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This was sent to me by a loyal friend and loyal American who started life in Cuba and fled communism as Castro came to power. It was sent to him by another American from Cuba now in Miami. I have written about this friend before. He, his wife and others came to me in 2008 out of concern for what they saw in Obama that mirrored what they experienced under Che and Castro in Cuba. They remain very concerned about the intentions of Obama and still see Marxism in his actions. My friend said to me some time ago, as I opined about the loss of traditional America under Obama, that "America is already not the country I came to in 1960." I agree, but to me it is the America I have seen in transformation since the 60s. We must resist this!
Interesting website change we see at the NEW U.S. JUSTICE DEPT. Department of Justice: W E B S I T E C H A N G E - I M P O R T A N T!Little by little, the subtle changes come until one day we will wake up and be in the United S…


It's reported that the SCOTUS will issue a decision on the constitutionality of the so-called “Affordable Care Act” Thursday, 26 June. Irrespective of which way their decision goes, in my opinion this legislation will qualify for the designation as a “forever mistake.” Why?
If the law is judged constitutional, it's very reasonable to think that it will be litigated and re-litigated forever by those who oppose it – the majority of citizens according to polls. It's reasonable to compare the law to Roe v. Wade, a divisive re-litigated issue for 40 years now. When reality hits and the costs are known, what we win, who wins and who loses, objections will mount.
If the law is judged not to be constitutional, it's very likely we'll have massive demonstrations, even riots by OWS and other anarchists (yes, anarchists). It's not unreasonable to believe that President Obama and his supporters will assure this happens. I don't…


 THE ECONOMY -- FACTS NOT IN FOCUS These comments are made to give information on the economy that is not in major focus of reporting agencies and the media. They are also made in an attempt to reveal some facts that may be reported but with a focus that does not comport with reality.  As written here before, we must grow the GDP, but the structure of the current economy prohibits the massive growth required to satisfy the voracious appetite of the current administration and the Democrats in Congress for tax revenue. This fact is exacerbated greatly by the fact that only about 50% of people pay taxes. 
-- The current economy has structural problems that are not being addressed. As the "new" economy has evolved (devolved?) to one dominated by the Financial Industry, the metrics used for the "old economy" are largely not applicable in either elucidating the problem causes or in leading to solutions. The Financial Industry, by it's very nature, cannot provide jobs fo…


EGYPT – and the Muslim Brotherhood – Clinton, Clapper and Obama Click here: Radical Hamas Cheers New Islamist President in Egypt
Some will remember that I wrote, during the praise of the “Democratic Arab Spring” by the Sec. Of State, Obama and the even more inept, Gen. James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence that the Muslim Brotherhood would end up controlling Egypt. Clinton praised the “Arab Spring” as a “great democratic movement” and Clapper declared that the MB is a “secular” organization.” The Muslim Brotherhood, once home to Aymin Zawahiri, #2 in command of Al Queda when they attacked the USA and more, that birthed both Hezbollah and Hamas and that is already active in the Sanai, “SECULAR.” Are the declarations of these so-called leaders (who aren't) made out of abject ignorance or are they assuming we are so ignorant as not to know the truth?
Egypt will become a radical Islamic state, Iran already is, Iraq will become the same, even Turkey under Erdogan is leaning …

VIRGINIA PORTS -- letter to VA transportation secretary to suspend negotiations to lease ports

This letter is self-explanatory and exemplary of what citizens must do to influence how we are governed. There are many, many examples of national issues that we must try to deal with but find it more difficult with the current government than anytime in my lifetime. The only people or groups who are given attention today are far-left activists. It will be difficult to reverse this. if we do not, traditional America is gone.
Dear Secretary Connaughton:
We urge you without reservation or equivocation to suspend immediately the negotiations to lease the Virginia Ports and find other methods of financing transportation needs. We have the same concerns about leasing the ports that we had with earlier proposals to sell ports to investment groups, concerns which we were permitted to express at t…

