I wrote this piece more than a year ago in response to a writer who trivialized the immigration problem. Today, people are finally talking about "war on the border."

Immigration has become one of the major problems facing America. And, no longer can it be divorced from terrorism. Immigration is no longer a matter of the innocent Hispanic coming across the border for a job and a better life. It is much more complex than that. The political left wants amnesty and the voter bloc, the right focuses on walls and deportation. Both are wrong!

Illegal immigration, statutorily a misdemeanor, has become a major criminal issue because of drug and human trafficking and must be dealt with as such. Now there is a terrorist component that elevates it to a national security problem. Gangs are trivialized by a writer to whom I am responding! Has he no knowledge of the El Salvadoran Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) or the Mexican Mafia (“M”)? 
TERRORISM? Yes! Middle Easterners pay huge amounts of money to Mexican groups to make them over into “Mexicans,” teach them Spanish, acquire US visas for them and they pass through the border gates unmolested. I learned this while stranded in Mexico during the 9/11 tragedy. Other Latin American friends confirmed it later. I reported it to government agencies in 2001. It is now published information, but does anyone care? Apparently not the government! I also learned that HEZBOLLAH had a base in the South American “Triple Frontier,” the tri-border intersection of Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina.. This was finally reported by Telemundo and their parent, NBC News, in May 2007. Hezbollah states openly that their strategy is to attack the USA from this base if “anything happens to Iran.” But, they are not waiting. They are proactive. It's now reported that radicals from this base flow freely through Brazil into Mexico and illegally cross the border into the United States. Their identifying materials are found abandoned at the border. What responsible person can downplay this? Who can doubt their intent?

Over a few years, I researched the immigration issue and in 2008 published a treatise entitled “Immigration and Terrorism Beyond Walls.” It included a 24-point proposal for reform and was presented to President Bush. It included proposals to deal with the 12 to 20 million illegals already here.

Six million of those are reported to be here on expired visas! Names are on record, but who, in fact, are they? Where are they, what are their intentions? How many came here disguised as Hispanics, how many have found their way from the South American Triple Frontier to cross the borders of Arizona and other states? Surely, there must be sufficient numbers to infiltrate significant population areas of the USA. What happens next? When?

Irrespective of what the President, Secretary of Homeland Security and others declare, we are at war with terrorists. It's not too much of a stretch to think we will be at war, on the borders at least, with drug cartels that are rapidly taking over Mexico. I'll go so far as to say that any person in position of authority who abdicates his or her responsibility to deal with this issue is participating in the endangerment of every, American and is threatening national security and even sovereignty.

Finally, for anyone, including the president, to brand those who recognize the seriousness of the
immigration/terrorism issue as racists and those who deal with the problems forthrightly with the political straw man, “racial profiling,” is wrong and utterly irresponsible. Moreover, it is equally wrong to compare the current immigration issue to immigrants of the past. Some immigrants are similar, especially the Hispanic coming for a job, or the honest and good Middle Easterner looking for a better life, but many are not. Many undoubtedly are here to do harm. They actually tell us as much.

The fact is, we are in a fight for the heart and soul of the America that we have known and loved, the America that became the greatest nation on earth. Will she maintain her greatness? Not without major changes in policy and a purge of irresponsible policy makers. Radical? Think about it....objectively.


  1. Dr. Mann, explained this clear and present danger, we the people of South America see with fear and distrust how many Americans lives on denial about the terrorism operations from the triple frontier of South America (Brazil, Argentine and Paraguay) and think everyone crossing the Mexican-U.S. border are poor people looking for a better wrong Americans are! We the Hispanic people CANNOT distinguish the physical difference between middle Eastern
    and us.....only when we heard them speak we know if they are Hispanics or NOT! What more has to happen to wake up those in denial.

    1. Thank you very, very much for the insightful view of Americans in denial of the facts as you express so accurately and so convincingly. As a South American, your comments are most meaningful.I hope Americans here will understand and open their minds to your knowledge. I will copy your comment in an article I am writing for newspapers, and will note that it comes from a S. American. My belief is that we are all Americans and must work together cooperatively......somewhat as family. Saludos cordiales!

  2. But not only the operations are at the triple frontier of South America, our natives all over the southern continent had been turned Muslims and are their main source of information about military operations, from the Tierra del Fuego at the south pole up to the northern point of Canada......Hezbollah, Hamas, Al-Qida joint forces with Mexican Zapatista group, militant training bases exists in Mexican soil....but money corrupted government officials....Mexican "cartels" (the mask of terrorism) operates also at McAllen, Jalisco, Laredo and all the border, including the Florida Cays and California and baja California. Mosques are used for recruit young people, as scary this sounds... about every military U.S. base has a mosque ( government gave one chapel for Muslims to worship!! ) but what really occurs in secret? !!

    1. I thank you more than I have words to say. You are so correct. The message coming from you has much more credibility than if it comes from me. Too many Americans, most N. Americans, are in denial and many just are ignorant of the facts. I hope you stay in contact as I try to write more about this subject. Been slowed by health recently. If you would want to share your contact information, I will keep it confidential. You may e-mail me at


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