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No longer do I simply disrespect Barack Obama, I find him repulsive as he remains active and does all possible to influence, aka disrupt, governance as well as misrepresent his tenure as successful. Once again I'm listening to, and watching, Barack Obama yelling, in typical Obama-style, that he is responsible for current economic improvements and excellent GDP growth (asking "remember who started it") in spite of his presiding over 8 years of the worst economic recovery in modern history. I no longer simply disrespect him. I find him utterly repulsive. He had the absolute worst economic advisory team, headed by Larry Summers, both of whom declared their average annual GDP growth of 2% a "new normal and would never be  any better!" But, he's still celebrated as he and his OFA of 30,000+ operatives try to stop current government progress. Must write a post on this nonsense when energy permits. Disgusted with us, Americans who support him, especially media.…


Americans have one chance to continue  halting the "Progressives'" 8-decades long revolution to transform America to a lesser state, not of the founders' vision but to one of their own, to destroy the nation that has been a model for the world. Obama was their patron saint and he did much to transform the nation. Hillary Clinton was to complete the transformation to irreversible condition. It seems that Donald Trump, with his obvious faults, was the only person, of all those seeking the presidency, who could, and would, stop the march to perdition, aka destruction. "Progressive" Democrats have spent two years trying to stop his plans. If congress goes Democrat, they will do all possible to take to destroy his administration and continue their transformation 

When Obama came on the scene, shortly after his speech at the 2004 Democrat convention, I started observing him. It was a sure bet that he would be the "darling" of the "Progressive" …