NEA General Counsel Bob Chanin 2009 - It's Money & Power, Not 
As I listen to "President" OBAMA'S speeches to the Congressional Black Caucus demanding they get behind him, or his telling young people that "if they love him, support him," or his speech in front of the bridge that will fall if not given stimulus funds now ....... and more carnival barker type speeches, I am appalled, even though I expected little positive from him when I came out of retirement to go against him in 2008. And, I realize he will spend whatever amount of taxpayer money he wants to campaign for the next 14 months appealing to his base. I can understand the dependent class that doesn't work and never will, but there are some voter blocks that should be concerned about the decline of America that Obama is now accelerating rapidly, yet they are more committed to the "D," to their prejudices, and their power than to the nation. I think of colleges that have become havens for leftist political activism rather than places for educational freedom, creative thinking and learning. I think of the NEA and state teacher's unions. Do all of these "educators" really believe that they are educating our children and young adults? They are willing to ignore all data to the contrary to hold that opinion. SEE THE LINK ABOVE FOR SOME TRUTH. It's all about money and control re Bob Chanin or NEA. Appalling!
Then, I think of Richard Trumpka and his calling Tea Party people (really anyone who opposes his thuggery) "SOBS" and getting away with little to no criticism. Or, Maxine Waters telling all Tea Partiers to "go to hell." Real class? No. Intellectual bankruptcy and vacuous character.
Then, DNC Chair Wasserman-Shultz repeats for uncountable times how Obama saved the auto industry. He didn't, as written here earlier. He saved a good portion of the UAW while abrogating established bankruptcy law......yes, a lawyer-president! Said to be a constitutional lawyer. Sure!
I can understand some people, but others confound me.
A bit off course but apropos is a discussion I had with a neighbor who is a hard-line "D" but rails about no compromise from "Rs." He approached me recently and asserted, "We're fortunate to have a "brilliant" man like Bernanke at The Fed." That word "brilliant" again! I disagreed. He was could I be so blind. He was really confused when I told him I was critical of Greenspan also and it upset my bankers substantially. He said, "but he was a Republican." I said, "Jack, do you know that The Fed is supposed to be non-political?"  But, he put me in perspective, my place, very quickly. He said he'd accept the opinion of his young daughter-in-law who has a recently minted PhD in public policy ------ from Ha'va'd. That explained it all. I agreed with him and he looked puzzled. Then I said, "Jack, a PhD from Harvard today surely trumps one from GA Tech, or even two, and 40 years of experience in the arena." He agreed by remaining silent....until he offered that the housing and financial meltdown of 2008 was all Bush's fault. AND THE CLINCHER...HIS DAUGHTER-IN-LAW SPEAKS FLUENT JAPANESE." Now I got it.
How does one compete with this superior logic? It's sickening, but all too real. With some apology for being so blunt, I stand by the truth.



  1. This is funny.

    I am perplexed however, as to why Obama didn't get a PhD while he was there. After all it is free for the asking apparently.

    Thanks for this glimpse into your personal environment. It is certainly enlightening to have such thinking front and center in the middle of ones driveway on an otherwise peaceful Saturday afternoon. I am not so lucky here in Southern California. I have to make do with neighbors admiring my roses and accepting a freshly minted one to take home to put into a water filled glass for the dinner table. What a discontinuity of existence eh? On the one hand your episode will give you humour for that after dinner pause along with fodder for your writing and mine will give me nothing other than the pleasure of a small bit of happiness being felt by a casual acquaintance. I find it interesting to place the actual difference in the overall evaluation of the two. Yours is sort of lopsided as your conversation gives pleasure only to yourself and mine gives pleasure to both parties. What an austere existence your neighbor must lead. Give him a rose next time and watch as he clinches his fist around the barbed stem as you talk.....

    Richard Trumpka didn't get where he is today by his intellectual prowess and I might add, neither did Maxine Waters. They did it by their overwhelming manner of forcing anybody listening to duck for fear of being singled out for a dressing down. How can a single individual compete with the fear of retribution waved in front of your face? The country is however, watching from the sidelines and taking notes.

    One doesn't have to be brave to defeat evil, you just have to take note of the issues and vote. The people of fly over country are biding their time.

    God Bless America!


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