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Monday, September 12, 2011


Can someone explain to me the logic of Republicans not calling Warren Buffett's bluff and force Obama to tailor his tax plan to satisfy the claims of Buffett and other of his shills? Of course, it may be that they think they must stonewall the whole deal with no confidence they can control the scope of the bill. May be true, but their claims of thwarting job creation by taxing Buffett-like characters is not convincing. I think the should take the issue aggressively to Obama and make him feel the tip of the spear as much as possible. 
Help me understand!

Also, is anyone else as angry as I am that no news agency is focusing on the illegitimacy and arrogance of Obama's frequent demand of Congress to "pass this bill" when there is no bill. Is it now so that healthcare, a la Pelosi, is a model for passing a bill so we can find out what is in it?



Blogger Randy McC said...

There is no logic in Washington, Joe. Even as we speak the House and the Senate are busy trying to figure out how they can bow to the demands of this administration. Even if they have to disassemble it to vote on it piecemeal they will get it done. By hook and by crook. Witness the quiet manner they increased the debt limit last week by 500 Billion Obamabucks. If they can't do it in the daylight they will do it in the dark of night.

It is obvious to me that the lessons of the 2010 election landslide for Conservatives have been lost on every bureaucrat in the District of Columbia.

How about this? Just pass a law that whenever a persons wealth passes one million dollars everything above that will be taxed at one hundred percent, investments and property included. Just take it all. After all, the President says that after a certain number you don't need any more money. We can just set that number to a million dollars. Just imagine how quickly the government would back off from that. So I'm saying that if the number 'one million' is unacceptable to confiscate every asset above that then we are just haggling about the amount. Like a two bit whore! What is an acceptable amount? You tell me. Is it everything? Or is it nothing? Their argument is communism at its core. Marxist wealth redistribution at its finest.

Doesn't take much to see that our President has now become unacceptable. He must go!

13 September, 2011  

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