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Many people, perhaps most, voted for Donald Trump, President, in 2016 to stop the "Progressive" Democrat cultural revolution of 8-decades long, appropriately called a march to perdition for traditional America. A person not imbued with the typical politics of decades was needed. Trump was the only candidate fitting that description. He's now under unprecedent attack attempting to bring him down. Given the biased pressure and some mistakes of his own, he may not prevail in 2020, and perhaps will not even present again for office. Here is what we can expect if the election of 2016 is outdone. The note here was written to an inquiry from a friend.

If Democrats win in 2020, Republicans will be out forever. Some suggest a "generation," but it is probable that Democrats will reign and their cultural revolution and their transformation of America to a lesser state, a collective, will replace our Representative Republic. Think about it, look at the 8-decade long trend, …


A Facebook person accused me of using "talking points" in discussing the ways, and that Democrats dishonesty use immigration to build voter blocs and Republicans have been stuck on stupid and timidity in permitting them to do so. This is my response to the person.

Jay, I don't know with certainty what you mean with "talking points!" directed at me. However, please know that I don't use talking points, I make them from experience and knowledge. After 35 years experience in Mexico and other lower Americas, as well as involvement in politics since college and the revolutionary days of the 60s-70s, I have an understanding of border issues and how each political party has dealt with the issue(s). Simply stated, Democrats have been dishonest in pursuit of voters and Republicans have been stuck on stupid for permitting them to win the battle. 

In 2007 I presented a proposal "Immigration and Terrorism "-- Beyond Walls" to President Bush, published it a…


This piece was written to a friend who supports the Mueller investigation, undoubtedly largely because of it's being Democrat instigated and his dislike of Trump. While he is one of the "good guys" on that side of politics, as with all opponents of Trump, that emotion prevails.
His hope is that "the rule of law will prevail." He fails to recognize that the rule of law is already all but abrogated.

To think that the rule of law will prevail in the Mueller investigation is a proper and noble "hope," Tom, but in today's environment I have grave doubts that the rule of law will prevail. Already over decades, the rule of law has been largely abrogated in many ways. It is being all but abrogated in the search for a crime of the assigned criminal, Trump. Virtually daily, he incites me to irritation, even anger, at the way he presents himself. But, the contrived search for a crime, especially as crime is obvious in so much of his opposition, is just wrong. …


Our legal system is bastardized, and weaponized by people of no honor.SO, ROBERT MUELLER, ROGUE PROSECUTOR AND SPECIAL COUNSEL after nearly two years and 10s of millions of dollars, found someone who would tell him the "truth" as he wanted it told. Michael Cohen, with honor similar to that of Mueller, Comey and other DOJ holdovers. None!! A lesson learned for some of us. When  your integrity quotient is zero, when you can look for Russian collusion as proof of a crime for a preordained criminal and can't find it, you can find a substitute in indiscretions of the "criminal." And, "truth" is what you want to hear from whomever you hear it, even one of no honor. Michael Cohen told the "truth" as Mueller wants it. Our legal system is bastardized and weaponized by dishonorable people. There is now no doubt. President Trump made a huge mistake by not firing all DOJ holdovers and AG Sessions was all but inept.


Corruption is rampant in government now. But the ones charged with sorting it out and identifying the corrupt people are showing themselves to be the corrupt ones. No surprise. James Comey identified himself in May 2016 as a key one. A while was necessary to identify Robert Mueller with certainty, but no more. Every American should be concerned about what is being done to bring President Trump down to continue the 8-decades long "Progressive" cultural revolution to transform America to a lesser nation.

Some criminals and their crimes have been known for years but ignored. Day by day information is reported about the Clinton Foundation and it's not being a legitimate philanthropic organization. Report, with evidence, even IRS tax filings, of barely 5% of collections going for legitimate tax exempt activities. Then there is Hillary Clinton's exoneration by James Comey, a partner to Robert Mueller. 

Now Special Counsel Robert Mueller, agent for the America-transforming &q…