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Monday, December 21, 2015


By Michael Wilson· 
I watched the last two hours of the DP debate. A penance for some sin of omission or commission, don'tcha know? I came away depressed (in addition to being bored to tears.) I can accept, and publicly state for the record, that Trump's proposed solutions to our nation's woes and travails are fantasies that have no chance of being implemented in the real world. I also accept that a certain percentage of my colleagues accept that Trump can somehow, on the strength of his really fantastic and incredible personality, persuade the Mexican government to pay for an expensive wall that they cannot in any way afford, to reduce what revenues they have, for instance. What amazes me is that anyone could listen to Bernie Sanders' fatuous solutions and think that they have even as much chance as Trump's fantasies.
How does anyone, even the most dedicated supporter of the DP, who has followed Hillary Clinton's career of mendacity, deception, and use of any tactics, no matter how dishonest, despicable and harmful to others (suppression of the "bimbo eruptions, e.g.) right up to her lies to the faces of of the families of those killed in Benghazi as to the circumstances of their deaths, continue to support or even accept her candidacy? Are you so politically jaded as to think that she is not utterly corrupt? Have you forgotten the cattle futures fiasco, in which intelligent people were asked to accept that a tyro in the field of futures dealing was just blessedly fortunate in making $70,000 almost overnight without illegally "straddling," for instance? Do you just ignore the use of foreign front organizations to funnel foreign "donations" in to the Clinton coffers?
I will submit once again that she combines all her husband's flaws without his intelligence, charm and skill. Absent her fortuitous marriage to Bill Clinton, I believe she would now be a discredited, low level lawyer whose inherent dishonesty would probably have seen her disbarred by now. She is certainly no latter day Joan of Arc, fit to lead the nation. She has no place at the table with Golda Meier, Margaret Thatcher, or even Angela Merkel. One may admire these women's abilities and characters, even if one may disagree with their policies or politics. Hillary Clinton has not earned such respect and consideration.
Martin O'Malley ran the once prosperous Baltimore into the dirt, laying the groundwork for the recent riots in that unhappy city. He went on, as governor, to drive half the business in the state out with the same asinine, PC, "progressive" policies that he would bring to a nation already reeling from 7 years of Obama. Even the "blue" citizens of Maryland, a solid DP bastion, became fed up with his destructive incompetence and tossed him out on his ass. And now he has the hubris to think that he should be considered for the office of POTUS?
Only this aggregation of ineptitude, dishonesty, doltishness and political careerism could have any chance of getting me to vote for Donald Trump. If the DP were to run one of their few remaining decent, reasonable, and demonstrably competent members such as Jim Webb or Joe Manchin, I would be very tempted to cross over the line in 2016, but there is no danger of this happening with any of this sorry lot heading your ticket.

Thursday, December 17, 2015


Our youth may be up to the task of correcting our societal ills:
 By Michael Wilson

Owner/editor note: Many of us, seemingly most at times, view our youth, so victimized by the cultural changes that the older among us have witnessed for decades, as having "lost" the attitudes and values that we've considered essential to maintaining the America that became the greatest nation of all times. I am one who has become pessimistic that America can recover from decadence, and avoid further decline, brought on by the cultural revolution originating in the '60s. The burden of correcting the condition falls on our youth. What we see on public display gives little to no encouragement that they will meet the requirements. In this post Michael Wilson presents a positive personal experience with youth that suggests there is more justification to be optimistic than some of us believe. Mr. Wilson is a thoughtful person who is one who is more optimistic than some of us and this story supports his optimism.
Michael Wilson's Experience with youth: 
December 15, 2015
I see the same depressing news stories about today's youth that we all do, and I am as troubled as most are by them. Materialism, fascination with celebrities whose only claim to fame is the celebrity status itself, and an attachment to their electronic devices that seems to bid fair to put an end to real personal discourse. It all seems very troubling.
Well, I am hear to tell you that all is not lost. Last week I was privileged to spend two spiritually rejuvenating days at Clarke Co., VA High School. I was asked to demonstrate the blacksmith craft to the Voag, Votech, and art students. I had anticipated, at most, a few dozen participants, but I soon lost track of the count. All were pleasant, well behaved, respectful, and most were very interested. More were interested, both in numbers and percentages of those present, than I would have expected, but more importantly those who did not see my presentation as an epiphany were quiet and respectful. Most gratifying to me were the young people who juggled their classes to return, or who came back on their lunch breaks.
There is no group in the western world to whom ''face'' is more important than teenagers, and for whom public failure or embarrassment is more troubling. Despite this, many came forward to try their hands at something totally new, different, and challenging. They did this in front of their contemporaries. Their peers, rather than looking for opportunities to sharp shoot or humiliate, were supportive and encouraging. Everyone who tried succeeded in making an entry level item at the anvil, and I am not one who believes in trophies for participation. They listened, they worked hard and, because of this behavior, they succeeded. Their fellow students who watched also learned.
What I had anticipated as an opportunity to perhaps generate a bit of interest, and possibly an opportunity to find a young person or two who might want to help me in my shop in return for some training and a stipend, turned out to be a spiritually rejuvenating demonstration to me that all is far from lost in America's young. These were nice kids, and hard workers. They were not afraid to risk screwing up in front of their peers. They were smart, They were pleasant. They were respectful. So, a sincere "well done" to the administration and faculty of CCHS and their parents. These things do not happen in vacuums of sound adult involvement, after all. But most of all, a "well done and thank you" to the students who attended and participated. You made the experience a wonderful two days for this grumpy old man!

