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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


At times I question myself as to why I'm, at this stage of my life, expending time and energy dealing with politics and politicians. Then, as if on cue, Obama or Biden speak or their talking heads spout the spin, the talking points, most of which are nonsensical, illogical and against all that America and Americans have been...... that created a great nation. Today, Obama's tacit approval of James Hoffa's, no class (yes he skipped right over low class) call for the SOB's who question government (Obama ) policy to be "taken out" is beyond unspeakable. His using a union backdrop for advance condemnation of Congress (read opponents here) if they don't agree with his so-called jobs plan, obviously with the narcissistic thought that it is HIS plan and must be supported, goes way beyond the pale and is utterly absent any presidential character. In my lifetime, I have seen no president, and few lesser officials, with such low class and dishonesty.
Hoffa, is at this moment, railing about jobs, jobs........and jobs, and his and other unions have destroyed more industry and jobs than can be counted....but I will count them in other writes.
Biden's comment about opposition being "Barbarians at the Gate" is, likewise, as low as it goes. With Biden, it has always been expected. His IQ is clearly limited and his character is even more diminutive than his intellect.There was a time 3 years ago that more was expected from Obama. NO MORE! I'd surely like to see what was/is hidden in his sealed records.
Thanks Obama, Biden, Hoffa and others of your ilk for reminding me why I am doing what I am doing.
My AMERICA IS IN DECLINE, she is being attacked from outside but more ferociously from the inside, not only insidiously as expected, but blatantly open. Yes, the America we have known and cherished is dying at the hands of these people. The once proud and honorable Democratic Party, the party of a majority of my family as I grew up in hardscrabble rural West Virginia, has been highjacked by the sub-cultural and counter-cultural elements. Doubt it?? Look at what's really happening and ignore prejudicial thoughts and media-driven talking points. Not pretty!

OH BUT SECOND THOUGHT BRINGS REALITY. IT IS THE ELECTORATE THAT IS RESPONSIBLE. I said in 2008 that if Obama were to become president, it could be a permanent election. It is probable that this is coming true. In medical terms, OUR NATIONAL CONDITION IS CRITICAL and on life support and prognosis is not favorable. Tragic!!


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