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Across America there are efforts by local governments to control rural lands and the people who live there. As is too often the case, those responsible for the initiatives have no clue as to what rural life is all about. Of course, that's typical of too many of those elected or appointed to "lead" today. Start by looking at the presidency. But, back to rural control. The initiative is cloaked in innocence and I am sure that some working on the initiative are not totally aware of the ultimate goal. I would also assume that initiatives in some regions are more innocent than others. But, ultimately this is all a part of United Nations Agenda 21, the goal of which is fundamentally to "urbanize" rural. Before you discount this, study Agenda 21 and ICLEI a bit. The post below was published in The Virginia Gazette, a unit of The Daily Press Media Group, a Tribune company. More will follow.
JAMES CITY COUNTY'S “Understanding Rural” is a euphemism for “Co…


Every week in Saturday's edition of The Daily Press, a Tribune paper, the editor presents a question to which a group of people are asked to respond. I'm honored to be a part of the group. Below is last Saturday's question and my response. A majority of respondents indicated a preference for a single-payer government controlled healthcare system. I surely do not, especially after traveling the world and knowing how people in government-controlled systems are treated vs our system. Simple routine care seems to be done okay, but patients needing serious and intense care face hurdles in waiting time, availability of doctors, shortages of equipment and more. At certain ages, some with life-threatening illnesses get no treatment. I would be one of these latter people in such "universal healthcare" systems. I am a lung transplant recipient and over 55, the cutoff age in such systems.
In any event, the "ACA," as it is inappropriately called is not the answer…



Literally, as I wrote the post, "EGYPT IS NO DEMOCRACY," the military was taking over the government of Egypt. Morsi is refusing to submit to his ouster. Questions are: 1. How long will he hold out? 2. Will there be blood spilled after the "bloodless coup?" 3. When Morsi is fnanlly out, who will be at head of government? 4. Will the theocracy prevail even in Morsi's absence? 5. What will be the effect on rest of the world?


03 July 2013
EGYPT' IS NO DEMOCRACY– The Arab Spring fallacies
The following is a response to a question about the current demonstrations in Egypt and how the “democracy” will be affected. There is no democracy in Egypt.
Democracy as we define it hardly fits the situation in that part of the world (I'll go ahead and say it and be criticized....the world of Islam). The time to have dealt with what would predictably be chaos and theocratic control was during the improperly characterized "Arab Spring." Hillary Clinton and others, such as the hapless James Clapper praised the Muslim Brotherhood as being "Democratic." Clapper even called the Muslim Brotherhood "secular."
At that time I wrote in the blog a rebuttal predicting that the MB would prevail and Egypt would fall under theocratic control. The question is, "Were Clinton, Clapper and others so ignorant as to believe what they preached or did they and President Obama have a different agenda unde…