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After reading some commentary by Professor Alan Dershowitz regarding the legal attacks on those in President Trump's "circles," I wrote this. Why do I lament and opine the abrogation of the Rule of Law. It's nothing new that prosecutors, like Mueller, play people against each other but it's a more recent strategy that the legal system has been "weaponized" against those threatening to take control from the so-called "Progressive" cultural revolutionaries and stop their destruction of traditional America. They are doing all possible to bring down the Trump administration and have a constitutional crisis. I would hope that every thinking American would clear the bias and prejudices from their minds and understand that the American condition is critical. Is that what you want? Destruction of the great nation that most people, until a few decades ago, learned to respect and to love early in life? Why? What nations are you trying to emulate? Do you…


I don't like metaphors like "witch hunt" that Trump says Mueller is on. SIMPLY STATED, Mueller and his band of rabid Democrat lawyers, are on a mission to destroy Trump and his administration so as to permit the cultural war of 8 decades to continue the destruction of traditional America, abrogate the Rule of Law, the underpinning of our 1st world status, and march the USA into 3rd world status, parity with lesser nations.
J. A. Mann


Sadly, the DOJ has become arguably just another corrupt branch of government. Those who are charged with enforcing the Rule of Law are now ignoring, even abrogating it.

SO, who's lying?? Who's dissembling? Who's corrupt? Who's destroying the Rule Of Law? Answer: Everyone in the Obama era DOJ, the very people who are charged with enforcing the Rule Of Law, hence underpinning and protecting America's 1st World status. But, hold on. Eric Holder may run for president and fix all of this corruption. Perhaps he's learned the errors of his ways since he was the Attorney General who led the DOJ to be such a corrupt ill-directed branch of government. Clearly Jeff Sessions doesn't have the wherewithal to correct the problems. But, who can? Sadly, all of the perpetrators will benefit from the corruption. Comey is already assured to be very wealthy and will teach "Leadership Ethics" at the College of William and Mary, further denigrating the once-honorable, h…


The response to my post on the epoch election of 2016, an explanation of one major reason Hillary Clinton was defeated, that is the decades-long cultural decline of "Progressive" policies has been disappointing. It was published in the newspaper prior to posting here and many read it. I stand by the explanation of societal decline and hope more people will understand it as we approach another election. Thanks in advance for any critique you may choose to give, positives and negatives!

I'd hoped the blog post before this one, "Destroy Trump - Whe He Won," would have gotten more response than it's getting. I try to address the issue of societal decline, aka cultural decadence, that has been gnawing , for decades, at the values of the America I grew up in and was taught to love and respect from the earliest age. Of course, those who have been a part of the herd marching us to perdition, to a nation of their vision, view the condition as favorable. They absolut…


It's now quite evident that the Special Counsel has no limits on the range and depth of the so-called Trump-Russian "collusion." Robert Mueller has a cadre of the most rabid Democrat lawyers working to find the collusion they've preconceived must be there. Yet, after a year this team of hardened investigators have not found what they "know is there." So, they proceed into personal finances, personal actions and are totally out of control. Their goal is to indict Trump and bring down the epoch election that gives Americans an opportunity to stop 8 decades of "cultural revolution" to change the nation to one of their vision, not of the founders. This post offers some details.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller's year-long search for Russian-Trump “collusion” is, undeniably, an effort to bring President Trump down, to undo an election that didn't advance the decades-lon…