Friday, December 4, 2015


San Bernardino terrorism: Questioning Christian Church Liberalism
By Dr. Robert Warren 

 After what just happened in California, and watching the “walking on hot coals dance” of the authorities, I was struck by the need to say something about the oppressive acts against Christians around the nation and the world - and that maybe we need to rethink the liberalism that has infected so many of today’s Christian churches.  Bob Warren
Onward, Christian Soldiers:

Within the past few months, we have seen the Umpqua Community College shooting by a gunman who selected Christians for slaughter and now the San Bernardino attack on a “Christmas” Party by an Islamic husband and wife team. In both instances, there is evidence of jihadist radicalization and Muslim terrorism - although the media and the authorities have been more than careful to withhold final judgment.

We have an administration that has, or intends to, let in tens of thousands of refugees from Islamic countries with the most recent being Syria. Significantly, President Obama’s has said that America does not have a religious test when it comes to admitting refugees. The facts do not support his claim – so far, about 50 Syrian Christian refugees have been allowed into America versus over 2,000 Syrian Muslims. (This in the face of a Christian genocide throughout the mid-East and North Africa. This in the face of ISIS infiltration throughout the USA.)

As a child, I remember the Christian churches throughout America. These were churches where preachers “thundered from the pulpit” against sin and oppression. These were not the churches of today, far too many of which have succumbed to the free love movement of the 1960s.

Suddenly, a hymn that I haven’t heard in a Christian church in probably half a century popped into my mind. It was a hymn that was deemed too aggressive and bellicose for modern Christianity. Well, maybe it is time to brush off the old hymnbook and start singing something that enlivens and emboldens the fighting spirit of the Christian Church. Below are the words to “Onward, Christian Soldiers”:

1. Onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war,
with the cross of Jesus going on before.
Christ, the royal Master, leads against the foe;
forward into battle see his banners go!
Onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war,
with the cross of Jesus going on before.

2. At the sign of triumph Satan's host doth flee;
on then, Christian soldiers, on to victory!
Hell's foundations quiver at the shout of praise;
brothers, lift your voices, loud your anthems raise.

3. Like a mighty army moves the church of God;
brothers, we are treading where the saints have trod.
We are not divided, all one body we,
one in hope and doctrine, one in charity.

4. Crowns and thrones may perish, kingdoms rise and wane,
but the church of Jesus constant will remain.
Gates of hell can never against that church prevail;
we have Christ's own promise, and that cannot fail.

5. Onward then, ye people, join our happy throng,
blend with ours your voices in the triumph song.
Glory, laud, and honor unto Christ the King,
this through countless ages men and angels sing.

Monday, November 30, 2015

OBAMA -- Global Warming Cause of Terrorism

Obama and global warming/climate change most critical problem for USA and the world.

It is incomprehensible that Barack Obama and his spokespeople can declare global warming, aka climate change, the “cause of terrorism.” It's equally incomprehensible that Obama proclaims global warming/climate change, not terrorism, the greatest threat to America. This delusional behavior violates the first requirement of the constitution to provide security for the American people.

It's ludicrous that he focus attention on climate change in Paris just after the terrorists murderous attacks on innocents. Having said that, let's remember that Obama considered it unnecessary to attend a solidarity demonstration with heads of 40 countries in Paris after the bombing of publisher, Charlie Hebdo. This arrogance, or ignorance, is even more unacceptable since the USA is the major target in the world for radical Islamic terrorists. But, his shills and apologists will remind us that he sent Sec. Of State, John Kerry to Paris with James Taylor to sing Talyor's signature song, “You've Got a f Friend,” to the French. Maybe he can send Taylor again.