VIRGINIA TRANSPORTATION FUNDING -- Example of legislative dysfunction nationwide

VIRGINIA – TRANSPORTATION FUNDING  While this letter, published June 16, 2012, is in regard to initiatives to lease the ports of Virginia, in essence it is applicable to legislators and governing bodies in general. We have needs for revenue to fund highway improvements statewide. There are periodic pushes to increase taxes,  and to create "revenue streams" but we have a formula for allocation of transportation that is outdated and does not give priority to where needs are greatest. It's a politically derived formula of 30+ years that no longer applies. I think it is pertinent to post here, not only for Virginians, but for others at large because it shows how citizens pay a huge price because of inadequacies in those elected to represent them. Our current FEDERAL GOVERNMENT epitomizes this dilemma. It is difficult to see how it can improve. Thank you for reading below.
The VA Gazette's lead on June 6, “Funding for Roads is Way Outdated” by Cortney Langley, confirms conc…


Virginia's ports are crown jewel assets not only for Virginia but for America. They are premier among ports of the world, not only for commerce but for extensive Naval Operations. They are critical to national security. They are invaluable and irreplaceable assets, hence all factors must be considered in decisions as to how such critical assets are managed. Without knowing all details of the proposed “public-private partnership,” to fund widening of I-64 seems a long stretch. It's unjustifiable, in fact, versus other methods of financing transportation needs. The total cost-to-benefit must be thoroughly considered. What do we win, what do we lose? We understand the need for revenue for transportation funding. However, we have concerns about the current proposal as we had for the previous initiative to sell the ports. We had similar concerns about the initiative to spin off the ABC operations to raise transportation f…


Click here: Dershowitz: Zimmerman Prosecutor Threatening to Sue Harvard for My Criticism Loss of honesty and integrity portends loss of our national soul -- Mann
Since I've posted on "truth" and lack of it and on the bias in the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case, I take liberty to draw attention once again to bias and lack of honesty, this time by a prosecutor with memories of the media racial bias reported earlier. This is not intended as an endorsement of Alan Dershowitz, with whom I have some real differences, but it is recognition that he is one who shows more integrity, even in his ideological leftist pursuit, than most. This is one case where I think it's compelling to hear him and take heed. There is no doubt that the media ignored evidence and it is now clear the prosecutor even admits to doing the same....even justifying it. What have we come to?

TRUTH -- Punishment for telling it in Obama's world

Loss of integrity and truth portends loss of our national soul - Mann
Never in my lifetime have I seen such disregard for truth and such willingness of so many to ignore negative reality as is now evident with “President Obama and those who shill for him. Clearly, Democrats dare not to speak any negative truth about Obama as the legions of shills all speak in unison from the same talking points. They all appear programmed with the same words, all spoken with the same tempo as rapidly as a machine gun can fire. To those who say this is normal in politics, I say, ”No!” Such blatant untruthful commentary and false claims are at a level I've never seen or heard in my years of political awareness. Democrats who dare to veer off script are dealt with immediately and apparently severely.
Also, any Democrat who dares to say anything positive about Obama's opponents is obviously dealt with immediately and, it seems, with serious consequences. Take the case of Newark Mayor, Cory Booker. …


Some mistakes are forever -- Mann 2012

Nearly 4 years after the 2008 presidential election, I still remember John McCain's ignoring me when I asked him why he didn't define Obama. Even more memorable was Sen. Lindsay Graham's answer when I asked him the same question. I'll explain a bit of campaign goings on before giving the “rest of the story.”
In the very first post on this blog in August 2011, I explained why I came out of political “exile” to try to defeat Barack Obama, the most undefined presidential candidate in history. To repeat a bit, he had no accountable work history, no experience operating or managing anything or anybody, no attributes necessary for a CEO to have. NO, “Community Organizing” for union membership and voter bloc building is not a CEO-like job! His sealed records would, in all likelihood, give some definition that he prefers not to reveal. Why seal the records if they contain information viewed as favorable? All of these factors remain of conc…