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Tuesday, June 27, 2017


"Progressive Democrats have mastered the art of projecting themselves, their ineptitude, their shortcomings, and even their corruption, on others. Their attacks on "everything Trump" prove it. And, this may backfire on them. There are indications of that happening.

I so wish that honorable Democrats, like those I grew up with, would take control of the malignant process of the "Progressive" Democrats who are attempting to bring the Trump administration down -- and our country with them. Please prove you have the intellectual integrity that permits you to see all of President Trump's and his appointees initiatives and their whole agenda. Report on the positives of which there are several in spite of unbelievable opposition. Criticize Trump for his presentation of himself, even his ineloquent language but stop the nonsensical, dishonest, and perhaps even self-defeating assault, on "everything Trump." It shows a mind-set devoid of intellectual honesty, or lack of analytical reasoning if you claim to be honest.

However, it is impossible to ascribe honesty to those who will ignore all of the violations of the Democrats, assaults on of Rule of Law, the refusal of Obama and his minions to expose the Russian intrusion they learned of well before the election, the corrupt DOJ, and more. Instead of correcting their misdeeds, they now practice projection, the worst ever.
 "Progressives" have long been expert at projection , but now they can claim to be "grand masters" of the technique -- that is projecting their misdeeds, hostility and more as mentioned above. Stop it and realize it's also your country you're destroying, not just ours, i.e. those of us who can analyze the situation and understand the disastrous results of your efforts.

With eight decades of cultural revolution and societal decadence how can we expect an awakening of those in the revolution. Now I feel like Don Quixote and think of "Progressives" as windmills. Tilting!

Saturday, June 10, 2017


James Comey, former FBI Director, has been billed since the initiation of the Clinton e-mail scandal as a "straight-up" person, a paragon of virtue. HE PROVES HE IS NOT SUCH. However, he does give quite a bit of proof of the "Deep State" involvement in destroying the presidency of Donald Trump

After the Comey spectacle June 8, it is apparent that our own elected representatives will exact more damage politically upon our nation than the Russians are presumed to have done, or are likely to do! The intensity, disingenuousness and hostile nature of the Democrats' efforts to indict President Trump, in total absence of evidence, does, in fact, indict the Democrats for attempting to bring down a president with disregard for the damage it does to our America! When we elect some of the worst among us, what else can we expect. While Trump is often clumsy, even unwise at times, is not an eloquent speaker, he has jeopardized the "Progressive's" cultural revolution far more than he has inflicted damage on our nation. It's that revolution that is the subject of the Democrats' efforts.

Too many Democrats continue to define themselves by dishonesty and corruption. Their 8- decades long cultural revolution has created societal decadence, loss of primacy in too many aspects of American life, and loss of supremacy in world affairs. It is fair to define their efforts as a "march to perdition." I hoped and prayed for the 2016 election to halt that march by defeating Clinton, who has been a part of the march. Trump's election did that! But, can he govern? He has his own faults, but his ideas for improving the American Condition are sound. If the hostile, disingenuous Democrats continue attacking him, indicting him for no obvious reasons, it will be impossible for him to govern for the benefit of all Americans.

Barack Obama was the patron saint of those who wanted, and still want, to transform America. He did much to do so and destroy traditional America, the goal of the "Progressive" revolutionaries. Oh, and he will continue with his ORGANIZING FOR ACTION and his army of 10s of thousands of activists. And, the "RESISTANCE MOVEMENT" that Hillary Clinton is aligned with, will do the same. Bring down Trump and continue the transformation, aka destruction, of traditional America to a lesser nation.

 James Comey is now their patron saint. He's slick. He has the backing of those attacking Trump. It was clear that Americans were being set up in early 2016 as he was praised over and over as a paragon of virtue. On May 24, 2016, I wrote a blogpost here, "Hillary Clinton--No Indictment." It was obvious! Comey's testimony in exonerating Clinton was ludicrous, with ample evidence of wrong-doing. And, Comey broke protocol, if not law, by exonerating Clinton, thereby taking the obligation of the AG away from her. Allegedly, that is. Now we know, however, that AG Lynch had complicity in the Clinton's exoneration by ordering Comey to soften his "investigation" to a "matter." None other than Comey told us. He threw her under the bus. He proved that the DOJ is corrupt and is on the edge, if not fully immersed, in abrogation the Rule of Law. I wrote about that also. Now there is evidence. Yes, ample evidence not to indict Trump, but to indict those attacking Trump -- The Democrats, the"DEEP STATE," sadly with the Intelligence agencies involved. Then there's Clinton's "Resistance Movement."

The American Condition is critical, all but "broken" if the current efforts of Democrats to overturn the election of Donald Trump succeed. He must be allowed to stop their march to perdition and restore the tenets of traditional America, the "Great America" she has been.

America was once led by statesmen/women. Where have they gone?

Monday, June 5, 2017


SCOTUS justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is obligated to recuse herself in the case of SCOTUS vs Potus' temporary ban on immigrants from 6 nations. If she does not recuse or retire, she may be a party to the abrogation of the Rule of Law as others have.

If Justice Ginsberg has any honor, she will recuse herself from the case of "Circuit Courts vs. Trump's "temporary travel ban" (improperly named but is what it is). If she does not recuse herself, or retire, she will put herself in the same pod, bubble, clan or whatever, as those who threatened to leave the USA if Trump were to be elected -- so-called celebrities and other "entitled miscreants." This puts Justice Ginsberg in the company of Rosey O'Donnell, Al Sharpton, and more radical leftist radical people. 

America is already in a state, a condition, when it can be argued legitimately that lower courts are excessively partisan left and are, in fact, enemies to those of more conservative persuasion, aka traditional Americans.

For many decades, America has been led by so-called "Progressive" policies that can legitimately
be said to often violate the US Constitution. The Obama DOJs under both AG Holder and AG Lynch, were guilty, not only of such violations but of abrogating the very Rule of Law, as the Lynch/Comey/Bill Clinton/ Hillary Clinton fiasco exemplifies. Comey's stepping beyond his roll as FBI investigator and exonerating Hillary Clinton of many violations is such an example. His acting as a prosecutor and his taking the decision for a Clinton indictment out of the purview of the AG abrogates the Rule of Law.

The Rule of Law is the fundamental underpinning of a 1st World state. Abrogation of it leads us to 3rd World.