Now comes a new attack on innocents in Paris with several killed and more wounded. Obama's focus as he attends a G-20 summit is, again, global warming.

Now, his comment that his focus on global warming would be the greatest rebuke of terrorists possible is beyond ridiculous. Can anyone explain any rationale for this? Delusional is a kind word.

I contend that this delusional behavior is reflective of the fact that “The best of Americans do not present for elective office now and American voters willfully elect the worst who do.”(JAM 20120). We are our own problem when we elect an unqualified president, not once but twice. Impossible to comprehend!!

Friday, November 20, 2015



SYRIAN REFUGEES: A few weeks ago the question of the Daily Press Newspaper (Tribune) to the Saturday morning DP Buzz contributors was, “SHOULD WE BRING REFUGEES INTO THE USA OR NOT? My answer was, and remains, “Emotions cry out (scream) to give them refuge, but analytical, objective and logical thinking says that, since America is the major target of radical Islamic terrorists, our government cannot justify admitting them and still uphold the major constitutional obligation to provide security for Americans. Rather, we should assist in placing them in places not subject to terrorism. It should be the Middle East nations, but at this time it is probably too late. There is now too much evidence of masses of young men without women and children seeking refuge to ignore terrorism aspects of this mass movement of people.

And by the way, it is totally unacceptable for “President” Obama to politically chide opponents of giving refuge as not wanting to protect women and orphans. His commentary is more reprehensible with event or action.
SYRIAN REFUGEES: A few weeks ago the question of the Daily Press Newspaper to the Saturday morning DP Buzz contributors was, “SHOULD WE BRING REFUGEES INTO THE USA OR NOT? My answer was, and remains, “Emotions cry out (scream) to give them refuge, but analytical, objective and logical thinking says that, since America is the major target of radical Islamic terrorists, our government cannot justify admitting them and still uphold the major constitutional obligation to provide security for Americans. Rather, we should assist in placing them in places not subject to terrorism. It should be the Middle East nations, but at this time it is probably too late. There is now too much evidence of masses of young men without women and children seeking refuge to ignore terrorism aspects of this mass movement of people.

And by the way, it is totally unacceptable for “President” Obama to politically chide opponents of giving refuge as not wanting to protect women and orphans. His commentary is more reprehensible with event or action.

Monday, October 26, 2015


The Benghazi Cover-up By H. Clinton and The Obama Administration
By Dr. Robert Warren,  PhD

Over 40 years ago, Richard Nixon was forced to resign as President of the United States of America. His guilt lay not in the commission of the crimes of Watergate but in its cover-up. A stupid political burglary and its aftermath ended the Nixon presidency. Significantly, no one died and the guilty were sent to jail.

Fast forward to today. Barack Obama continues as President of the United States. He, as well as his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, covered up an al Queda orchestrated assault on the Ambassador to Libya. Unlike the Watergate burglary, four Americans died. Unlike the Watergate burglary, an innocent man was sent to prison to prop up the lie that a film caused the Islamic world to go crazy. No one guilty of bureaucratic or political failure was held legally accountable.

I would ask why no impeachment inquiry has been suggested. The parallels between Watergate and Benghazi are substantial. First, the incidents in both cases led to a high level cover-up and there is no question that the cover-up took place – the Secretary of State admitted it in her e-mails shortly after the disaster. Second, there will be people that say no crime was committed and that is the difference between Watergate and Benghazi. Well, an innocent man was unjustly accused and subsequently remanded to prison to protect the cover-up. It that not a crime? Third, the Ambassador to Libya repeatedly asked for help in this very dangerous land. Supposedly some 600 e-mails were sent pleading for help. Is ignoring the constant pleas not a crime? Fourth, after the Libyan massacre, no one was admonished, no one was punished and no one was tried in a court of law. The State Department and likely other Departments of the government are involved in stonewalling a Congressional inquiry and hindering potential prosecutions. Are these not crimes?

What is apparent is that there are truly very few Republicans, and for that matter Democrats, who are willing to take on a sitting president who is likely involved in the cover-up of terrorism. Oh, they will dance around the issues and try to make political points, but a crime? No! Impeachment? No! Respect for the Rule of Law? No! Respect for the Constitution? No! Anything of substance? No!

