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Thursday, September 8, 2011


Recently I wrote in another venue of the age-old axiom that many of us learned in our youth that "we are defined [characterized] by those with whom we associate. This is still true, but is being ignored by too many. I wrote (and railed, I suppose) about this as related to Obama before the 2008 election. It didn't matter with far too many people, some expected, others quite surprising. As I worked with McCain in 2008, I was dismayed that he and his campaign were loathe to deal with this. A personal conversation I had with Lindsay Graham revealed the reason. They were afraid of the race issue. So, Rev. Wright and anti-Americanism was off the table, as were others such as Ayers. As I watched Valerie Jarrett represent the administration on TV this morning re jobs and the economy, and as I still cringe at James Hoffa's presentation this week, even VP Biden's remarks, I am vividly reminded of this axiom. It is so true, yet so ignored!
Recently, to a person who refused to accept the axiom I asked, "Have you ever seen a cardinal with a flock of starlings or sparrows?" Have you ever seen a vulture soaring with eagles?" And, more apropos, "Did you ever see an eagle cavorting with a bunch of vultures?" Birds of a feather do flock together.
Think about it.............and there isn't anything racist about any of this!


Blogger Randy McC said...

I think you have it exactly backwards. "We are defined---" shows that you think there is some external device or being that describes us or has an effect on our lives.

What we are, as defined by the concept of Karma is strictly internal and is very difficult to modify from any external source. In fact it just does not happen.

Rather it is that we define ourselves by our Karma. We have this group of characteristics within us that define us. These characteristics direct our paths through our life and lead us in sometimes obscure paths but in the end we can look back at that path and say, "Yep, that's me all right." I did that.

The choices we make and the paths we take (past present and future) all are a result of our Karma and that's an internal thing. Never external. Who we associate with and the friends we make are directed by our Karma. Birds of a feather could not be a clearer example of this.

Your last comment is exactly right however. There cannot be anything racist in the concept of Karma. Strictly an internal thing.

That does not say that one of a persons characteristics cannot be a tendency toward racism. Racism is always directed toward another in our thinking and actions and is an external manifestation. On that note, there is another facet of this and that is the concept of "Cause and Effect". That says that what ever you do will either immediately or sometime in the future cause an effect. So you want to be a racist, well, go ahead on. Just remember that a racist act will almost assuredly get one stomped on by the latent effect. And it will happen as in Murphy's Law. Just when you thought you were home free it will do you in in the most horrible and destructive way.

09 September, 2011  

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