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I've been a bit slow this week but have quite a few items to write. Will try to shape up. In the meantime I want to offer a brief commentary on the Iranian attack on the British Embassy (or English Embassy according to Obama sans teleprompter).

The media is either uninformed and are consequently misinforming us, or they don't want to tell the truth. I will opt to believe the latter. When they report that "students are attacking the British Embassy," they are not telling the whole truth. In fact little of it.

Truth is the real attackers are thugs of the regime, the domestic militia, "basij,"  Ahmedenijad's domestic "peace keepers." Some will say, "so what?"  The "so what" to those of us who try to understand analytically how actions in other nations (other regimes) relate to the USA is, "how does this affect us?" Simple linear thinking says, "Iran is attacking an American ally." Yes. True. We must react a…


Today I received a nice letter from the "President -- Aadvantage Loyalty Program," American Airlines' frequent flyer program. On 09/12/2011, some readers will have read my post regarding how an American pilot and a couple of friendly flight attendants I met in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, helped me get an American flight out on the 6th day of being stranded after 9/11/2001.This was the good side of American Airlines and I'm sure there are more good examples. However, there is a bad side that is a "union story" that is worth telling as a part of "the other side of unions (not the hyped romanticized side)" that I've contemplated writing, but have been late in doing so. Frankly, the AA story is a minor one compared to the big union picture, but it's significant, especially at this point in time.

For years, I flew often on American Airlines to Latin America, Europe, and within North America. The service was usually good to excellent, except …

AMERICANS -- WHO WE WERE, WHO WE MUST BE AGAIN I've hesitated to post this but, frankly, it's a message I would want every American to hear and develop a passion for rejecting those who promote the decline in America. Believe me, America today is not the America that I grew up in and it is changing even more. As a good friend and a loyal American, who fled Casto's Cuba in 1960 for a free life in America, told me a few days ago, "It is already not the same America I came to in 1960." He and his wife know what we are facing, if we do not stop the socialist/Marxist assault on our nation, as do many other friends and associates who started life as they did and have come to me with their concerns. It is no small number from several countries of origin. 

Please avoid the impulse to consider these thoughts to be radical. I have been observing, analyzing and studying the social decline since 60's as a college student then a college faculty member. The radical anti-Am…

SOLYNDRA -- E-MAILS, CHU, OBAMA, KAISER -- written Nov. 9 but not posted

From the e-mails among Solyndra people, DOE's Chu, George Kaiser and unidentified (for now) other WH people now being exposed, only Obama sycophants and acolytes would contend he had nothing to do with the absurd $528 million "investment" by DOE in the defunct company. Kaiser, a huge fundraiser for Obama, visited the WH 17 times. E-mails state that Solyndra was discussed every visit, contrary to the White House's (Obama's) contention that only charitable donations were discussed. Sure!!! No sensible person would think anything other than that Obama was involved. So what. Will he pay any price??

No. He will skate from this as he does from all misdeeds, including serial lying to the American people and grossly mismanaging his office. In all of my professional life, I have never witnessed a person in a position of responsibility and authority as unqualified for the job. Only in politics can this happen.....and in this case arguably the most important position in the…


Click here: NBC Apologizes to Bachmann for Fallon Song Choice

It took more than a day for NBC and Fallon, who of course were "innocent" in the treatment of Congresswoman Bachmann on Fallon's show. Obviously, they were forced to apologize. Whether one agrees with, supports a person or not, there is no justification for the crude and biased treatment they get from show hosts and the networks themselves. Conservative women are treated the worst. Where are the NOW and NARAL folks and their ilk?

Who thinks Bill Maher is worth watching for even a second? I will highlight more of the rampant media corruption and bias as the 2012 election ramps up. It will be the dirtiest, most dishonest and corrupt campaign in history. I've seen the worst up to now (1995), but 2012 will make my experience pale. Just wait!


It's reported today that Dr. Donald Berwick will resign his position as head of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) before his recess appointment ends. Obama appointed Berwick during congressional recess in 2010 because Berwick would have not been approved by the Senate.

The Tribune News Service reports his early resignation this way: "Berwick, a longtime advocate for patient safety and improving the quality and efficiency of health care, has been widely hailed by doctors, hospital officials and other health care leaders." HHS Secretary Sebelius praised him for his work as "we transform health care delivery system."

"But, Republican lawmakers opposed to the law [health care] passed in 2010 blocked his confirmation in the Senate" (WHERE DEMOCRATS ARE IN THE MAJORITY !!). How disingenuous!! It's pure bias and many, perhaps most, who read it will never know the truth.

