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The short answer to why "Progressives," aka Democrats, fight to stop Trump is that his presidency promises to halt their 8-decades long cultural revolution, aka war, to transform America to a lesser nation. More will be written on this in subsequent posts.
While President Trump's policies are succeeding on several fronts, both nationally and internationally,  "Progressives," aka Democrats, fight his every initiative, even ponder  impeachment. The Trump economic team has rapidly overcome the Obama administration's pathetic economic policies, all of which were antithetical to capital formation, job creation and economic growth. Already 4% quarterly growth has been achieved, and 3.5% annual growth, perhaps more, can be projected confidently. This tops the previous eight years of 2% average annual growth, which  Obama, Larry Summers, their sycophantic media and academic economists proclaimed to be a “new normal. "Greater growth would never be achieved again…


Democrats are not questioning Kavanaugh's accuser to get truth. Their minds are sealed.

ON JUDGE KAVANAUGH'S HEARING: Odds of him being cleared are about zero. Every Democrat senator is essentially advocating for his accuser, the questioner/prosecutor is soft-balling questions with not one very informative, her activist lawyers have prepared the accuser well and she presents herself well as innocent. To wit: Even given a preponderance of prior information as to identity of her "attacker," Dick Durbin just asked her how certain she was that it was Kavanaugh who "attacked" her. 100% without hesitation. She's credible. If the hearing continues as it opened, Kavanaugh is cooked, his life ruined and the Democrats have another chance at avoiding another constitutionalist on the SCOTUS. Yes, this is political. I wonder who among the self-righteous sanctimonious Democrats are without acts of indiscretion in their youth. Proof of Kavanaugh's action will neve…


"Progressive" Democrats are committed enemies of President Trump, as is the NY Times. Both, and many more, are doing all possible to bring chaos to the Trump administration. A removal of Rod Rosenstein now would be playing into the enemies' hands. That's what they want! "Progressive" Democrats will do anything, and everything possible, to avoid losing control of their 8 decades long march to perdition, destruction of traditional America. Trump's election offers the opportunity to stop them. The worst among us are trying to maintain control. NOTE TO PRESIDENT TRUMP: Do not react to NY Times reports on Rosenstein! Now is not the time to fire Rosenstein and create another firestorm with those who want just that. Now is the time to meet with Rosenstein, set ground rules for what is expected of his performance, monitor Rosenstein's performance daily, communicate and let Rosenstein define who he is and what his intentions are. Document the results and take…


Senator Diane Feinstein should prepare to resign from the senate if her charges against Judge Kavanaugh are as bogus as they now seem to be. Strictly a smear!!

ON JUDGE KAVANAUGH: A letter signed by 65 women who have known Kavanaugh since high school rebuts the flimsy claim by Sen. Feinstein of some impropriety in high school. If he is as clean, aka innocent, as these women describe him, and he seems to be so, then bringing lawyer Debra Katz, maven sexual harassment lawyer, into the case is clearly fraud and a crime, making the ultimate effort to defame him and use this fraudulent act to delay voting him onto the SCOTUS. This is beyond despicable and is actionable!! Feinstein should be preparing to resign in disgrace unless she can prove her contentions now! 
New note:
I am quite serious about taking action against Feinstein. Eliciting lawyer Katz, known by all to be a lawyer of choice for sexual harassment charges, means that Feinstein is going to the maximum to cause people to think J…


By Michael Wilson

Editors Note: I endorse all of Michael Wilson's criticism of former president Barack Obama's despicable performances and his totally dishonest, or ignorant, assertions about the successes, especially the economy, during his presidency. There is much more to be written about the 2007-8 meltdown of the economy, beginning in 1994-5 with President Clinton's and Robert Rubin's mandating subprime loans to unqualified home buyers. I will write that explanation as another blog post. I will also expand Michael Wilson's quite accurate assertion about unprecedented money pumped into the economy by The Federal Reserve during Obama's tenure. In addition I will define why Obama's and his economic team's economic policies were antithetical to capital formation and job creation. Obama's tenure was one of no success in domestic policies and abysmal in foreign affairs, N. Africa, Iran and Syria as prime examples but not the total. Please read Michael…


By Cathi Doerzapf Thurek
Cathi Doerzapf Thurek is a most thoughtful patriot, a profound thinker, a talented writer who speaks her mind with no political correctness and one who is committed to supporting and doing what is best for the most Americans, a practice from the past that all should emulate. Alas, such is not the case with too many Americans. She supports President Trump as he works to reestablish America as the model for the world, as she's long been known.  Editor's note: I hoped and prayed for a 2016 election outcome that would stop what I've written about in this blog as an 8-decades long cultural revolution, a march to perdition, the destruction of traditional America. Donald Trump's election has given us an opportunity to do so. The efforts to undo his election is an effort to maintain the revolution to transform America from the founders' vision to one of the revolutionaries.' The revolution has been referred to as "war" by the WSJ. 


Democrats have reached a new low in the Kavanaugh "hearing." How low can they go, how disingenuous can they be? There seems to be no limit now! The reprehensible behavior by Democrats in the SCOTUS confirmation should make every Trump hater, and every Democrat, in fact, reassess where their loyalty lies. Democrats have devolved to decadent behavior that assaults every honorable classical liberal Democrat of old, the ones I grew up with and respected. My family! Every Democrat should hang his/her head in shame and seek to recover the dignity and decency of your ancestry. I am so angered after the disrespectful and repugnant behavior of Democrats, and their operatives like code pink and other miscreants, in the once-vaunted, hallowed halls of the Senate, that I want to give an ass-kicking to everyone of the low-lifers who show their dishonesty and disrespect as they are doing in the Kavanaugh hearings. You've sunken to the lowest level of humanity. The honorable Harry Trum…