In The Republic, Plato describes how governments descend into tyranny. You will have to judge just where we are as a nation and a people, but acceptance of the abuses noted above reflect base immorality, unethical behavior and almost certainly crime at the highest levels of government.

Editor's note: Dr. Warren's work is characteristically analytical and insightful regarding the Benghazi scandal. To the thoughtful reader it is demonstrative of systemic national decadence.
This is The American Condition under the Obama administration. It is likely to be permanent and will be guaranteed so if Hillary Clinton is elected to the presidency of the United States.

Monday, October 5, 2015


I was sent a meme comparing what Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders had allegedly done alluding to what they would do if elected. Fact is we would be electing two more of the least among us. I thought of George Washington as I read the propaganda. My thoughts.

When George Washington, surely one of the "Best Among Americans in his time," was approached to be our first president he asked, "Have I not done enough for my country?" He had, of course, but he gave in and did much more. We, as a society, have devolved so far since the founders envisaged that accomplished people would lend themselves to the masses for a period of time to use their skills and talents for the benefit of all, for the nation. 

We have now devolved to a state where the unaccomplished, the "Least Among Us," present for leadership positions and are elected by non-thinking, reflexively acting people. Why would we expect a person who has accomplished nothing of substance in their most productive years to work miracles in the final chapter of their life's story. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are two such people. 

Here are two people who have spent the prime years of their life accomplishing little to nothing. They have no measurable achievements and obviously no skills and talents to lend to the masses. They can, and would if elected, continue destruction of a nation that some of the "Best Among Us" built. Apparently we didn't hit bottom with Obama. There's more devolution to come.

Thursday, September 24, 2015


Hillary Clinton's Lack of Ethics Disqualify Her to be President

As Barack Obama speaks of transformation of America, Hillary Clinton reflects the transformation of  traditional America that's been going on for decades. Obama is just worsening it. I have long observed, and often written, that the American societal condition is now largely reflective of the counter-cultural and sub-cultural movement, aka transformation, started in the 60's. Arguably, it can be said to have started in the 50's as classical Liberalism was destroyed by "Progressive." Several, even many, societal practices and behavior are now definitive of this transformed American Condition. Perhaps none is more prevalent, more prominent, than the decline in moral and ethical behavior and practices. Absolutes of morals and ethics that once defined America are replaced by relativism and whatever can be deemed legal. Arguably, this is all too common with political figures.

Bill and Hillary Clinton have always been practitioners of moral and ethical relativism. It was none other than Bill Clinton who popularized, as well as redefined, the term “situational ethics.” Today, Hillary Clinton epitomizes the abrogation of ethics and morals in her actions to obfuscate and refuse to cooperate in legitimate inquiries into her behavior and her practices as Secretary of State of the United States. A most often used phrase is, “there is no evidence” to indict her. Typically, she depends on whatever can be deemed legal. Morals and ethics are of no concern to her.

This behavior is not new for her, but it's imperative that it be defined and that Americans understand the importance of this as she seeks to lead America as president. She is simply not qualified, not by achievements for America and surely not by personal integrity.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015



In June 2007, I developed a detailed comprehensive proposal for immigration reform including focus also on combating terrorism. It was presented to President Bush and published. I spoke, by invitation, to many groups in several venues. It was even taken to Britain because a British couple who heard my presentation saw many comparisons to their immigration debacle. Recommendation #13 of 23 was "Make sanctuary cities illegal NOW! Ban new sanctuaries and cease operating existing ones. Cut off federal funds to sanctuary cities. " The heinous random murder of a young woman in San Francisco, arguably the most egregious violator of sensible policy by extremist Democrat-Progressive management, is the most recent example of the nonsensical and dangerous nature of this policy. Why is it policy? Irrespective of intellectually dishonest spin to the contrary, it is but one more ploy by "Progressives" to build voter blocs. Conservatives tend to trump the Progressive dishonesty and subterfuge with stupidity in battling the practice. Why do I use the word stupid. They equate "comprehensive reform with amnesty." Dumb!

I still see my 2007 proposal as superior to any other (if there is one somewhere) but Progressives objected to doing anything but open the borders to all comers and some conservatives condemned the plan because of the word "comprehensive." When dishonesty collides with stupid,  we get nothing but chaos and, in this case, crime, including murder and more.

