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So, CNN announces that Special Counsel, Robert Mueller has "filed charges" and indictments may come as early as October 30. Who can be surprised that these charges come as the focus on Russian Collusion shifts to Democrats and Clinton's campaign. No surprise here as I've written of my expectations. What's next?

First, look at a few facts among a profusion of lies and assertions of non-complicit actions from Democrat operatives and many members of the media who want to discount any guilt of Hillary Clinton for anything.

The Fusion GPS bogus, aka fraudulent, dossier charging Donald Trump has been the roadmap for Robert Mueller's "investigations." While it's reported that this was first ordered by a conservative internet organization, apparently to find "dirt" on a Republican candidate during the Republican primary, undoubtedly Trump, it was picked up by Democrats when Trump was elected. A search for "dirt," not unusual in today…


Several weeks ago I wrote to friends on Facebook asking, somewhat rhetorically, what would happen when the “Russian-Trump Collusion Investigation” forced focus on Democrats, Clinton(s), the Obama DOJ and others of the “Deep State,” including Comey and Mueller. What would happen? Would it be reported or covered up? Who would report it? Well, it's happened and those expected to be questioned as perpetrators and accomplices are already parsing words, denying what would appear to be obvious, lying and looking for cover. The four most common words, written about here in the past, “there is no evidence,” are falling from the tongue of Clinton, DNC operatives and others. Those words have been prominently used since the sub-cultural revolution abrogated the absolutes of ethics and morals and of what's right and what's wrong to focus on what can be deemed legal. What can we expect now?
The Wall Street Journal's Kimberly Strassel wrote an op-ed t…