I would hope that most would agree with the central tenets about which the lady speaks. It's interesting that she, a Democrat, "gets it" while millions don't. She is a proud American who just happens to be black.. and "American" not an African-American. She reminds me of several friends who describe themselves as "American," and are fiercely so, from Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, Eastern and Western Europe and more. They don't call themselves Colombian-American, Cuban-American, Latvian-American ...... you get the idea. We could learn a lot from these people, and I do. They have experiences with Socialism, even Marxism, and are very worried about what is happening to "traditional America" and the intentions of an Imperial President. One friend told me recently, &quo…


Click here: KUHNER: Obama's October revolution - Washington Times On October 6th and 13th I posted thoughts about "Occupy Wall Street" demonstrators and speculated on their being orchestrated without naming the orchestra director. I suspect most made their own decision as I intended. Shortly after making predictions on unions and leftist groups, as sure as the sun rises in the East, they showed their presence along with the puppet string pullers,, Soros etc. The above link will discuss the strings being pulled by the number one puppet of these groups. Journalists such as Kuhner and the Washington Times have credibility I don't have, but we do our best to get it right. On this one it was clear from the beginning, irrespective of media reporting. There can be no doubt who leads the "Occupy" groups.  One aspect of such demonstrators on the left end of the political spectrum is their slovenliness.... urinating and defecating in the streets (and sex re…


Perhaps a kind reader will explain to me why we are risking a single American's life sending our military into Central Africa and Sudan. Maybe the Imperial President or his people will explain this as they explained how the Muslim Brotherhood was "secular" and should be a part of government in Egypt to the north. They ignored what the MB spinoffs, Hamas and Hezbollah, have done as government "participants" in Lebanon and Gaza. They now control. I wonder also if these same geniuses know what the MB is already doing in Sinai, or what they have been doing in Sudan many long years.


In spite of efforts by Congresswoman Pelosi and others like her, as well as the President, to compare the "Occupiers" with Tea Party people, even praising the Occupiers while disparaging Tea Partiers, they are not similar. Tea Partiers are seriously trying to preserve traditional America and the Occupiers are bound to do just the opposite. Tea Partiers are disciplined and orderly, Occupiers are the opposite and remind me of the undisciplined radicals of the 60s. The Occupiers create filth and trash, which, in part, defines them. Tea Partiers have not been so slovenly.
I have long contended that much of our current problems with Congress is that too many of them are of the 60s generation and still hold the values of the radicals of the era. I strongly contend that one reason they don't legislate to solve the drug problem is that they don't believe that drugs are a problem -- the 60s culture.
Nancy Pelosi, especially, is despicable in her views of the two different gro…


Click here: Chicago Mayor Trashes Politics of Waste Removal - As I prepare a comprehensive piece on unions and their damage to the country, the Wall Street Journal gives me pertinent ammunition regarding Chicago's trash collectors' unions that I want masses to know. It is so illustrative of what I've experienced in professional life and even as a youth growing up near coal country. John L. Lewis' UMW "killed" coal, pushed the costs up the food chain to I. W. Abel's Steelworkers, killing USA steel and on up the chain to Detroit autos who passed the costs to the consumers. Excesses caught up with them. Steel essentially died, although there is some rebirth as there has been in coal. UAW destroyed the auto companies (for Obama to give to the UAW) and the city of Detroit along with them (losing 1 million people with vast areas of decay). In NY trade shows we had to go through unions with various groups doing parts of jobs until we finally got a display…


Click here: KUHNER: President's socialist takeover must be stopped - Washington Times I urge everyone to read the above link carefully and take the charges seriously. In my recommendation for the president to make major changes or resign, I originally commented on grounds for impeachment, but it was not palatable to some, so I omitted it. Even the president's promise to get his so-called "jobs bill" established without Congress is but one more example of his abrogation of constitutional law and is but one more indication of his thrust to establish an Imperial Presidency. Oh, by the way, while he is moving on with his plans, Republicans are dealing with trivia and non-critical issues. They must get their acts together. I urge you to send the blog to as many people as you can. Thanks.


Click here: Opinion & Commentary - Wall Street Journal - The issue of China's currency valuation is one that elicits bipartisan irrational response, but more from the left than the right. Yet, the left, uses the issue deceptively to influence the very people they are trying to maintain in their voter bloc. It is a populist issue and few people give thought to, or understand, the real impact of "forcing" China to up value their currency. Bob Corker captures the real essence in the link above, although he probably understates the increase in costs of all goods we buy from China. It is more like 40%. To be sure, currency valuation is an issue, but now is absolutely not the time to deal with it in a knee-jerk haphazard way. Yes, stupid! A trade war is always a bad idea, but in these economically perilous times it would be catastrophic as it was in 1930 with Hawley-Smoot, forgotten by many with more being totally oblivious that it ever existed. Donald Trump must be…


It would seem that Republicans are trying to trump the ineptitude and corruption of the Obama administration with stupidity. America is crashing and burning with policy proposals from the administration that will only accelerate the decline of traditional America while Republican candidates, the only ones who can change this paradigm since no Democrat will challenge Obama, are bantering about whether a Mormon can be president. Statesmanship is gone and, it would seem, so is intelligence. For sure, wisdom and judgement are absent. No, wisdom and/or judgement is/are not equatable to intelligence!
Traditional America, the greatest nation ever, is in critical condition and all but on life support.