I see no resolution of this dilemma, a "broken nation," given the people we continue to elect to major office. "The best among us do not present for elective office and American voters willfully elect the worst who do." (JAM, 2012)

Thursday, June 18, 2015



This article was run in The Virginia Gazette June 17, 2015. It addresses sound reasons that John Hinckley, would be assassin of President Reagan in 1981, should not be released from the mental facility where he has been housed since he was found "not guilty by reason of insanity." It is our considered judgement that releasing him to his octogenarian mother relying on psychotropic drugs to control his psychosis is a mistake and motivated by factors other than logic and objective determination of his condition. I invite all to comment.

By Contributor, Joe Mann

The Gazette article, “Hinckley's Voice, Emotions Come Through in Court Documents (Gazette 6/6/2015) is the third in local papers by AP reporter, Jessica Gresko, since she interviewed and filmed me and my wife Carol in early April. She found me through blog posts from 2012. While both Carol and I gave the reporter much information as to why Hinckley should not be mainstreamed here, including massive opposition by Kingsmill residents, little of that was reported. At the end of the primary article our opposition was noted briefly with commentary that we were “not forgiving” as others were. “Forgiving” is not the issue, security of citizens is and I told her so. Others included the retired librarian from Eastern State Hospital where Hinckey was required to volunteer, a realtor who doesn't live in Kingsmill, but has shown “100's of houses” there. Also, the recently elected chairman of the Board of Supervisors said he'd “trust the doctors.” The librarian referred to Hinckley as a “sweet man.” Does a sweet man attempt to assassinate and wound our president, permanently incapacitate another victim, Jim Brady, who's recent death has been said to be due to his wounds? Oh, and there were two others less severely injured. But, never mind those details, Hinckley's psychosis has been “cured” as asserted by some “doctors.” Others claim he is “in remission.” When the reporter asked if we disbelieved the doctors, we explained why neither of these assertions can be considered absolute and are not valid justification for mainstreaming Hinckley.

Neither sociologists nor psychologists practice exact science. Unlike the exact sciences, conclusions are seldom derived from absolute data or other irrefutable information. Rather, they are deduced from personal judgment, interpretations of various behavioral situations and trends, not scientific laws. Worst of all, they are subject to prejudice and ideological bias, especially in a case like Hinckley's. When their conclusions are wrong, results can be catastrophic. So it has been with the mainstreaming of psychopaths and the criminally insane since the Community Mental Health Act of 1963. We discussed several of the cases, since the CMHA, of mass murders by mainstreamed criminally insane when they went off the psychotropic drugs.

Hinckley is on such psychotropic drugs. Contrary to claims by some, these drugs do not cure his psychosis. The drugs only control the condition at best – so long as he takes them. Neither does psychosis truly go into “remission,” as some diseases can. Rather, the drugs suppress the condition – again, so long as he takes them. That's the key! If he goes off the drugs the probability that carnage may result is high. Once again reality is being ignored. When will the “experts” learn? When will they recognize the negative results of their past decisions. Do their biases and their ideology blind them to the reality that such conditions are not cured with controlling drugs. Our assertion that Hinckley's underlying condition cannot be considered “fixed” was reported at the conclusion of the principle article and also in the video. We respect that, but it was not adequate.

We questioned why there is such a compulsion to “force-fit” Hinckley into a community that largely opposes it. And, why put him in the home of his aging mother? What happens when she dies? As previously reported, he has two siblings. Why do they not take charge of him?

While most of our input in the lengthy interview wasn't reported, immediate response to what was reported was overwhelming. We got calls from the TV networks, including NBC's Today Show, radio programs in three cities, Fox News and many individuals. Virtually all agreed with our comments. Of special note was the comment from the cameraman. “This interview is awesome. I'm coming away with a whole different perspective than I had.” The reporter and her editor weren't as enthusiastic.

This case is exemplary of the serious flaws in our mental health system, the CMHA and the courts as well.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015



There is a hearing today on mainstreaming would-be assassin, John Hinckley, in his mother's home in Williamsburg, VA. Last week an AP reporter, along with a cameraman, interviewed my wife and me twice for a total of approximately 1.5 hours. We expressed many reasons why he should not be mainstreamed. In both the print-press report and the video, our extensive comments were reduced to basically that we were opposed!! I have had many responses, locally and from other areas, including broadcast media. I will write a more extensive piece tomorrow. In the meantime, please review these post from 2012.