There is no mention that Berwick has been an advocate for socialized…


Here is a letter I submitted to the Wall Street Journal yesterday after Doug Schoen and Pat Caddell, two sensible Democrat consultants wrote an op-ed suggesting Obama not run in 2012. I submitted this letter in a bit longer, more detailed form on August 25. I doubt it will publish, although the WSJ has published for me before -- but come to think about it, when they have requested a write, such as piece on Latin America and one on NAFTA most recently. So! This is a bit anemic compared to what I initially submitted.

Adding the WSJ link:
Click here: Patrick Caddell and Douglas Schoen: The Hillary Moment -
November 21, 2011 To: The editor, Wall Street Journal
Doug Schoen and Pat Caddell have recognized and recommended that President Obama should not run for reelection. On August 25, 2011 I sent the same recommendation to Mr. Obama with a copy to The WSJ. He…


Click here: Jeb Hensarling: Why the Super Committee Failed - I hope readers can access this link from The WSJ today. It counters John Kerry's long winded defense of his side's actions and condemnation of the other side. He has been given a very disproportionate amount of air time by the media (no surprise!). The report says a lot, but to sum it up, Jeb Hensarling, the Republican co-chair, asserts that Republicans could have support additional taxes but not the blanket $1 trillion demanded by Democrats. He says their proposals were in line with the Simpson-Bowles commission report and its recommendations, which were simply not accepted (not even discussed) by President Obama.  Obama has been AWOL while the committee has been at work. Not only absent in debates on cutting spending, but has been "on the stump" demanding more stimulus spending.....demanding his so-called "jobs bill" be passed usurping Congress and imperialistically abrogating the "se…


There has been no more ardent shill for President Obama than Chris Matthews, MSNBC's talking head who experienced a thrilling tingle up his leg when Obama was elected. He's defended Obama to a degree that, in my opinion, has rendered Matthews incredible.
The assertions in this video link would suggest he finally is trying to be credible, has found a degree of honesty and has decided to tell the truth. I observe it with interest and with hope that the most ardent can see the light, but I won't believe it until I see more of the same and a condemnation of the anti-American stances and the damaging policies. I will hope!!



This came to me from a friend and I am passing it on for your perusal, although many of you know this. I will take the opportunity to use this as a lead piece for more writes on the incompetence and corruption of congress and the ineptitude of a president who is perennially AWOL when legislation is being debated until decisions are made and he then commands that is position be accepted. This imperialistic attitude is not acceptable and begs an explanation of whether he, as a consummate narcissist, is just not a leader or his strings are being pulled by others. I've been deliberately slow to come to conclusions other than the fact that he is not qualified, not a leader (which I wrote about in 2008) but now one must weigh all information.
Salary of retired US Presidents .............$450,000 FOR LIFE Salary of House/Senate members ..........$174,000FOR LIFE
Salary of Speaker of the House .............$223,500 FOR LIFE
Salary of Majority/Minority Leaders .....$193,400FOR LIF…


Click here: - Commodity Brokerage    PLEASE READ to the end I got some push-back on my commentary about Jon Corzine and MF Global...not much but a bit of disbelief. Below is first some comments by a friend, Mike, who is also a broker handling his own funds. Following that is an announcement by Ann Barnhardt, owner of Barnhardt Capital Management. She is exiting the market that she sees fraught with fraud. It is!!! I ask you to note her characterization of Corzine and the Obama administration. As I write this, the news is flashing back to Nov. 1 (yes!) and Obama is praising Corzine who has been considered for Treasury Secretary. Then comes VP Joe Biden praising Corzine and his genius about the ecoonomy. The MF Global case and the government involvement with the principles is but one indication of the fraud in government that the Obama administration has raised to a new "state of the art." Earlier it was Steven Chu, DOE and Solyndra. A story for tomorrow. 
From a Br…

Sent to me by a friend who calls himself "Old Easy," but he's not OLD at all....................Easy? Maybe. Smart and has his head on straight, for sure, even though he's not from WV. :) Thank you, e.


I saw a poll today that had a match-up of Romney over Obama by 50% to 40%. But, Obama should not worry because it is "probably within statistical error." "If Obama's number is 5% low and Romney's is 5% high," then they are even!! In the media there is a contest of stupid vs. more stupid. It's incredible that we have come to the level of intellect, or lack of it, that I've seen in my adult lifetime.
Then I see a moment or two of The View, and then Allen Colmes or Bob Beckel on Fox News and realize the dumbing down process is continuing........dynamic! Can it be stopped?
Sorry folks, but truth is truth even when it's bitter to swallow.


