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I have mentioned several times that when I came out of political "retirement" in 2008 a substantial number of naturalized citizens came to me and my "team" offering help in working to defeat Mr. Obama. These people fall into the same category -- they had come to the USA to escape "Socialism" and Totalitarian rule in their native countries. They feared then, and do even more now, that Obama is like the Totalitarian rulers of the countries they fled. Whereas earlier they had fear, they now have evidence.

Previously, I have posted comments from some of these people, all of whom are loyal friends now and are fiercely pro-America. Most recently I posted a comment from one who fled Castro's Cuba saying "America is already not the nation I came to in 1960."This was in response to my oft-stated concern that we are losing "Traditional America" and re-election of Obama will finalize the loss.
Herewith are two comments to blog posts from anothe…


There is much that I have contemplated writing about the subject since we are losing primacy that has long been held by Traditional America in several areas. And, expected by other nations to be so. Today,  I was saddened to watch the symbolism of one such loss. While sitting in Duke University Hospital Pulmonary Clinic I watched Discovery being ferried to the Smithsonian on the back of a Boeing 747. Primacy gone in space travel and research!

The reduction in NASA's funding has far-reaching consequences! So much technology on which the USA operates, as well as much of the world, evolved from NASA's work. A whole new paradigm is now developing as the USA loses primacy, first to Russia and then to China in all likelihood.There's more loss coming.

In the room with me were two fairly young people, one woman and one man. They were watching the TV as intently as I was. I didn't think they appeared to be people who would be very concerned. Suffice it to say the dress was not …


"President" Obama announced that "of course he would be angry" if the charges of impropriety by Secret Service agents were to be proved.

How many ways can Obama personalize his job as CEO of the United States of America? How many ways can he prove that he is not a CEO and won't be.... can't be because of background and personality.

If Mr. Obama were CEO of a corporation (purely hypothetical and rhetorical) his board would have been obligated to remove him for any one of many gaffs and inappropriate actions. Most recently his comments to Medvedev would have demanded it. Of course, there arm other reasons to fire him as CEO.

It is not expected of Mr. Obama that he express anger, it is expected that he will stand tall as a CEO and govern, take action against improper behavior, set the direction for his company (USA) and more. The top of the any organization establishes the culture of the organization, the personality and more. The CEO takes charge of solving …


Today the news media talking heads are saying that "President" Obama must finally denounce the scurrilous, dispicable sorry excuse of humanity, Bill Maher, for his gutter (synonymous with Maher) comments re Ms. Romney not having worked.

NO. I disagree! It is too late for Obama to disavow Maher and his commentary. Obama and all of his shills, and every Democrat in the USA, should instinctively condemn Maher, Hilary Rosen and all of their ilk who engage in such disgusting tactics. They show their concurrence by waiting until they are forced by public opinion to capitulate.

Unfortunately, such scurrilous commentary is now EXPECTED OF THE DEMOCRATS. Yes, I've said it because it is true.

Bill Maher and his ilk now DEFINE THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY. More later if you don't know the scores of other Obama shills who are cut from the same cloth, molded in the same muck! Damn them for highjacking the once proud, respectable and honorable Democratic Party of some of my favorite foreb…


I'm totally disgusted and fed up with Warren Buffett shilling for Obama on taxation. It would seem that they are in a contest to see who can be the most dishonest with the American people.
Do they really think Americans are as stupid as they would imply with their claims of taxing the rich to help the middle class? Or, are they just being dishonest assuming enough Americans will simply reflexively accept their claims. Yes to both!

I've reported Buffett's dishonesty in taking every tax shelter he can take and his refusing to write a check to the US Treasury to show he is serious and honest. He isn't!

I've written about Buffett's many foundations that are tax shelters pure and simple, and the billions he has sheltered in them.

I suspect most may not know that Buffett's company is also in a huge tax dispute with the IRS, said to be $1 Billion.

What I do understand is that a huge voting bloc of dependent class people, many of them capable of earning a living, s…


Please watch this insightful commentary by Dennis Prager. His commentary re our not knowing what it is to be American since we haven't taught our progeny, is spot on. It is part of my concern when I write, and speak, often about the loss of "Traditional America." It is a serious problem.

Only last Thursday I had a nice discussion with a well-informed woman who has experience in Washington (in government). When I mentioned that a great concern of mine (which she has read here, it turns out) is that we are "losing the America that I grew up in." Her comeback was, "That America is no longer." 

Have we already lost her? Surely, if those in control today remain in control, she is gone.


I am posting this link for readers' perusal and commentary if you have any. I will suggest you consider the intent of this in conjunction with the recent executive order giving the president the right to take control of all services and all assets in case of emergency. Let's realize that such action is to be taken only in times of "emergencies." What are our emergencies, what are Obama's emergencies? They are different from "we the people" in my opinion. More later.