I suggest Republicans stop objecting to taxing Warren Buffett more and honor his "wishes." They should line up all of those high rollers who have supported Buffett.... yes, take names! Then introduce a bill to tax Buffett and all of his supporters at 39% of all income including capital gains. Eliminate tax dodging facilities such as their foundations, which probably would not pass scrutiny for effectiveness anyway. Bill Gates has reported his foundation's funding for education has failed to improve education. Let's require an audit of all of Buffett's foundations. Now!
I will try to find a sponsor for such a bill. Maybe we can take up collection to rent a bus, or at least a stretch van, to tour the country to sell our plan. Or maybe Obama would let us tag along on his million dollar ++ bus, since he wants to tax Buffett more. We'll call our plan the Buffett 39% plan in his honor (oops, must find a different word).


Forgive me for repeating a bit. In 2008, I wrote that Barack Obama had less to define him than any presidential candidate in history. Surely, he had nothing to qualify him as a CEO, nothing presidential. Loquaciousness alone isn't a qualifier. In fact, he had no employment background with performance standards that would qualify him for an job demanding results and accountability. Even his colleagues at the University of Chicago have been quoted as saying he had little to do with them and always had other activities that took his time. His tenure in the Illinois and US Senates were surely without distinction. It isn't a stretch at all to say that he spent a lifetime in self-promotion with his principle job being, in his own words, "community organizing," another way to say organizing and instructing the non-working dependent class in unionizing and in ways to feed at the government trough while building voter blocs.
Well, it seems nothing has changed. He isn't g…


Click here: Rep. Gardner: Many Unanswered Solyndra Questions Click here: Emails Raise Fresh Questions on Obama Energy Loan I'm sharing these links with readers as I gather enough facts to make a more informed decision as to how to characterize firmly the Solyndra deal. However, I have found nothing that dissuades me from my first supposition of fraud, at least at the corporate level. I now think all evidence links the DOE and Obama to fraud from the government side. Collusion!!  In the first link, Rep. Gardner is far too circumspect, reserved, or just chicken to say all that he could say about the "president" responses. They're disgusting! In the second link, if one reads it analytically, you find enough discrepancies to raise several red flags. One for example, is that Ms. Skinner, the lawyer, recused herself yet her husband had numerous exchanges with Solyndra/DOE while it is claimed that he also "was recused by the DOE from any decisions or actions re Solyndra.…


The misdeeds of "Fast and Furious" dictate that Holder resign or be fired. But will he? This is likely to be covered up as it appears Solyndra has a better than 50:50 chance of being so diminished. Hope not. At the end of the day, the gun deals are more serious than Solyndra.....people died! I still have trouble understanding the strategy and wonder what the real intent of the "program" was.


Click here: Rush Limbaugh: Obama 'Setting Up Riots' With Occupy Wall Street I just had this sent by Newsmax a few minutes after I posted my own opinion. I don't listen to Limbaugh, not much at all, but he is often right.


I was saddened to get final proof of the shutdown of Tevatron, the particle accelerator atom smasher, and the  relegation of Fermilab, its host, to the "black hole of history." Tevatron has many atom smashing breakthroughs since its birth in 1983. However, its supremacy was overcome last December by the Large Hedron Collider, the 17-mile underground accelerator along the border of France and Switzerland. In April 2011, Hedron broke its own record that it made as it dethroned Tevatron. To some, this may seem unimportant. Not so at all. The scientific breakthroughs made by Tevatron will now be made by a non-American facility. A new era is born.
This is of special importance when combined with other American losses in recent years. NASA, for many years the major engine for basic research in electronics and other technology, sees its budget cut and hence many projects curtailed. The space shuttle program is canceled and the USA plans to pay hugely for a ride on the Russian ship …



While some pundits have equated  the "Occupy Wall Street" crowd with Tea Party activists, there is no validity in their claims. An acquaintance asked me how I characterized the Wall Street activists and I told her that from interviews I'd seen, there was only one characterization that came to mind and that was "they are so ignorant they don't even know why they are demonstrating." One said he "was born to be there." Others were similarly idiotic. I also told her that "I think it is centrally controlled, probably by Obama supporters (even for Obama). I suggested to another friend earlier that it would not be surprising to learn that Soros was backing it. If unions were involved, expect thuggery to reign. Well, you now know it. AFL-CIO, SEIU, Teachers Unions and more as well as Soros and are involved. What more information is necessary to give evidence that Preside…


While there is considerable probability that it will never be adjudicated, the Solyndra deal can only be labeled FRAUD, surely by the company but also by the president, DOE and others in government. Solyndra's financial ill health was known and communicated to those, including the president, who made the decision to waste $528 million of taxpayer's money. The only defense against a claim of fraud would be ABJECT IGNORANCE...EVEN STUPIDITY. And, we know that can't be the problem because the president and others in government are "BRILLIANT." They and their acolytes tell us so. Can't have it both ways.....innocence and brilliance. I had left an opening to assess it differently, but not now. It's fraud and will, in all likelihood, be brushed away as the media are trying to do now.

NOTE: As I write this there is an indication that the DOE head of loan programs that issued Solyndra the funds will fall on his sword for the administration. It should be Sec. Chu …