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If Hillary Clinton is elected president and combines her machine with Obama's, along with a compliant DOJ, we can expect The Rule of Law, the primary requirement for 1st World status, to be abrogated as it was in the exoneration of Hillary Clinton. 3rd World is in sight!
It is legitimate to think of the combinations of Obama and Clinton machines, with the DOJ now a compliant servant, abrogating the Rule of Law, the prime requirement for a 1st world nation. The decline has already started with the Clinton exoneration a prime example, yet not the only one. Anyone who contends that the exoneration of Clinton was just an honest assessment of the FBI and the whole DOJ, should give up any claim to an IQ over 80. While there is "no equation of intellect with wisdom and judgement"(JAM), that person can lay no claim to either wisdom or judgement as well. The November election is not, in any meaningful way, a matter of differing philosophies. It is a matter of survival of the USA …