Friday, December 28, 2012



Hospital pushes plan for more Hinckley visits here

The hospital responsible for the care of attempted presidential assassin John Hinckley Jr. intends to move forward with a plan seeking more visits for Hinckley to his mother's home in James City County. 
This is a headline for an article to appear Saturday, Dec, 29, 2012, in our local paper, The Virginia Gazette. In spite of the recent massacre at Sandy Hook School in Newtown, CT, and many other such incidents as contra-indicators, the social workers and psychologists at the hospital where would-be presidential assassin, John Hinckley, has been confined have been fighting for at least two years to mainstream him right here in our community to live with his octogenarian (and not well) mother.

Hinckley was judged "not guilty by reason of insanity." So, insane or insanity can be used to lighten the sentence of a criminal but is taboo to use in describing the criminal in terms that threaten
people in any community in which he lives and operates.

The misguided social workers and psychologists continuously fought for more visits for him and most recently for housing him permanently with his mother. NOTE: Hinckley has two siblings in the Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, area but they don't want him there. The ruse they perpetrate is that people of Dallas don't want him. So, they think we in Kingsmill do?

Hinckley has not been free of problems during his confinement in the hospital in Washington, DC. He has been reported to have problems with personal relationships. It was his infatuation with teen actress Jody Foster that prompted him to shoot President Reagan to get her attention. Does anyone truly think that condition is "fixed." He has also been observed by Secret Service agents following him,  going "out of bounds" in his visits here.

Secret Service agents have not recommended his "mainstreaming," nor have local police and residents, nor has the prosecutor in Northern Virginia!! But, social workers will not be stopped. They know they assert. They are wrong, but being wrong doesn't stop them. Theory and emotion trump facts.


Saturday, December 29, 2012


MORE ON JOHN HINCKLEY -- From today's Virginia Gazette

Yesterday I posted a headline and some information about would-be Reagan assassin, John Hinckley's, efforts to be mainstreamed in our Williamsburg, VA community. More information is now available and it further supports the idiocy of attempts to mainstream criminally insane people.

In Hinckley's case, a single federal judge, Paul L. Friedman,  is pushing, against advice of all others, for increased visitation which portends "eventual mainstreaming." Simply stated, "this is power that one biased person should not have." Of course the judge is biased!! His politics are also predictable. Such decisions are driven by left-wing political philosophy. Always have been.

The judge is "prodding St. Elizabeth's Hospital to proceed with plans to expand overnight visits here to "two 17-day visits followed by six 24-day visits, which could lead to [permanent] convalescent leave here, with his frail octogenarian mother to care for him. MAKE SENSE?? Hardly, except to mindless people who never look at the results of their political decisions. What is right to them is what they can get promulgated into law. Results are never measured. Their philosophy always prevails.

In August 2012, the Colonial Behavioral Health Agency hannounced they would have no part in managing or treating Hinckley here. Judge Friedman also denied a request by Hinckley's lawyer, Barry Levine, to withdraw from the case for non-payment of bills.

So, one misguided, all-powerful judge overrules all others (including objections from 1,000s of people) and orders attorneys for the hospital, Hinckley and the federal government to submit a report by Jan. 18 on "what's next."

So, what is next? Will it be another criminal act? When? What excuse will the judge and other politically misguided people have for it? Of course, to many of these people who are on a mindless march to mediocrity such events have never happened. But, they have and they continue! Einstein's definition of insanity applies to these people. "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome." And, so it is!

Saturday, April 18, 2015


As a result of deficit spending of $24 million in recent years for land control, James City County Virginia's Supervisory Board is proposing an unexpected 11% tax increase. This is, in large part, driven by previous boards "marriage" to the philosophies of UN Agenda 21 and ICLEI, of which the county was a member for several years until activists "persuaded" their divorce in 2013. Land development rights, as well as outright purchases were made, even with deficit spending, while critical needs of the county were being ignored. The county is now faced with a tax increase, radical budget cuts or both. This article was published in The Virginia Gazette on April 15, 2015.

Publisher Digby Soloman's April 4 Virginia Gazette editorial “Who's Minding the Store,”addressing the proposed James City County tax increase, was excellent and thought-provoking. However, it was far kinder to the Board of Supervisors, past and present, than it could have or should have been!

The issue of how we got to this state is not being told. Deficit spending and the drawing down of reserve funds is profound mismanagement. The fact that it's now necessary to increase taxes to provide for even a single critical need, storm water mitigation, has a far greater cause than Republican supervisors voting against it. Why did they have to vote it down? Where was the necessary money spent?

The most clarifying presentation of spending over the years, that I've heard, was given by supervisor Kennedy in two venues a year ago. However his recent op-ed on what services would be cut if a tax increase were denied was of a totally different tone – satirical-like. The whole truth is not yet revealed, but it must be. And, those responsible for the dilemma should be held accountable.