An episode today in the continuing saga of "Solyndra-DOE-Obama Corruption and Cover-up" would be utterly laughable were it not so serious. Steven Chu assured questioners that a "vigorous debate occurred in considering loan guarantees to Solyndra. That's supposed to say it all to defend fraud and corruption, I suppose.
But, what credibility do "vigorous debaters" have if they are dumber than dirt and as biased as Chu is???
Chu is the person who said the USA needs a gasoline price of at least $7.00/gallon.
Even the media who have the presence(?) to report this nonsense don't seem to have  courage or integrity to break it down and report the real essence of it.
However, worse than this dilemma is the reality that 30% of the electorate will simply buy it because they buy anything left-oriented and another 20% will accept it lazily without critique.
Yes, this is negative, but give me substantial reasoning to rebut it. A large percentage of voters proved the…


At times I've gotten some push back for saying that it is likely Obama will be reelected if Republicans don't have a better strategy and do a better job of engaging our voters (getting out the vote). Now we must recognize that our candidates are defeating themselves. I'm disgusted with most of them, Cain the latest and not for the claims against him. For the 2nd time he looks as if he knows nothing about the world and foreign policy -- first right of return or repatriation of Palestinians in Israel, now Libya!).
They must get their acts together. Yes to those who say the media is setting them up....but that is not the whole story and they should be prepared to take the issues to the media....not get trapped.
 Sorry to be negative, but losing 2012 is not an option and we are trying to hard not to win!!

This is nothing short of fantastic. It was sent to me by our great friends Nancy and Ron Baker in NC. It was sent to them by a highly decorated hospital corpsman and Vietnam veteran, Doc Rather.
I think you'll enjoy this even if you aren't a WVU fan. The tribute to our military is so apropos, especially at this time when we are facing unprecedented and unacceptable cuts in funding and in force levels. 
Keep in mind that without our great military the crazed congresspeople and the unqualified president wouldn't have the freedom to have been elected and to be as inept as they are. But, their ineptitude must come to an end, they must get their acts together or America's heart and soul are gone. 
Yes, I know this is blunt and negative, but it is also reality.


Click here: Obama Calls U.S. 'A Little Bit Lazy' About Foreign Investment A simple question to all: What gives Obama, a person who has had no productive job in his life, think he has legitimacy and credibility in criticizing Americans about economic activity of any kind?  Or criticism of any kind in fact? It must be the same narcissistic trait that makes him believe he can conduct foreign policy based on his personality without realizing he is not well-thought of in most nations of the spite of hype to the contrary.

This interview of economist Milton Friedman by leftist Phil Donahue is one that every American can benefit from -- if you maintain an open mind. It starkly contrasts today's socialist-leaning academic economists whose philosophy dominates government fiscal policy as well as The Fed's monetary policy. Socialistic Keynesian economic policy dominates in spite of it's failure wherever employed. 
The USA is following the failed leads of Europe, especially the PIIGS, as fast as the Obama administration and The Fed can drive us.  I fervently hope that enough Americans will understand the critical condition that reckless economic policies are subjecting us to, get active and take action to stop what is happening to America. 
Years of reckless spending and structural changes in the economy created a huge national problem. Traditional America is in decline, some seem not to care and some want an America transf…


I have tried to analyze the "Occupy Wall Street" (OWS) movement in order to understand who the people really are versus the romanticized version portrayed by the media. What is the true essence of the movement. What's the motivation of the demonstrators. What are their goals. How do they truly compare with Tea Party people?
The media typically characterize the OWS demonstrators in favorable terms as objecting to "Wall Street excesses." They do so even after violence and extremely slovenly and illegal behavior has been clearly shown to be prevalent, even anarchy! Politicians and activists have glorified them. More recently the focus is on police excesses. For sure, there may have been some of this, but it is not the prevailing character of the demonstrations. Congress people, even the president, call them "concerned grass-root citizens exercising their rights." They "understand" the "frustrations" of the OWS demonstrators. Delusiona…


The romanticized version of the Occupy Movement by the media and many leading Democrat politicians ignores the reality of the goings on as well as the anarchy of the crowds. Below is an account of a reporter who braved the dangerous conditions and captured the reality of the anarchy and thuggish behavior of the crowd. Tomorrow I will issue my analysis of the movement and the ultimate result to expect of it. You can read the complete article by clicking on tell the tale 3rd line below. A NIGHT IN ZUCCOTTI PARKNew York Post reporter Candice Giove braved the elements, the crazies and the sexual predators to spend a night in Zuccotti Park with the Wall Street Occupiers. She lived to tell the tale. The Occupiers seem to have devolved to a lower level of civilization: The parcel is now a sliver of madness, rife with sex attacks, robberies and vigilante justice.It’s a leaderless bazaar that’s been divided into state-like camps — with tents packed together so densely that the only way to add mo…


Friend, Randy on the Left Coast reminded me that Corzine has hired a prominent criminal lawyer. One doesn't do such without concern for criminal charges.  
Randy provided the link above and it will take you to the original NY Times article. It's interesting that the NYT is out front on this given that they have been a Corzine sycophant.