Hilary Rosen, Obama's frequent visitor to OUR White House, is archtypical of the type of person that has highjacked the once honorable and proud Democratic Party, that of most of my forebearers. If you haven't heard Rosen's gutter comment about Mrs. Romney never having worked, you should seek it out and listen, not only to the comment but to her later defense of the indefensible. She is in the same league as Bill Maher and other radical Progressives.  I was raised by one of these mothers who "never worked" a la Rosen. Her priorities were taking care of my sister and me and our father while making a home for all of us. NOT easy. Her dedication to family and her faith defined her...a wonderful person.  Once while I sat with Mom in her waning days (her winter season of life), Maher asserted on CNN that any person of faith was stupid. Later he said "anyone that believes the Jesus story is and Idiot." My mother was astounded. She was also deeply hu…


TAX BILL FOR BUFFETT AND CRONIESI am altering my post of 04/11 in which I recommended Republicans support Obama and Buffett but assure the "Buffett Rule" only applied to the top earners -- Buffett and his ilk. I realize the inevitability of such a tax being expanded to every tax payer except, of course, those of the dependent class who pay no taxes today. Therefore, I propose that Buffett and all of those who claim to "want to pay more taxes" (but don't write volunteer checks!) sign a pledge to that end. Then develop legislation to tax just those people, with specific names, and deny all of the shelters they use now -- foundations and all deductions. Illegal? Not to worry. Do it by executive order whereby everything is "legal."The only people to whom this tax would be extended would be those who asked to be included -- call it an "opt-in with Buffett rule." Below is a modification of a post I made on October 11 to this effect.If this seems s…


President Obama's press promotion today of the so-called "Buffett Rule" to "tax high income earners" was an affront to the intelligence of all Americans. He deserves profound criticism! Buffett himself is also deserving of criticism for his hypocrisy, and for promoting himself in this charade. Others who should be called out are the fawning fools surrounding Mr. Obama in the promotion. Special mention is due the attractive woman standing to his left who displayed her admiration with little, if any, constraint. Folks, is this what governance has come to with the Obama administration? Sadly it is.

Mr. Obama, go ahead and promote taxing Buffett and his ilk as much as you want. Get the legislation in Congress according to the constitution. Just have some honesty and assure that only those you speak of get the additional taxation and not the lower earners that are surely surreptitiously in your sights. Republicans, support him and help him assure the restrictions I …


Dr. Joe A. Mann Apr 11, 2012 08:24 AM I wrote this reply to a comment by Kathryn of NC to my post "Ronmey's Challenge..... As an afterthought, I've decided to post it. I hope all will consider the essence of Obama's re-election and what it means to all of America and not just what it may mean for personal special issues. Under a Totalitarian rule, your personal issues will be decided for you and you will comply. It's that simple yet that serious. Kathryn, I understand your comment re McCain. If you've read my very first post, Obama and the Debt Ceiling," you will know why I came out of political "retirement" to try to get McCain elected. Obama was the most undefined candidate in history -- no job with accountability, historical records sealed (even all academic ones), unbelievable anti-American associations and a strong bent toward "Socialism" that now manifests itself as true "imperialism" going toward "Totalitaria…


Today there is considerable dialogue regarding various political, economic and governing systems. Unfortunately, many, if not most, of us have less than a thorough understanding of each system and how the various systems differ. It is common to speak of our American system of government as simply a "Democracy" when, in fact, our founders were intent on forming a Constitutional Republic. The Republic has been under attack for decades, never more than now.

When Mr. Obama was running for president, I was among the first to speak of him as a "Socialist." His every presentation hinted of that philosophy and ideology. Even now, pundits and others speak of his intent to convert America to European Socialism. Two things are wrong with that characterization, even though the allusion is that Americans should not accept it -- and they shouldn't.

First, too many people think of anything and everything "European" as being superior, or at least desirable. Few notio…


Some terms we use to discuss various economic and political systems mean different things to different people. What I’ll try to do in this paper is provide a basic or classical definition of these different systems, as they were described by their originators or by practice in different nations. This discussion will be limited and will not discuss all the systems that exist, or all the variations that have been practiced. For that, it can be rightfully charged as being simplistic. But hopefully, it will serve to clarify more precisely what is meant by some of the more common terms we use today in our discussions.
SOCIALISM. Socialism is an economic system where the means of production are owned by the state or a cooperative of people. The state determines the allocation of capital resources, the allocation of labor, the products to be produced, the prices, and the wages and salaries. Personal economic freedom d…


I wrote this as a note to some friends this morning, but it was suggested I post if for further perusal. Obama has proven to be all I speak of below. His threat to the Supreme Court is further proof that he has no respect for the separation of powers ..... but, what more proof do thinking people need. The non-thinking don't care, and that's a major problem. I have much more to write but have had some difficulty getting it done. Will try a bit harder this weekend and next week.

Click here: Some Republicans Accuse RNC of Pro-Romney Bias
You may have seen this. Will have now! I am skeptical of anything from Steele. My opinion is that Santorum and Gingrich shot themselves down and didn't have the funds to keep up with Romney. Unfortunately, I believe Romney has less than a 50:50 chance of beating Obama and his media sycophants. And, if Romney can't connect better with people, articulate his vision more persuasively, and define Obama for what he is and isn't, his ch…