Focus is on lost revenue from reduced real estate assessments. To be sure, reduced home assessments produced a revenue shortfall. Such a shortfall could legitimately be thought of as temporary thereby justify use of reserve funds. But, that's not the major part of this story. Money spent for land control is.

I tried to broach the issue of land control and it's costs at the recent Roberts District meeting. Frankly, supervisor McGlennon was not eager to address the the issue and its contribution to budget problems. He stated that citizens approved spending for land purchases. Were they told that tax increases would be necessary? Did they understand the resultant deficit spending and reduction of the reserve fund, hence a lowering of the county's bond rating? Doubtful! Did they anticipate critical needs being set aside to permit spending for land control? Did they expect their supervisors to be driven according to an ideological agenda which they were told nothing about? No! The magnitude of this part of deficit spending is as shocking as the mind-set that drove it is worrisome.

James City County has spent $24+ million for land control since about 2009, $21 million for “greenspace” and $3 million for “purchased development rights.” As late as November 2013, $3.9 million were spent for two “greenspace” properties, $2.6 M for Carleton Farms and $1.3 M for the Gilley farm. Jamestown camp grounds cost the county $12 million in 2009. Whatever one chooses to call this, it's land control, which portends people control, the mind-set of adherents to Agenda 21/ICLEI of which James City County was a member. We were assured that the dues of a few hundred dollars per year were insignificant. True, but the same mind-set that paid these dues also promoted spending millions.

I realize that my analysis and comments will cause mind explosions with some. Sometimes truth, especially with ideological issues, can do that.

Finally, I want to assert that I give way to nobody in love for the land. I grew up in rural West Virginia, where we loved and respected the land and environment. After traveling much of the world, and living in major cites, my heart and soul are still rural. But, I am opposed to control of land and people and the overall agenda of ideologues who have no personal experience and simply promote the agenda of the herd they march with as has happened here. Innocents pay the price of management by ideology rather than by prioritized critical needs of citizens.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


 I have long contended that the United States will have conflicts over water in time. That time may be getting closer than some want to think. Areas of the country that have insufficient surface water to impound have long relied upon ground water aquifers, some of which aren't fully replenishing under the stress of increasing demand. Investors have bought millions of acres of water rights betting on the impending under-supply to increase in value -- and they are undoubtedly right. Canada has water, some northern states here have water but many southwestern regions have grossly inadequate water. Mexico lacks water and looks north as we impound water that would find its way there. The problems of inadequate water need to be addressed analytically, objectively and intelligently, Strategies must be developed to mitigate the problems. 

My area of James City County, Virginia, is totally dependent on ground water, the largest municipality in Virginia to be so. The issue has never been dealt with strategically. Time is now to do so. As I try to understand their plans, I see no strategy, only a way to extend what is being done now. 
In this blog I have written about "FOREVER MISTAKES," ones that have long term negative consequences. This is one. I dare say that other areas of the USA experience similar situations.
Here is JCCs case from my experiences.


So, James City County is finally concerned about water supply. The Gazette's headline Feb 4, “County's Options For Water Drying Up,” could have been written long ago. “James City's water woes” addressed in Rusty Carter's editorial, were predictable for decades. Not having dealt with them indicts all county governing boards for ignoring increasing demand for water and for thoughtless reliance on ground water from aquifers that aren't replenishing. Moreover, Potomac aquifer, is “old water,” never to be replenished. County government long knew of the impending supply problem. They were admonished that we'd eventually have a water shortage and possibly even total loss of an aquifer. I personally admonished the BOS, throughout the 1970's and again from early 1990's that water supply was a critical issue. All BOS's are guilty of malfeasance. There has been no strategic sense or vision and no interest in the hard reality of the water shortage they were warned of. When I first came to the area, I was surprised that both the county and my employer used ground water.

In the 1970's, as Director of R&D for fiber producer BASF, I had to know about the processes and materials used to produce fiber. Water, several million gallons per day, was the major processing material. Interrupted supply of water, even for short periods, would be catastrophic and shut down the plants with resultant costs of millions of dollars. I was concerned that water was “old water” from the Potomac aquifer with high levels of metallic salts. To be useable, it had to be purified. I monitored the county's water situation periodically. Concerns increased year-by-year as we learned that the top aquifers, Chickahominy and Piney Point, the county's sole sources then, were not fully replenishing. “Hitting the wall” was inevitable.