MF Global, Jon Corzine and $12 Million Golden Parachute

Yesterday, in response to commentary from friends, I asked, almost rhetorically at the time since the severance had been reported, "how could Corzine take a $12-million severance when MF Global was in bankruptcy?? I speculated that it could have been granted before the filing for Chapter 11 (with high risk!). By the end of the day, the FBI was said to be investigating which makes it legitimate to infer criminal behavior expected. Up to $700 million of customer money is missing in addition to the "corporate" losses from highly improper Corzine-directed trades in European sovereign debt vehicles

If he took the severance, in all likelihood it would be disgorged by the court or "clawed back."

Well, well, today we hear that he refused the severance.  Really! This explanation is hardly palatable. Seems someone wised up and/or got frightened.

Corzine ran Goldman Sachs as a government trough feeder and influence peddler of highest order. As governor, he bankrupted Ne…


The same fast-talking reporter on CNBC who called Popandreou a genius for calling a referendum on their EU bailout, thus getting the opposition to the table, just reported that the referendum is called off....and a vote of confidence will be called. Great reporting! Opposition leader says he's been betrayed by Popandreou.

Seems once again American and Greek governments can be compared -- presidential dysfunction,   dishonesty, subterfuge and more. Unions cause big problems, but their patron saints in government are worse.


A friendly reader has suggested to shorten paragraphs and I will try to do so. I realize some posts are long and I will try to shorten them in total. Thanks for the help and thanks for your interests.


I hope readers will read the eaarlier post, "America, When Will She Be Like Greece?"
I stand by my analysis although I just heard a rapid-talking reporter on CNBC asserting that Popandreou now looks like a genius because "he got the opposition to the table." She talks too fast to be anything but a far leftist (a trademark if you haven't noticed). Her commentary is simply reflexive and ignores facts. Nothing analytical at all. This is all too common for people of her persuasion. The situation is simple. The truth is the opposition wants Popandreou's job. THE DRIVERS OF THE RESISTANCE ARE NOT AT THE TABLE --- PUBLIC SERVICE UNIONS! We'll see if they come to their senses or force Greece into catastrophicdefault.


My post on October 24 rebutting former VA Governor Doug Wilder's assessment of President Obama published verbatim in The Richmond Times Dispatch yesterday, Nov. 1. I urge all readers, everyone I can reach to write letters to papers and get active. The heart and soul of our beloved America is at stake. Each day President Obama shows his imperialist credentials and takes us closer to a socialist state. I try to steer away from conspiracy theories, but no one can be so inept as to not see that we are tracking failed socialist nations with bloated government employment, unaffordable government expenditures, excessive union control, both private and public service....and more mismanagement. Obama's actions must be deliberate. Keynesian economic policy has failed all of them, unions have bankrupted them and their economies cannot grow to satisfy their excessive appetite for public spending. Germany is one exception. The USA is on the same track as Greece! Next is Italy.....then who?


I just watched an interview with former Sec. of State, Condolezza Rice in which she expressed optimism that the radical Muslim Brotherhood, now taking over in Egypt and Libya and probably Tunisia, would "be a little rough in the beginning" but would reform insinuating good outcomes for the region. She even suggests that the MB's control will be temporary. She did say she expected the MB to take over in Libya, as I wrote about up front, when others in the media and in government didn't see it that way.
So, we have a former Sec. of State who implies goodness and reform for the mid-east thinking that the Muslim Brotherhood and Sharia Law will be temporary, we have DIA Director Gen. James Clapper asserting that the MB is secular (??), we have a current Sec. of State asserting that President Obama's "Leading from Behind" was a good strategy as she extolls the virtue of democracy now in Libya and Egypt, we are pulling all troops out of Iraq after losing negot…


If one hasn't maintained awareness of what is happening in Greece, you have missed a glimpse of what could be the fate of the USA in the not too distant future. Political leftists will belittle the notion as they ignore facts as they are want to do.Of course, we hope America won't got the way of Greece, but only those in denial will believe that it can't happen. Greece is bankrupt, having lived way over their means for generations, having permitted unions, especially public service unions, to gain control of the country. Their debt exceeds theirGDP and their private enterprise has no way to improve the situation. Now, bankrupt little Greece is jerking the whole western world around by ignoring a plan by the EU (driven by Germany and France) to rescue them. Inexplicably, Socialist President George Popandreou announced that a referendum would be held to give the people a chance to vote for or against the bailout proposal. WHAT? How likely is it that those who feed at the nat…