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OBAMA -- Global Warming Cause of Terrorism

Obama and global warming/climate change most critical problem for USA and the world.
It is incomprehensible that Barack Obama and his spokespeople can declare global warming, aka climate change, the “cause of terrorism.” It's equally incomprehensible that Obama proclaims global warming/climate change, not terrorism, the greatest threat to America. This delusional behavior violates the first requirement of the constitution to provide security for the American people.
It's ludicrous that he focus attention on climate change in Paris just after the terrorists murderous attacks on innocents. Having said that, let's remember that Obama considered it unnecessary to attend a solidarity demonstration with heads of 40 countries in Paris after the bombing of publisher, Charlie Hebdo. This arrogance, or ignorance, is even more unacceptable since the USA is the major target in the world for radical Islamic terrorists. But, his shills and apologists will remind us that he sent Sec. …


SYRIAN REFUGEES: A few weeks ago the question of the Daily Press Newspaper (Tribune) to the Saturday morning DP Buzz contributors was, “SHOULD WE BRING REFUGEES INTO THE USA OR NOT? My answer was, and remains, “Emotions cry out (scream) to give them refuge, but analytical, objective and logical thinking says that, since America is the major target of radical Islamic terrorists, our government cannot justify admitting them and still uphold the major constitutional obligation to provide security for Americans. Rather, we should assist in placing them in places not subject to terrorism. It should be the Middle East nations, but at this time it is probably too late. There is now too much evidence of masses of young men without women and children seeking refuge to ignore terrorism aspects of this mass movement of people.
And by the way, it is totally unacceptable for “President” Obama to politically chide opponents of giving refuge …