Until I left BASF Fibers in 1982, I expressed my concerns to county officials to no avail. Since the county had given up Little Creek and Diascund to Newport News, the only solution to me was to go inland to the upper reaches of the James or York rivers. Or, go further west where water and suitable land were available, and where some needed flood control. Suitable land means hollows and valleys where many acre-feet of water can be impounded per acre of land, unlike flat land where an acre of land is needed per acre-foot of water. There was no interest, no creative thinking. Too far to pump water! Couldn't conceive of using rail and roadway rights of way. I recommended that BASF contract for water with Newport News, as Busch had wisely done. I departed.

When I returned to purchase BASF in 1989, BASF and the county were still drawing ground water. The county's imbalance in water needs vs. supply had increased. In making the purchase, water was a major issue. Mann Industries bought the plants anyway but BASF maintained headquarters there. In the purchase contract we agreed to sell water to BASF for cooling. At times my operations people reported concerns about both supply and quality of water. I worried about drawing so much water from a non-replenishing aquifer. I advised BASF that we would stop selling them water. They cooperated and installed another cooling system. We began plans for purchasing water.

Back to the county. In early 1990's Supervisor Ron Nervitt asked about desalinating river water. I advised that technology was not effective in desalinating brackish water of varying salinity. When asked, I advised of my use of Potomac aquifer water and my concerns about supply from 500-ft wells. I advised that salinity was constant and could be desalinated. From those discussions, the 5-forks desalination plant was conceived. From 800-ft wells we have water, but the future is still uncertain with no viable plan for adequate supply. Four to five decades of mismanagement and it continues.
It is absolutely unconscionable, that we have hired a lobbyist to “work” the VA DEQ to permit the county to draw more water to hasten “hitting the wall.”

Wednesday, January 28, 2015



What could be a more amateurish act of “diplomacy” than Secretary Of State, John Kerry enlisting James Taylor as his musical ambassador to Paris after President Obama snubbed the French and some forty other heads of states in their show of solidarity against terrorism January 11 in Paris. While major media coverage of this spectacle has been minimal the internet left-wing propaganda network has been actively trying to justify Obama's absence and Kerry's ill-advised attempt to cover for him.

The sight of James Taylor, a talented musician, leaning over his guitar singing to the French “You've Got A Friend,” with John Kerry awkwardly looking on as a woman equally awkwardly held a microphone, was disappointing to disgusting – emphasis on the latter.

How many ways can President Obama and his administration embarrass America and reduce her preeminence in the world? One can only assume that their efforts are deliberate. In the case of batting terrorism Obama cannot even bring himself to recognize what the threat is and who is responsible.

When Europe, and even some middle easterners, finally unite in some measure of solidarity against terrorism, Obama abdicates his responsibility, as “leader of the free world,” even to participate in the show of solidarity.

I believe Obama's action in this case are far more defining of him and his view of the terrorism threat than has been addressed by media or any individual.

And, who can doubt that the French and others viewed Kerry's and Taylor's performance as anything other than amateurish and pathetic. Diplomacy it was not!

More on Obama's intentions in a later post.

Sunday, January 18, 2015


Some mistakes have long-lasting consequences -- "Forever Mistakes," Mann 2012


In the show of solidarity of some 40 world leaders against terrorism in Paris, January 11, 2015, President Obama's absence was more than just a faux pas, more than a casual mistake. American presidents have long been recognized in most of the world as "leaders of the free world." In effect, Obama stepped down from that position and abdicated his obligations as such leader. His failure to show in Paris, his failure to lead, his snubbing of other heads of state, his arrogance or ineptitude will have long-lasting consequences. In May 2012, I posted a list of such consequential acts and termed them "Forever Mistakes." Obama's absence will be one of these, perhaps the crowning one. 

The show of solidarity of the leaders must be viewed as a turning point in fighting terrorism. I believe it's the first show of unity of so many nations in battling Jihad. It also indicates that Obama has no interest in American supremacy in fighting terror, although our nation is arguably the most significant target of Jihadists. 

This act is arguably the most significant of many indications that Obama has no interest in American supremacy on world issues, in spite of the aid we give to many and in spite of America's major role in financing the United Nations. 

Yes, it's a major issue, a major abdication of presidential responsibilities in spite of some who try to find justification for his absence. Even his spokesman admitted the mistake. Some others do not.

The Paris demonstration must be analyzed, dissected and understood for the major turning point that it is. I will do this more comprehensively in a subsequent post.