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The American Condition is more critical day by day.

FRAUD AT EVERY LEVEL OF GOVERNMENT: Now FBI Director Comey is being charged with fraud, violation of the Hatch Act, when he does the right thing. We're seeing the worst of the Obama-Clinton-"Progresssive" machine as they try to hold onto power. Folks, those who don't see this as 3rd World have no knowledge of 3rd World or are in denial. My friends and associates know that I am slow to accept conspiracy theories or create them. However, I will now yield to the thoughts that anything could happen in the next 10 days. Control of America is critically important to people whom we don't even know. To give the Clintons, as well as Obama, access to the US Treasury is a critical issue.

Google more references. Former AG Mukasey speaks of criminality in the DOJ and with Clinton(s) and hardly a mention in the media or print press. NADA!


More of Hillary Clinton deliberately ignoring the truth
Hillary Clinton has difficulty telling the truth on any issue. She announced yesterday in a press conference that the FBI had notified a "bunch of Republicans" of new e-mails that might have importance vis a vis the decision made by FBI Director James Comey earlier not to indict her. Perhaps the case will be reopened.
She didn't bother to inform listeners that the "bunch of Republicans" were all committee chairs of various pertinent Congressional Committees. She cares not a bit for the truth and/or thinks all to whom she speaks are dumb and ignorant or just don't care about the truth. AND SHE IS CORRECT. Clearly millions of voters are in that condition, an American Condition that is part of the decline into societal decadence led by "Progressives" like Clinton. She should never be president!!
Herewith is a link that I hope can be opened. If not Google the subject. Letter: Comey Explains Why H…


Well, maybe not.

When I heard that "the investigation of Hillary Clinton's e-mails had been reopened, my first thought was to doubt it. After a couple of hours, the new information suggests Director Comey may be waffling again. He had not actually declared a "reopening," rather he'd written a letter to congressional committee members. We will wait for further information before making a final assessment of the "news." I am sure, beyond doubt, that the pressure from Clintons, their acolytes, their hoodlums and their enforcers is intense.


Clintons and Tim Kaine dishonor the honorable Harry S. Truman

Tim Kaine is being interviewed and is "justifying" the Clinton's vast wealth accumulation by saying "they deserve it, most presidents do well when they leave office." I have written in other documents that Clintons are antithetical to the Honorable Harry S. Trumanwho vowed to never enrich himself by using his national service, his office. AND HE HONORED THE VOW. Kaine is unqualified byhis ineptitude and now has proven himself to be dishonorable. Clinton-like.

There is a high probability that Tim Kaine will become president if Hillary Clinton's health condition is as some report. How low can America go?


3rd World America is a possibility, even probability with a Clinton presidency
The 2016 election is an epoch one. If Clinton is elected, which is a high probability, the
nation is not likely to recover, ever. The cultural revolution that's created
societal decadence now like a metastatic disease affecting every American
institution, loss of primacy and now loss of supremacy in world affairs will
march on to perdition. Destruction.
The corruption of Hillary and Bill Clinton and the abrogation of The Rule
of Law by the administration's Department of Justice  make our nation 3rd World-like. But, to understand this, one must think analytically and rely on facts. Non-thinkers and those who vote reflexively for the "D"/"P" will never permit themselves to see the truth.
Reminds me of "Music of the Night" in "Phantom of the Opera." "Close your eyes for your eyes will only tell the truth," And, the truth isn't what you want to see...&…


Old-time Liberals are all but gone along with "traditional America. An answer to a question of a friend asking if there are any honest Liberals.

In the past, yes! The true Liberal Democrat of "old," prior to the "Progressive" parasites taking them over, respected the truth. Honor was high on their list of defining attributes. They are gone today. Their elimination started in the 1950s, increased in number in the 1960s, and is now about complete.

So is "traditional" America gone. And, the "new" America is in critical condition with the metastatic disease of societal decadence wrought by the 7 decades of cultural revolution of the "Progressives," not old-time Liberals. A Clinton presidency will make this condition permanent and America will, in due time, complete the march to perdition we've been on for the 7 decades. America is likely to be 3rd World by then. Before reflexively rejecting this notion, think about the D…



Examples Hillary Clinton's character that the media won't recognize and surely won't report. Also, there are first person reports from officers in her Secret Service details opining on the same character flaws as in this report. Media bias and disservice at it's worst. Most have no integrity at all.

Hillary Clinton's Vulgar MouthPosted by Selwyn Duke This is from a post in a forum at GOPUSA.  Read it, then ask yourself if you want this kind of a woman as your leader.  Feel free to copy this and spread it far and wide. "Where is the G-damn f***ing flag? I want the G-damn f***ing flag up every  f***ing morning at f***ing sunrise."
(From the book Inside The White House by Ronald Kessler, p. 244 - Hillary to the staff at the Arkansas Governor's mansion on Labor Day, 1991.)"You sold out, you mother f***er! You sold out!"
(From the book Inside by Joseph Califano, p. 213 - Hillary yelling at Democrat l…